The Top 3 2017 Tile Trends Perfect for ANY Home

Happy FriYay! Welcome to today’s post, where I’m featuring an article based on the tile trends for 2017. I’m about to rip off the 15 year old tiles in my own kitchen (having just finished my living room) so I’m looking for inspiration, and actually have my eye on one of these trends listed below. If you’re in the market for new tiles, whether for a bathroom, kitchen or any other space in your home, read on to find out what’s hot right now. Enjoy!

We’re well over the halfway mark for 2017, how time flies! Over the past 12 months the interior world has seen a variety of trends come and go, some making their mark and some fading into the background. In the mix of the trends are tiles, with so many to choose from it feels almost impossible to whittle them down to just 3 but in the name of fashion and style; the whittling must commence.


Kicking us off is probably the biggest tile trend of 2017 and a contender for the top spot – Metro tiles. These are also known as Subway tiles which is where the trend famously hails from, taking inspiration from underground subway stations across the world. The popularity of the metro tile seems to be down to the vintage look that it helps to create, as well as the solid and uniformed shape that contributes to the signature look. Metro tiles are mostly finished with gloss ; a finish that, as well as being incredibly eye-catching, is also practical too – it’s easy to clean in case of any spills (if used for instance as a kitchen splash back) and stain resistant. Practicality, vintage glamour and solidarity – who knew such characteristics could be so fabulously provided by a little thing called tiles.



Stepping away from the norm of squares and rectangles, hexagon tiles have proved to be a massive hit this year. Their honeycomb appearance have certainly proved a hit for designers with a bit of a sweet tooth. The beauty of these tiles is that they can be used on both floors and walls and still create a stunning visual, especially when paired with a different colour grout that can make the tile appear to almost ‘pop’ out. Larger tiles are often better suited to floors whilst smaller hexagons make for a better wall pattern,  but of course this is all down to personal preference. 


Natural Stone:

People are loving rustic, earthy vibes within their homes at the moment and what better way to bring the outdoors in than with natural stone? Natural stone tiles come in many shapes and sizes with slate being one of the most popular materials currently being used. The winning combination of a black shabby chic stone is simple but effective As well as being beautiful it’s also one of the most durable materials available on the market so whilst you get great style you’ll also have product longevity. If you’re looking for something more majestic, keep an eye out for slate mixed with metallics; a style that draws in those looking for more of a wow factor. 

Have you used any of these tile trends in your home?

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