The 10 BIGGEST Kitchen Trends 2023 [Expert Choices]

If you’re building, renovating or decorating a brand new kitchen this year, you’ll want to know the kitchen design trends that interior designers are predicting will be the popular choice in 2023.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen plays an integral part in family life

Whatever you choose to do in your kitchen renovation this year you’ll want to investigate these top kitchen trends before you begin.

Image: St. John’s Haberdashery at deVOl kitchens

What are the most popular kitchen trends 2023?

New kitchen trends come and go. Whether you have a small kitchen, a traditional kitchen, or even favour open-plan kitchens we’ve collated some of the best new trends from design experts across the globe so that you can create your dream kitchen. All it takes is a little sprinkling of personal style and brand new kitchen design is on its way.

There are some key kitchen features that never go out of style. In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of open shelving as part of our on trend kitchen designs and this won’t change. Open shelves are still much loved.

As is a kitchen full of natural light. The home needs to be light and bright – we’ve spent a lot of time in it over the last few years and daylight is a key component in our wellbeing, so always focus on ensuring the overall look of your own kitchen is one of brightness and light.

1. Sage Green

Image: Wood Works Brighton

One of the biggest trends we are seeing for the coming year is the use of sage green in the kitchen. From sage green kitchen cabinets, to wall tiles and flooring, this stylish green shade is very popular We are also seeing this color sweep through the home, and ending up in the living room, so it’s one that’s going to be around for some time.

Combining this rich colour with other light hues creates a stunning kitchen that’s bang on trend, and will stand the test of time. If you’ve always leaned towards a dark green kitchen, now is the time to shake thing up. 

2. Pops of Color

Image: Cult Furniture

White kitchens are always going to be popular but the new year brings pops of color to our kitchen design. Bold colors are front and centre in the kitchen trends of 2023 so it’s time to embrace strong color palettes.

We highly recommend choosing choose a dark color as your base and adding pops of different colors that suit your personality and the rest of your home. If you’re not sure, always opt for warmer tones as they’re easier to live with.

3. Nature-inspired designs

Image: Magnet Kitchens

This has to be one of our 2023 kitchen trend favorites! It’s time to embrace earthy tones, natural materials and create a new kitchen with a timeless feel.

The natural world has been playing a big part in our interior design over the last few years and using a variety of natural elements in your kitchen design works beautifully.

These Nordic inspired designs, as above, are popular right now, with lots of natural wood and natural stone. 

The texture and darker hues used in a kitchen remodel like this one, evokes a connection to nature than enhances our mindset and wellbeing. 

4. Slab Backsplashes

Image: Peckham Rye at deVOl kitchens

As kitchen ideas go, this one is a great way to create a unique look in your kitchen renovation. Adding a kitchen backsplash, usually in marble is much more inspired than using a simple white tile. 

The solid piece of material gives a uniformity, but also acts as a wow factor, or focal point in a kitchen, offering a streamlined aesthetic and creating an illusion of space. With no tile lines to break up the view, the eye draws effortlessly upwards, taking in the seemingly vast expanse of wall. 

5. Scullery Storage

Image: Brayer Designs

When thinking of this new kitchen trend for 2023, think of the old fashioned Butler’s pantries. In traditional kitchens these were often used to store the cheeses and cold meats – on the cold slab – before the refrigerator became popular or accessible. 

They come in all kinds of guises and designs, enhancing kitchen storage and offering a fun and very practical element to new kitchens this year. 

Image: Dunelm

In the interior design world, the old meets new, with scullery storage cupboards becoming a luxury element of modern kitchens. 

6. Handle-less Doors

Image: Howdens

We love the clean look of a handleless kitchen and as a design choice, this one is perfect for those that love a mininal style kitchen design. 

The opposite to shaker-style cabinets, the sleek styling minus handles or knobs can look unfinished, but as a trend, this one has gained momentum over the last few years with many choosing this look for their new kitchen remodel. 

7. Super Size Your Kitchen Island

Image: Olive and Barr

This is one trend that has really stood the test of time and doesn’t seem to be waning. The kitchen island has become more and more popular as the years have gone on. 

Now, instead of the dining table, many choose to super-size their breakfast bar or kitchen island, opting for a multi-functioning area. 

Image: Used Kitchen Exchange

From food preparation, to breakfast, entertaining and even home working, the kitchen island has become center stage for the working of the kitchen. 

And don’t think you need a big kitchen to install one, this latest kitchen trend sees the smaller kitchen making the most of floor space and opting for the biggest kitchen island they can fit. 

8. Japandi

Image: Wren Kitchens

Current trends have been embracing the Japandi home decor style for some time, but now it’s reached our kitchens in 2023.

It’s the combination of Japanese and Scandi styling, with minimalist designs showcasing natural materials and a light, bright overall look. 

It’s a very modern look, one that offer the perfect place for minimal styling, limited accessories and a calm, restful design. A white, handleless kitchen, with lots of pale, light wood, creates this Japandi kitchen, we are all coming to love. 

9. Two-toned cabinets

Image: deVOL kitchens

One of the latest kitchen trends is that for colorful cabinets in several tones or shades. A modern white kitchen can often be mixed with colorful upper cabinets, but white cabinets aren’t your only choice. 

This new trend of two-toned cabinets lends itself well to bold color schemes as above. Use pink with navy blue, sage green with dark green, or even black with olive. There are many choices, the only limitation is your imagination.

10. Duplicate Kitchen Lighting

Image: Magnet Kitchens

The best kitchen has good lighting.

Whether that’s a striking pendant over an island or on-trend wall lights. What we will see more of in 2023 in kitchen lighting is duplicate lighting, in many different styles. The impact of your pendant light is multiplied when you duplicate the style. Why stop at two?

Kitchen Trends of 2023 Summary

Let’s summarise our 10 favourite kitchen trends 2023 we’re going to be seeing lots more of in homes this year.

  1. Sage green
  2. Pops of color
  3. Nature-inspired
  4. Slab backsplashes
  5. Scullery Storage
  6. Handle-less doors
  7. Supersized kitchen islands
  8. Japandi inspired kitchens
  9. Two toned kitchen cabinets
  10. Duplicate kitchen lighting

Image: Magnet Kitchens

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel this year, or in the future, it’s always fun to include some of these trends in your designs.

Use these creative ways to bring your kitchen to life with a new look, and we know you’re going to love these new kitchen trends in 2023.

Jen x

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  1. Irene Madrid
    September 4, 2023 / 11:58 pm

    My large kitchen got a new backsplash of handcrafted mermaid tail teal, ceramic pulls of pink/gold/ivory on wraparound cabinets, blush velvet stools snd chairs, floral teal oversized sofa, dark floor.I added antique trays filled with vintage plates, jeweled trinket tucked for children to find and Makenzie reindeer everywhere.

  2. Stacey K.
    October 11, 2023 / 11:03 pm

    I love these trends, Jen. I have been considering upgrading my kitchen. I lack the creativity you have. I was planning to just do some simple cabinet painting but I love this scullery storage idea. I am going to wear my husband down to get some extra cash for the kitchen improvements. You have given me the creative ammunition I need. Thanks.

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