The BEST Cosy Cottagecore Wallpaper Ideas 2024

One of the big interior trends still gaining momentum in 2023 is the cottagecore aesthetic and so, in this article I’ll be looking at some of the best cottagecore wallpapers available to use in your romantic, rural home.

Wallpaper trends come and go, but this floral wallpaper is exceptionally popular with those that love the rural life. Signifying an idyllic lifestyle, romantic walks, fairies and cosiness, it’s easy to see how these aesthetic wallpapers have caught on.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cottagecore wallpapers ready to adorn your cottage walls in 2023.

The BEST Cottagecore Wallpapers 2023

The cottagecore wallpaper trend is shown most clearly in the range of flower wallpapers available from theses selected online and high street wallpaper providers.

1. Cottagecore Green Vintage Wallpaper

Cottagecore Vintage wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia

It’s important to recognise the vintage aspect of the cottagecore trend. It’s a significant element in creating this look, and including it in the wallpaper design is clever. This beautiful green hue is reminiscent of romantic walks in the countryside; an activity which features heavily in the cottagecore aesthetic.

2. Tulip Garden

Tulip Garden Cottagecore design by Lucie Annabel

The dainty flower design is perfect for your cottage home, and the delicate feel of this print creates a cozy, homely space from the get go. The soft colourway lends itself to a romantic decor packed with comfortable fabrics, flower wall art and cosy rugs. 

3. Flower Wall Mural

cottagecore wallpaper mural in large, pink and green floral print with white bed and wardrobes

Cottagecore Wall Mural by Wall Sauce

Wall murals are perfect in a peel and stick wallpaper version when you live in a rental property. Simply embrace your cottagecore vibe in any room and add your favourite removeable wallpaper. Go for florals or a woodland theme and create your dreamy cottage decor taking inspiration from the design. These are also available in a traditional wallpaper too.

4. Cottagecore Pink Floral Wallpaper

Image: Cottagecore Pink Wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia

Go wild with this bold yet wonderfully floral design in  your country cottage or rural home. Use it as the base for a clash of prints and colours in your cushions, throws, curtains and sofa fabrics to create a boho, eclectic mix of your favourite looks. 

5. Meadow Wallpaper for a Cottagecore Decor

Large floral print cottagecore wallpaper in bathroom with rolltop bath

Image: Wallsauce

The meadow aesthetic is perfect for the cottagecore look, and even though this design is a little bolder than many of the daintier designs, it can still work. Pick out the pink and lilac and mix with smaller flower prints in your cushions, blankets and more. 

6. Tyrolean Vintage Panel Wallpaper

Vintage panel cottagecore wallpaper on living room wall with chesterfield sofa, dark blue curtains and red rug

Tyrolean Panel Wallpaper from Wallsauce

The panel floral wallpaper print is evocative of a vintage era and perfect as the base for your cottagecore look. Add in lots of rustic wicker, patchwork blankets and floral lampshades to really bring your cottage room to life. You don’t need to worry about overdoing a rustic cottage theme. 

7. Floral Spring Wallpaper

Green and pink cottagecore wallpaper in floral design

Wallpaper from Mineheart

If you love the pretty, delicate aesthetic of the cottagecore home decor look, then this wildflower design is perfect for you. 

On a neutral base, the colourful greens, lilacs and browns are allowed to shine and the pattern repeat evokes memories of country meadows and woodland walks. 

8. Delicate Flowers

Kitchen wall close up of delicate floral cottagecore wallpaper on a cream background

Lucie Annabel Cottagecore Aesthetic Wallpaper

Lucie Annabel has a wonderful collection of cottagecore wallpapers and we’ve chosen several of her designs for this roundup. 

This first delicate flowers print is the ideal wall covering for your cottage home, and wonderfully pretty and soft – everything that you need for a country, rural lifestyle. 

