Top Tips To Make Your Kitchen Look More Luxurious

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A kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home, and yet this room is often neglected when it comes to interior design. Kitchens are highly used and can look worn and tired quite quickly.

If it feels impossible to create a luxury kitchen without a total overhaul, think again – this article has some easy-to-achieve alterations that can make your kitchen look more luxurious!

Try a lighter colour scheme

Old-fashioned kitchens tend to come with darker colour schemes. While jewel tones are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, to bring a luxurious touch to your kitchen, neutral light shades and minimalist colour palettes are better.

Lighter colours make a kitchen feel bigger and more contemporary and make it easier to spot spills that need to be cleaned quickly.

Do check out the kitchen trends 2023 to give you some more colour palette ideas.

Style a kitchen island

Image: HKUK

A kitchen island is a great place to congregate in your kitchen, as well as a practical place to lay out appliances and food as and when you need to. However, you might find that an island or breakfast nook can either look like a blank space or become messy.

Take some time to consider how you would like to style your kitchen island – just adding a vase of flowers can make this space an artistic centrepiece. If you already have some ornamental items, ensure that they get an occasional refresh.

Update your lighting

Image: Delightfull

You need excellent lighting in your kitchen design so that you can see every nook and cranny where you prepare meals and spend time with family and friends.

Old-fashioned overhead kitchen lighting is rarely energy efficient or eye-catching, so updating with some fresh LED fixtures can enhance your kitchen enormously.

Rather than a single overhead light, lighting should be subtly installed underneath cabinets and in corners to provide full illumination that isn’t intrusive.

Just be wary if you have a low ceiling in a small kitchen as you’ll need to follow some specific guidelines.

Add new tiling

Image: Higham Furniture

Your kitchen tiles can be a big factor in whether your kitchen seems functional or fabulous. A stylish splashback in lighter shades can make your kitchen easier to clean and add a flourish of contemporary styling. Choose neutral, plain tiles or add simple patterns as a feature to embrace the luxe look. Upgrading your old linoleum flooring to tiles can carry the luxurious appearance through to every part of your kitchen.

Reorganise your storage

Image: Rational

Proper kitchen organisation is a must when trying to spruce up your space. A cluttered kitchen can hardly be considered luxurious, so thinking about how you store your items and appliances is essential.

Introducing chic baskets to countertops can be a cost-effective way of bringing order and calm to a kitchen, or go a little further and upgrade your inbuilt storage. Cabinets in older homes might not be built to accommodate contemporary kitchen appliances, and modernising your storage solutions encourages clear countertops that are easy to clean and inherently luxurious.

Bring artwork in

Image: Desenio

Adding luxury to your kitchen can be as simple as adding some new visual interest to the room. While you might not immediately consider the kitchen somewhere you might hang artwork, this can be a wonderful way to showcase your own personality in a stylish way. Black and white photographs or minimalist artwork bring a hint of luxurious styling to any kitchen, regardless of the colour scheme, fixtures and fittings – and shows that it is a beautiful as well as functional space.

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