How to Choose the Right Appliances for your Kitchen

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If you’ve designed your perfect kitchen to feature handmade units constructed from quality materials, you’ll want to echo this theme throughout the rest of the space by investing in appliances that are renowned for their quality and performance.

Deciding on which models to purchase, however, can be a tricky task – the sheer number of appliances from a wide variety of manufacturers may be overwhelming, so read our step-by-step guide to choosing something that is right for you.

The Design

An important consideration when you’re browsing appliances for your kitchen is how the product will sit with your design. If you’ve created a rustic kitchen area, you might not want a contemporary red fridge or a matt black washing machine in the area, as this would look incongruous.

Luckily, as there is such a wide range of appliances available, you shouldn’t struggle to find something suitable for your kitchen. There are plenty of white dishwashers, fridges and washing machines, while you could opt for a darker shade or a brushed metal finish if you’re creating a modern space.

The Features

Kitchen appliances like washing machines and microwaves tend to have a variety of features, so think about what you need your appliances to do. Do you want a combined fridge freezer, or separate appliances? Would you like your washing machine to double up as a dryer?

There are all sorts of features to consider, including things like how strong a wash cycle you’d like your dishwasher to have, how powerful you’d like your microwave to be and whether your freezer needs to have a frost-free function. It’s worth spending some time thinking about the elements you want your appliances to have, as this will narrow down the vast number of products you need to look at.

The Position

how to choose the right kitchen applianceSource: via Jen on Pinterest 

Another important consideration when shopping for appliances is where you’d like them to go in your kitchen. You might have had special openings created by your kitchen designers especially for appliances to fit into, or you might have chosen to hide them behind cupboard doors to maintain a certain throughout the space.

Where you position your appliances will also depend on how often you use them, so you might have a specific utility area for things like the washing machine and dryer, while the fridge, microwave and dishwasher might all be positioned close to hand.

Think about whether you’re happy for your appliances to be freestanding, or would prefer to have them built in. Integrated appliances can produce a streamlined effect in your kitchen, but freestanding options may be easier to fix if you need to get to the electrics easily.

The Brand

When investing in kitchen appliances it can help to do some research into the designs offered by different brands. You might already have a manufacturer in mind but, if not, take a look at reviews to guide your decision. It’s worth investing in products from quality brands to have the reassurance the appliances will stand the test of time, and compare the warranty periods offered by different brands for an idea of how well-made the products are.

Some appliance producers are known for their distinctive styles, such as Smeg, which produces minimalist designs in a range of colours including pretty pastel shades. Aga, meanwhile, is renowned for its country-chic cookers, so spend some time thinking about the look you’re hoping to achieve in your kitchen and pick a manufacturer with a good record of producing appliances that will fit in with your chosen design and style.

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  3. Julieane Hernandez
    September 29, 2015 / 4:34 pm

    Thanks for the tips Jen! I’ll definitely keep this in mind. This is very timely because I’m going to purchase a fridge this coming weekend and until now we’re still undecided of what to choose. This is a great help for us.

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