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Whether you’re a seasoned interior design enthusiast or a new homeowner looking to revitalise your living space, I’ve curated the ultimate guide to the latest trends that are popular in our homes in 2023.

More importantly, we’re looking at how to shop the latest home decor trends, what to look for and how to buy pieces that can update your home without breaking the bank.

We’ll discover what’s trending, why people are drawn to trends, and ultimately give you some shopping ideas so you can bring these looks into your own home with ease.

Why Do People Love Home Decor Trends?

It’s no secret that home decor trends have an irresistible allure, captivating the imagination of homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. But what exactly is it about trends that make them so compelling? Here are a few reasons why we struggle to ignore trends:

  1. Freshness and Innovation: Home decor trends bring a breath of fresh air into our living spaces, allowing us to break away from the ordinary and explore innovative design ideas. They offer a chance to experiment with new colors, textures, and styles, injecting renewed energy and vitality into our homes.
  2. Reflection of Personal Style: Trends often reflect our personal tastes and aspirations, enabling us to express our unique personalities through the aesthetics of our living spaces. They provide a platform for self-expression and a means to create environments that resonate with our individuality.
  3. Enhanced Social Connection: Following home decor trends allows us to connect with others who share similar design interests. It fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for inspiration and exchange of ideas, whether it’s through social media, design forums, or local design events.

Moreover, I think many of us just love embracing new ideas; we love the creativity that comes from experimenting with new looks. And maybe, just maybe we get a little bit of FOMO too!

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Latest Home Decor Trends Shopping Guide 2023

To make your decor dreams a reality, we’ve curated a selection of the most sought-after decor items related to the featured trends. From statement furniture pieces to unique decor accents, our shopping recommendations will guide you in sourcing the perfect items to bring your vision to life.

These are the home decor trends in 2023 we’re covering in today’s article.

  1. Pink Beds
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Blue Color Drenching
  4. Jungle Wallpaper
  5. Statement Rugs
  6. Boho Decor
  7. Sage Green
  8. The Egg Chair

1. Pink Beds and Pastel Shades

Interior designers have been talking about pastel shades and chalky hues in our home decor for a little while now, and we’re all coming to embrace this style. It’s not necessarily feminine and combined with colours like sage green makes for an impactful look. We adores the pink bed from French Bedroom Company which epitomises this trend perfectly.

We appreciate pink beds might not be everyone’s taste, but you’re sure to find something you love in the bedroom furniture range.

2. Mushrooms

Mushroom shapes have been popping up in our home interiors all year and don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. Look for the dome effect in your lighting and side stools. Embrace the curves in your home accessories but even in your large pieces of furniture too.

<< Check out the range of home accessories for more ideas >>

3. Colour Drenching in Blue

Blue is a very easy colour to use in your home and you’ll find more ideas in the kitchen and dining section at

Whether you’re a fan of blue in your home or not the idea of colour drenching – using layers of the same colour throughout the room – is one that continues to gather momentum. Use subtly different shades to add an ombre or layered effect, so to avoid the room feeling too ‘flat’ and add in key pieces of furniture in the same hue. Blue is a deep, intense colour that’s easy to live with but if colour drenching in such a dark shade feels dramatic, opt for paler shades that feel more in keeping with your personality.

4. Jungle Wallpaper

We are big fans of wallpaper here on the blog, and indeed in our home, so it’s no surprise to many that I include a trending wallpaper in this post. Jungle wallpaper, however bold or simple, plays a big part in the new looks for wallpapers this year so if this appeals, be as big and bold as you can with your choice.

5. Statement Rugs

A room never feels finished unless it has a rug and this year they’re getting bigger than ever. The bigger the better in fact. Traditionally you may have positioned your rug in front of the sofa, or by the bed, but now we take that larger piece and fill a much bigger area. Take it under the bed, take it under the sofa, sit it underneath the dining table and make a real statement with your choice.

6. Bohemian Decor

The Boho decor look has been popular for some years, but having seen this style take off in fashion, we’re here for it in our interiors. The boho look is categorised by an eclectic collection of natural textures, warm wood tones, large plants, white walls and natural colors. It’s inviting, warm and comfortable and should feel lived in. It’s also easy to integrate in the main living areas of your home, without engaging in a full makeover. Adding a boho bedding set like the one above is a simple way to embrace this style.

7. Sage Green

We predicted sage green would be big this year in our Kitchen trends post, and boy were we right. From kitchen cabinets, to living room sofas, to bedroom walls and more, sage green is having a real moment. Add it into your home with a few accessories or decorate your room fully with a sage green color palette.

Sage green works well in the living room and across the home, so check out the range at for more ideas.

8. The Outdoor Egg Chair

Your outdoor space is just as important as your indoor, for your wellbeing and mental health in particular. The trend to make the space a relaxing, inviting area where you can spend time with family and friends is key so indulge in trends like the Egg Chair to bring it to life. You’ll find these chairs everywhere and a quick search on finds 50 examples at the time of writing. No need to scour the internet, they’re all in one place. Compare the styles and prices before you decide.

Home decor trends are not just passing fads but dynamic expressions of our evolving lifestyles and design preferences. By exploring the latest trends and incorporating them into your home, you can create spaces that inspire and reflect your unique style.

Why not use this guide as a way to connect with new ideas. You now have the knowledge and inspiration to confidently shop for some of the most popular decor items, enabling you to transform your living space into a true haven of style and comfort.

We would love to know if you bring any of these ideas into your home.

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