The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Home Renovations with VELUX Roof Windows

A beautiful white loft conversion with roof windows, a step ladder and two doorways to other roomsHave you ever considered the health and wellbeing benefits of your home interiors?

More specifically, it’s worth noting that our home renovations in particular can seriously improve our happiness at home. 

Some of the key aspects we crave from our homes are daylight, fresh air and space.

We can’t deny how much these elements can make us feel relaxed and calm, and how they improve our quality of life. 

So designing and creating home extensions and loft conversions that allow us to achieve these aspects in greater depth, really make us feel happier in our homes. 

Let’s talk about how to achieve a more dynamic home that both you and your family can enjoy if you were to embark on substantial home renovation project. 

The Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Home Renovations

Extra Space:

White decorated loft conversion turned into a sitting room with lots of light and windowsThere’s no denying that we all crave extra space at home. 

Family homes in particular often feel bursting with people and their possessions so having another room is the ultimate way to change the way you live. 

Adding a single storey extension with crucial VELUX roof windows and creating an extra living space is the perfect way to allow us room as we cohabit. 

And converting a loft into a bedroom, an office space or a teenagers’ den will enhance the way you use the whole house, surprisingly. 

Allowing all those who share a home extra rooms in which to relax, work and play can make living together a much kinder experience, and ultimately make us all happier. 

Improved Daylight:

Loft bathroom built into the eaves of a loft conversion with roof windowsDaylight plays a huge role in our mental health and many of us disregard its importance when it comes to home decor and our renovations. 

I’ve long been a fan of a light, bright home. When we first bought our Victorian house 17 years ago, one of our priorities was large windows and plenty of daylight.

Learning how to make the most of that natural lighting has been a key factor in us loving our home so much. 

So, if you plan on converting your loft for example, don’t underestimate the importance of all that natural daylight and how the addition of a simple roof window or two can make all the difference. 

Adding VELUX roof windows into the sloping roof of a loft extension is the ideal way to add daylight, fresh air and plenty of well needed ventilation.

I’m thrilled with how our loft bedroom turned out and mostly that’s down to all the light in the room.

Plus we took special consideration of the new stairs leading up to the attic bedroom and installed an extra VELUX roof window here too. The difference to our narrow, Victorian landing is astounding. 

Multi Functioning Spaces:

The way we live in our homes now is a complex affair. 

In order for our house to feel like a home we need to add special touches, give more of our own personality and make the space dynamic for all who share it. It’s not easy!

One of the most important ways to do this, in my opinion, is to create multi-functional spaces. 

Side single storey home extension featuring roof windows and a dining tableThese rooms allow us to make the most of their space, ensuring we use every inch of our homes effectively. 

They give us the opportunity to feel more content with our homes, to feel connected to the home, and want to spend more time there. 

Making a room, whether that’s an existing room, an extension or a conversion, into an area that satisfies the needs of the multi-generational family occupying it, is a worthwhile achievement. 

The more we are content with our home and how it works, the happier we feel. The more we want to be together, the better we use the space and we gain greater benefits from the improved wellbeing we all feel. 

Making the best use of the daylight, adding VELUX roof windows into an extension and increasing the amount of ventilation and fresh air into the room is essential when planning the design. 

Side home extension featuring an oak kitchen and dark tiled floor plus large overhead roof windowIf you would like more inspiration for your loft conversion or single storey extension, then do check out my Pinterest boards, specifically on these topics. 

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Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with VELUX as part of a paid partnership during 2019. Thank you for supporting the brands that make the blog possible. 

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