The Top Wallpaper Trends 2023 [With Some Exciting Comebacks]

If you plan to update your home this year, you’ll want to stay on top of home decor trends so your home looks fresh, innovative and feels contemporary. The latest wallpaper trends 0f 2023 have landed and we’re here to tell you how the best dressed interior walls are going to look and which of these popular trends you’ll want to adopt.

If you love scouring the internet for interior design inspiration, you’ll know there are a ton of gorgeous prints out there, but which will have the desired effect and bring your home bang up to date?

In this article, we’ll dig into our favourite wallpaper trends, the ones interior designers are excited about, and help you make the perfect choice for your walls this year.

10 Wallpaper Trends 2023 Everyone is Talking About:

1. Gradient Wallpaper

Blue ombre wallpaper with blue armchair, white lamp and sidetable. One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Ombre Wallpaper from feathr

Ombre wallpapers are definitely having a moment and we are obsessed with this type of wallpaper. They’re a great idea for small spaces, for the accent wall and the perfect way to bring wallpaper into a small downstairs loo or powder rooms! They’re subtle, stylish and easily absorbed when you want to wallpaper the whole room.

2. Faux Textures

A marbleized blue wallpaper with white bath in front. One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Marbelized wallpaper from Hovia

We have to say that this is one of the leading wallpaper trends right now. The faux textured wallpaper embraces panelling, marble, wood, brick and all kinds of materials creating an illusion of unique surfaces. It’s been around for some time, but a refresh in its look means a wider appeal this year and a whole new trend of faux textures. A great way to use this design is to co-ordinate with real textures in the room where you can – faux marble with baths, brick with wooden floors, and faux wood panelling with velvet couches.

3. Biophilic Wallpaper Design

Green, black and brown Indian themed jungle wallpaper in a dining room, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Animahal Emerald Wallpaper from Graham and Green

These nature-inspired patterns have been one of the big wallpaper design trends from some years and they’re not going anywhere just yet. This year, they’re getting an upgrade and these stylish wallpapers have a more sophisticated, elegant design. Bold designs are married with jungle prints, tigers, elephants and a maharaja feel.

The jungle trend can be contemporary and tropical patterns can feel at home in any room you choose.

Biophilic design is still big in our homes and is scientifically proven to improve our wellbeing. The Design Sheppard has a plethora of resources on this topic, including wallpaper for wellbeing tips.

4. Monochrome

Cole & Son Bellini

A simple black and white modern wallpaper is one of our favourite wallpaper trends and we love how it appeals to a wide variety of home lovers.

It’s easy to live with and pairs perfectly with a Scandi decor, or those who love a shot of vibrant, bold color. It’s the ideal way to bring one of the latest trends in home decor into your home, whether rented or owned.

You don’t always have to embrace bold prints to be ahead of the game in wallpaper design.

5. Dark and Moody

Dark blue and green leafy wallpaper, a blue wall, wooden cabinet and gold floor lamp, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Borneo Midnight from Graham and Brown

Many home lovers have become more adventurous in recent years with their wallpaper choices, so we’re thrilled to see the dark, bold wallpaper taking a spot in our wallpaper trends of 2023. We’ve been embracing dark paint colors in our homes for a little while but now we’re adopting bolder shades in our wallpaper design. From rich browns, to inky blues, today’s wallpaper choices are more adventurous and we are here for it!

6. Geometric Designs

A funky blue geometric print wallpaper design, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023, featuring an archway through to another room with more of the same wallpaper with bright yellow armchair

Funky Blue Geometric Wallpaper from feathr

This latest wallpaper trend is enjoying a big comeback in 2023. Geometric patterns make great living room wallpaper, particularly for those that love the modern, contemporary home decor. Of course this one trend covers a wide variety of designs, but we love the more abstract, almost retro prints (70s wallpaper is on the comeback too) that the top designers are now pushing.

7. Large-Scale Prints

Earthy toned leafy wall mural in a large-scale, one of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Large Scale Wallpaper Print from wallsauce

In complete contrast to the above, a big, bold print on a feature wall is one of the wallpaper ideas this year we love. Use this kind of wallpaper design to cover a large wall, choose vibrant patterns, and abstract designs. This wallpaper trend of 2023 definitely makes a big statement! What better way put a stamp on your home interior than with a large-scale print wallpaper or wall mural.

