Top Picks: Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale

So this week is all about kitchens here on the blog. I’ve just been drafting my kitchen makeover reveal post to go live later this week, but before that, I wanted to showcase some of my top picks from the Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale.

I’ve collaborated with Magnet several times before. Their kitchens are perfect for me, and hopefully you too. The styling is contemporary, their innovations are creative and the kitchens are great value too. Last year I visited their showroom and got to see some of their latest technology first hand, including virtual reality kitchen design; the first store to have this in the UK. A few years ago I made some films with them, showcasing some new innovations and creative concepts in kitchen design. I’m sure you’ll agree, they are pretty cool.

The Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale is now in full swing, and it’s traditional at this time of year that we start to plan and research all of our home projects for the year. Next up for me is the eldest daughter’s bedroom, and then in the Spring we’re going to tackle the outdoors a little as we are in desperate need of a new shed or too. (I may even give the little bathroom a fresh lick of paint in the next few weeks).

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen this year, now is the time to take action. I remember over a decade ago, planning and buying our own kitchen in the January sale, and the savings are well worth it. So, let’s take a look at what’s on offer with Magnet in this sale.

Nova Kitchen Range

First up is the Nova kitchen range in cashmere, white, cream and matt grey which immediately jumped out at me for it’s clean lines and elegant styling. If you love an un-fussy kitchen then this one is for you.

My personal favourite has to be the matt grey, it’s so now. It’s tough choosing a kitchen in a highly on-trend style though, we all worry that it will date quickly, but I’m a firm believer in doing what you love, making your home a reflection of what you like, and not overthinking it too much. Yes, trends might change but if you love it, so what! Sometimes we need to see lots of one trend to really fall in love with it, which means it can be on the wane by the time we invest in it. Don’t worry, if it’s grown on you that much, go with your gut.

Luna Kitchen Range:

Now this collection caught my eye because of the sleek, handle-less styling; something I’d love in my own new kitchen. Again, sometimes less is more, and the removal of the handles helps the kitchen feel more streamlined and spacious. A friend has just had a kitchen renovation and has installed handle less cabinets and they really look the business. I would highly recommend this look, particularly if you have a more contemporary home.

What do you think of my top picks from the Magnet Winter Sale? 

Do either of these kitchens fit your style and aesthetic?

If they aren’t suitable for your home, perhaps you’re after more of a modern country or traditional style kitchen, then there are plenty more to choose from so click on over to Magnet and have a browse.

You can see the full Magnet Kitchens Winter Sale collection HERE. There’s also an extra 10% off sale prices if you book a design consultation before January 20th, so don’t delay if you’re serious about a kitchen remodel this year.

All images courtesy of Magnet Kitchens

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