How to Choose the Right Colour for your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you’re about to undergo a kitchen renovation and are planning a redesign, you may be looking at masses of colour swatches and a plethora of colour palette options and wondering which route to go down for your kitchen cabinetry colour. 

The beauty of bespoke kitchens is that the choice is totally yours. That being said, there may be colours better suited to your layout, style of property and interior style than others. Here’s a simple guide to help you decide.

What’s the Best Kitchen Cabinet Colour

Best cabinet colours for small kitchens

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Space is at a premium these days and kitchens can often be a part of the home that takes the hit when it comes to space. Luckily, however, there are plenty of savvy ways that you can be clever when utilising kitchen space. Colour can also make a small space appear bigger and some colours can be a no-go for small kitchens. 

Generally speaking, go for paler colours that bring a light and airy feel to a small kitchen. Paler colours will reflect the light and make a space feel bigger. For those with a love of neutrals then white, ivory and nudes can be ideal options for kitchen cabinetry. For those who like to dabble in something a little brighter, think sage green and powdery blues. 

Best kitchen cabinet colour for a north facing kitchen

Something you may not have considered is the aspect of your kitchen. If it faces north, cool-toned colours may make your space feel cold and stark. Warmer tones within the yellow, orange and red colour palette are preferable to brighten up spaces with a northerly aspect.

It’s all about considering the amount of natural light a space receives and using colour to amplify or combat this. It’s also important to remember that colours will look slightly different depending on how much natural light a kitchen gets.

Should kitchen cabinets be lighter or darker than your walls?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, but the general rule of thumb is to go for contrast – dark walls work well with paler kitchen cabinets, light walls can complement darker cabinets.

Think about the different textures you have within your worktops, splashbacks, flooring, hardware and accessories. These will play a part in the right choice of kitchen cabinetry. Contrasts can be a great way to make an impact on your kitchen design. 

If you have white marble and light natural stone featured within your flooring and worktops, contrasting dark kitchen cabinetry such as navy and forest green can look dramatic and stylish. Natural wood tones in your flooring and worktops pair beautifully with neutrals such as white and nude.

What’s the best timeless colour for kitchen cabinets?

Well this is an easy one to answer. White cabinets are the ultimate timeless cabinet colour, or you could go for a darker grey or black. Which you prefer will depend on your kitchen size and the type of look you wish to create.

Alternatively you could choose a calm, sophisticated shade like sage green – a timeless, appealing shade that works well with lots of other colours.

Create a mood and atmosphere

How do you want to feel when you enter your kitchen? How do you want guests to feel? Choose a colour that speaks to your personality and the vibe of your home. If you want the space to feel super calm, neutral colours and colours that reflect nature can help you to achieve this. 

Perhaps your kitchen is the hub of your home, with family and friends lingering whilst you cook and host. Opt for welcoming colours such as whites, yellows and blues to fit this vibe.

The best kitchen cabinetry colour for you will ultimately come down to personal preference, however there are a few guidelines to follow if you really want to get the most out of your space through design. We hope these tips were helpful in aiding your choice – happy designing!

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