The Benefits of Bold Design in Home Decor in 2024

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Interior design is an ever-changing industry, and thus, it reflects the various trends and designs that define it. Designers consider different pantones and various design templates to create a unique space that reflects the person’s characteristics.

If you’re in the process of redesigning your home, it’s necessary to consider these trends to ensure that you create a space that’s impeccable and aesthetically pleasant.

Whether you’re doing a major home makeover or a more limited space redecorating, it’s essential to consider the emerging trends to help showcase your story and personality. Nothing makes a house more personal than having it reflect your aesthetics.

Here are some things to consider to revamp your interior décor.  

Bold colours and patterns are in-style

Image: Quince and Cook

According to various design experts, people have gotten tired of white walls that make the space look sterile. Although white-coloured walls and interiors make the space look clean and bigger than it is, and there’s unlimited potential, it will be less of an option. People are raring to bring in dark and rich colours such as greens, browns and other vibrant tones.

Bold patterns and tactile textures will be the trends to watch for in the coming months. People will use more unorthodox patterns and materials such as flamingo fabric, plaid, tartan, herringbone and houndstooth for their pillows, couches, and other decorative accessories.

The goal is to find a happy medium where homemakers can mix and match various textiles, patterns, and colours to express their personalities and styles.

Warm tones are still in

Image: Bedding from French Bedroom

People who don’t want to go overboard with vibrant colours can still express their unique personalities with a splash of warm pantones.

Different tones of pink, yellow, oranges, taupe, and beige will still be aesthetically popular, especially in the bedroom, where people tend to be more subtle and mellow in their choices.

Pairing these colours with various textures, fabrics, and accessories will help set the mood for the room.

Bold floor patterns and designs are the in thing

Image: Tile Mountain

Among the things that designers are excited about is the use of colourful and bold marble flooring materials.

While white marble would still be a popular choice among homemakers for their bathroom and kitchen floors, coloured stone will be at the forefront in the coming months.

Homemakers will have the option to use marble floors and backsplash with pink, burgundy, red, and even darker colours.

In addition, designers are saying that instead of minimalism, maximalism will be one design and aesthetic movement to be on the lookout for in the coming months.

Checkerboard patterns will make a comeback

Image: Original Style

Homeowners who wish to create contrast in their aesthetics will do well by incorporating checkerboard patterns into various accessories. Finding the bold colour combinations that will elevate the space will be a welcome challenge.

In addition, homemakers can choose different takes on this versatile and trendy design element for fabrics, rugs, and other accessories.


Homemakers seeking to redesign their homes will do well to use bold patterns and colours as they’re the trend in the industry. However, they have to incorporate various other factors to ensure that they have suitable results.


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