9. Tyrol Apres-Ski, The Birdhouse

Bright and bold cottagecore wallpaper in a red and green design with wooden armchair and black and red cushion

Birdhouse Wallpaper – Mind the Gap

Flowers, birds and a leafy pattern, there’s plenty to love about this stunning design. The red adds a more vibrant dimension to the cottagecore theme, but this will work beautifully with pinks, greens and even some bolder shades in your country cottage home

10. Hippie Spirit Wallpaper

Floral meadow style cottagecore wallpaper with rustic wooden shelf with a selection of white vases

Wallpaper from Mind the Gap

Idyllic and quaint, this flowered hippy wallpaper is bold yet still delicate. The woodland, floral theme has stronger colours than many of the pure cottagecore style wallpapers but it will still work well in your rural space. Pick out your favourite colours from the design and use them in your paint, accessories, dried flower arrangements and soft furnishings. 

11. Woodland Cottagecore

Woodland Cottagecore Wallpaper from Naken

Don’t forget your child’s bedroom when decorating in the cottagecore aesthetic. This beautiful woodland wallpaper design is the right kind of magical for a kid’s room, and comes in several different colourways. Mixed with gingham, metal bedsteads, cosy blankets and lots of rustic accessories, this is a dream bedroom your child will adore. 

12. Woodland Walks

Woodland Walks wallpaper from Lust Home

If we had a favourite this would be it. If the floral wallpaper trend isn’t quite right for your cottagecore theme, then maybe a woodland leaf wallapaper is. The softly lilting leaves appear to blow in the breeze, and the muted shades are perfect for an earthy, natural look. Coordinate with rattan, aged metal, rustic wood and soft pinks and greens and you have a cottagecore aesthetic perfect for a laid back life.

13. Sweet Meadow Cottagecore Wallpaper

Country cottage kitchen with delicate cottagecore wallpaper, coat and hat stand and rustic dining table and chairs

Meadow Wallpaper from Lucie Annabel

When you want a subtle wallpaper that nods to the cottagecore look, this is it. Delicate florals on a pale background in a very soft shade of green won’t overpower the rest of the room. This is a great design for a smaller room, if you want a rustic look but want it to feel quite simple. Paired with aged woods, dried flowers and iron light fittings this is a traditional, yet refreshed look.

14. Rosehill Cottage Wallpaper

Corner of a living room with dark green cottagecore floral wallpaper, traditional green armchair, rug and fireplace

Rosehill Cottage Wallpaper by Lucie Annabel

Sage green interiors are huge in home decor trends this year and adding a sage green cottagecore wallpaper to your country home is perfect. The depth colour makes the living space feel warm and cosy – the exact aesthetic you’ll want to achieve for your rural home. 

What is the cottagecore aesthetic?

Made popular on the internet by teenagers and young adults, cottagecore captured the imagination of anyone who loves rustic simplicity, a back to basics lifestyle and a romantic interior design. It promotes a sustainable life, one that offers an ideal, a dream of better things that many of us can relate to.

If you would like to create a cottagecore house, it’s much easier than you think.

Is cottagecore still popular?

Cottagecore is one of the popular interior design trends of 2023 and as such, is actually gaining in popularity. Home decor lovers are embracing the romantic, floral look in their fabrics, accessories and on their walls.

How to design a Cottagecore room

Start with your floral wallpaper in an colour that suits your home and personality. Choose pinks, earth tones, yellows and greens – any hues that represent nature.

Then start to build your cottagecore design with soft fabrics, cozy aesthetics, candles, string lights and lots of books. You can even create a reading nook. Remember the cottagecore movement is about slow living, sustainability and embracing the simple things in life so embrace that in your decor choices across your home.

  1. Pick your cottagecore wallpaper
  2. Add in layers of cozy fabrics
  3. Use rich, earthy colours and nature inspired tones
  4. Create a reading nook
  5. Add books and bookcases
  6. Candles and string lights
  7. Soft, subtle lighting
  8. Create a romantic atmosphere

What is Cottagegore?

Is there an opposite to Cottagecore, you might ask? Well yes, there is – Cottagegore! Signifed by darker themes, goblins and gouls, rotten mushrooms and black aesthetics, this look can also translate through into wallpaper. 

Anthracite Cottagegore Wallpaper

Anthracite Wallpaper via Dowsing and Reynolds

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