Vintage Wallpaper: How it Suits the Modern Home

There is something special about vintage wallpaper.

It holds a special place in the hearts of many people interested in interior design solutions.

The unique designs and timeless patterns trigger memories of a time long gone and help create a unique atmosphere and feeling in a home.

Decades have been defined by it – it is difficult to imagine the Seventies without their trademark Flower Power wall coverings in funky colours, or the Fifties without the iconic geometric patterned wallpaper.

As a result, vintage wallpaper is often sought after by those who seek to recreate an environment which connects them to a very specific time.

Vintage Wallpaper: Its Place in the Modern Home

Installing a vintage wallpaper in a modern environment can produce a very exciting contrast, effortlessly bridging different eras. 

Think of it in the same way a vintage piece of furniture adds to more modern, contemporary décor.

Where to source vintage wallpaper

The options for sourcing vintage wallpaper have widened substantially with access to stores on the internet.

Where once the choice was limited to calling up whatever wallpaper retailer was available locally, now it’s easy to perform a simple search online and have with a wealth of options at our fingertips.

Besides the obvious option of scouting for a deal on marketplaces like eBay, a few specialist sites have popped up specialising in this field.

Smaller resellers stock an interesting selection of rolls from the 1930s to the 1970s.

The challenges of vintage wallpaper

Once you’ve found your ideal pattern and sourced your favourite vintage wallpaper online, there are factors you’ll need to keep in mind when dealing with an original wallcovering. 

It’s important to be mindful that you’ll be faced with certain challenges.

Firstly, be aware of the quality of the wallpaper you’ve sourced. If it’s been sitting in long forgotten storage for decades, it won’t be at its best. 

The damage done by time, humidity and having been stored in less than perfect conditions for long period of time, might not be visible at first.

Once unrolled it is however possible for the paper carrier material to show mould spots, yellowing or unsightly discolouration.

It is also important to note that the adhesive quality of the carrier material might have been affected by over time, resulting in problems with the stability and uniformity of the wallpaper once hung.

One final point which really needs to be stressed is to remember there will be a limited amount of your vintage wallpaper available. 

This means that if purchase insufficient of your chosen design, or if you need to fix later problems, it will be almost impossible to source.

Make sure to buy plenty of surplus vintage wallpaper (if available) before starting a decorating project.

A modern approach to vintage wall coverings

A simple way to obtain the same results without incurring in the challenges described above is to opt for a modern wallpaper with a vintage design.

A few specialised wallpaper retailers have spotted the market niche for people wishing to recreate a specific vintage look and focused on modern vintage wall coverings.

These provide all the benefits of modern wallpaper but preserve the vintage design which enthusiasts have fallen in love with.

These wallpapers combine the great looks of vintage wall coverings with all the advantages of modern manufacturing techniques.

This means that their quality, safety standards and breathability are substantially better than their original counterparts.

Modern vintage wallpaper can be a valid alternative for all those seeking the allure of vintage design without compromising on the quality and safety aspects.


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