3 Steps to Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Here are some great ideas for creating the perfect kitchen, in collaboration with Ideas for Living

Designing a new kitchen is an exciting process as well as one that can swamp homeowners with choice. Understandably, many homeowners often get carried away with the desired look and finish, creating look-books and colour schemes and experimenting with different styles.

Whilst this is an exciting part of the process, it is important to plan carefully and look beyond the aesthetic in order to achieve a space that truly works for you.

Planning a new kitchen should always start with three key considerations:

#1 Think about what goes on in your kitchen How can your kitchen work for your lifestyle?

Firstly, think about what goes on in your kitchen and how you want to use the space. Consider factors such as whether you need to include a dining area for entertaining or a space that can double up as a home office or study.

Are you a gadget geek or a serious foody? Will the kitchen be the focal hub for the family? Designs and solutions exist to meet any of these needs and more.

Whilst a kitchen must meet the needs of your lifestyle today, it is also important to project what your lifestyle will look like in the future and make sure your kitchen fits this brief too.

Will you have teenagers in the home who will benefit from open plan living? Will you require solutions that are adaptable to different levels of mobility.

#2 Think about your ideal layout Creating an efficient workspace

Once you have defined the function of your kitchen, the next step to think about is layout. The path between your oven or hob, fridge and sink is the one you will tread most frequently.

This is known as the working triangle and it should be given careful thought to achieve optimum kitchen efficiency. There is no limit to the functionality of today’s kitchens, the challenge is to make the space work perfectly for you.

#3 Maximise every inch of spaceClever storage solutions

Step 3 is to maximise every inch of available space. Think about the different dimensions of your kitchen – not just width and length, but height and depth too. The key is to make the most of what’s available.

Clever functionality such as vertical storage units, tables that fold into drawers or pull-out shelves that provide access to tricky corner space can transform kitchen storage.

The choice of styles and solutions can be overwhelming so consider partnering with experts in the field like Häfele. They don’t sell directly to the consumer, they choose to partner with the finest kitchen studios across the country in order to make homes smart, well organised, flexible and future proof.

Their Ideas For Living website not only inspires homeowners with ideas and solutions to create their ideal kitchen, but also provides a direct link to their UK-wide network of Studio Partners, who have the knowledge and expertise to transform wishes into a beautiful and functional reality.

Discussing your kitchen ideas with a hand-picked experts can really help you to define your needs, and to create a space that incorporates your chosen style into a design that works for your lifestyle, now and in the future.

Visit: www.ideasforliving.co.uk to find out more.


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Images: 1 – Country kitchen via Shutterstock || 2 – Loft kitchen || 3 – Jen Stanbrook


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Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Queen
    May 26, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Great post, Jen! I think these decisions can be really tricky and different things work for different people but it seems like you made the right choice for you.

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