How to Redesign Your Home Office in 3 Easy Steps

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In 2022, more of us work remotely than ever before. According to the Office for National Statistics, 14 per cent of people now have a home that doubles as a workspace, while a further 24 per cent have adopted a hybrid working model.  

This means your home office has an essential role to play in your productivity and job satisfaction. It needs to be somewhere that you’re happy working and that allows you to focus. It must also serve its purpose.

So, how can you redesign your office or workspace and make it better suited to boosting your output?

A lick of paint

Image: Annie Sloan

There are lots of things your home office should have. Many of these fixtures are practical, such as a pre-assembled tech survival kit like this one from ExpressVPN. Containing everything from a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to flash drives with important documents, this assortment of tech is designed to be a backup in case you find yourself displaced or need to work from another location.

However, your home office should be more than just a place to put in the hours. It also needs to promote productivity and a sense of happiness. A lick of paint can help with this. If you’ve fallen out of love with its aesthetic, one of the simplest turnarounds is to choose a new colour for your walls.

There’s actually a science to it. From House to Home reveals a dynamic palette is essential. Rather than fostering relaxation, the space should wake you up and help you feel energised. Blue, for example, can be good for encouraging creativity, and these cool tones can also help smaller spaces feel bigger.


Image: Annie Sloan

With home working being a relatively recent trend, most houses haven’t been built to accommodate it. That means lots of us have had to requisition box rooms or utility areas and repurpose them, which often involves cramming ourselves into a smaller space.

As a result, home offices can feel cluttered, especially once you add in the detritus of daily working. With piles of paper stacked on every surface, a desktop dominating your desk, and a whiteboard looming above, it’s time to reorganise.

An easy solution is to add shelving. Use this to get your assorted bits and pieces off the floor and your desk and onto the walls. This will help your space feel bigger and allow you to be better organised. That means no more wasted time searching for that hole puncher you misplaced.

Points of interest

Image: Victory Colours

Another major problem with home offices is that they can be… well… a bit boring. While it’s good to minimise distractions, that doesn’t mean you have to leave them feeling lacklustre and devoid of personality.

You should enjoy spending time in yours, and it can be helpful to have something to focus on when you’re stuck for inspiration. You have a few easy options to transform your office. Adding plants is a great place to start, as are hanging prints and/or motivational quotes. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality either, by adding a colourful carpet from Homesense, a quirky lamp, or family photos. It’s your workspace, and it’s supposed to reflect this.

Isn’t it time you updated your home office?    


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