8. Bold Wall Murals

Blue and gold metallic, marble effect wallpaper in a bedroom, with a pink chair, and blue sheets on the bed, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

So speaking of wall murals, we’re thrilled this type of wallpaper is still in our top 10 wallpaper trends 2023. A wall mural, often in floral prints can dominate a room and the trend for more striking wall murals that in previous years, means your wallpaper prints are going to have a big impact in your interior design. Most wall murals come in either a traditional wallpaper or removeable, peel and stick style, meaning it’s great for rentals. Metallic wallpapers are particularly cool in this bold wall mural trend and often work well in a bedroom or elegant dining rooms.

9. Checkerboard Wallpaper

Sage green and cream checkerboard wallpaper with a white bed and side table, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Checkerboard Wallpaper trend from Etsy

This is one of the new wallpaper trends we’ve loved seeing via TikTok. Home decor and DIY trends are being driven by viral tiktoks and this is a big trend we are thrilled to see gaining momentum. It’s the easiest way to cover the entire wall, even the entire room, if you’re feeling brave. And if you choose and peel and stick wallpaper you can take this one with you when you move. Keep an eye on the home decor trends that TikTok is showcasing, we predict they’re going to have a huge impact on our homes in 2023.

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10. Cottagecore Wallpaper

Green, pink and yellow floral cottagecore wallpaper, with green armchair and old fashioned floor lamp, One of the big wallpaper trends 2023

Have you noticed the interior design trend of cottagecore? It become popular a few years ago with the younger generation who embrace a simpler, slower way of living and love anything rural, cottagey and dainty. It’s symbolised by a small, delicate floral wallpaper, often covering the whole room, in earthy, natural tones. It’s the best wallpaper for a country cottage or anyone who adores this particular wallpaper design trend in 2023.

Is wallpapering still a trend?

The desire to use wallpaper has never gone away, but with better products, great designs and a variety of styles to choose from, using wallpaper in your home decor is more popular than ever. 

Let’s look at some of the endless possibilities that these top wallpaper trends give us.

Living Room Wallpaper Trend 2023

Using wallpaper in the living room, is one of the most popular ways to incorporate this product into your home. 

Our recommendations for living room wallpapers are:

  1. Large-scale wall murals 
  2. Geometric Wallpapers 
  3. Floral Designs / Cottagecore 
  4. Midnight Blue wallpaper

Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 2023

Bedroom wallpaper trends can inspire many of us to get out our wallpaper and try a new look. Here’s what we love for a bedroom wallpaper idea this year. 

  1. Jungle wallpaper 
  2. Wallpaper murals 
  3. Ombre Wallpaper
  4. Subtle Maximalist wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper Trends 2023

You might not immediately warm to the idea of wallpaper in a bathroom, but it can work. Here are our favourite of the current bathroom wallpaper trends. 

  1. Tropical patterns 
  2. Marble Wallpaper
  3. Gradient wallpaper
  4. Geometric designs

Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2023

Wallpaper in the kitchen is having a comeback! We’ve shown it in a few of our Kitchen Trends 2023, our Sage Green Kitchens and How to Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall article too. Here are some favourites if you want to embrace the kitchen wallpaper trend 2023.

  • Abstract design wall murals
  • Accent wall large-scale print
  • Monochrome wallpaper

What’s the Best Wallpaper for Rentals?

Yes, wallpaper is a thing in a rented home. It’s best to check with your landlord first, but many wallpapers are removeable, in a peel and stick formula which means they do little damage and can be taken with you when you move. 

Let’s recap on our Wallpaper Trends 2023:

  1. Gradient
  2. Faux Textures
  3. Biophilic
  4. Monochrome
  5. Dark and Moody
  6. Geometric
  7. Large-scale prints
  8. Bold Wall Murals
  9. Checkerboard
  10. Cottagecore Floral

For many years we ran a Wallpaper Wednesday feature here on the blog, showcasing our favourite wallpaper designs of the moment. Do check this out if you’re looking for general wallpaper inspiration. 

If you love trends, we also have our Cottagecore Wallpapers, Interior Decor and Kitchen Trends 2023 for further inspiration.

We can’t wait to see who you use these latest wallpaper trends 2023 in your home this year. 


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