15 Ways To Decorate A Large Kitchen Wall [2024]

From the inexpensive, to the crafty, these 15 creative ways to decorate a large kitchen wall will transform any boring wall in a kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in our quest to make it that social, light and beautiful space that we deserve, one issue that encroaches on that time and time again is a kitchen that bears an empty wall space. 

Almost every kitchen will have a bare wall of some kind, and the challenge is filling that space to make it cohesive with the rest of the room, whilst not adding unnecessary clutter to the kitchen. 

In this article we explore how to decorate a large kitchen wall with a number of creative kitchen wall ideas that will transform that empty wall into something special. We hope these large blank kitchen wall ideas will bring inspiration to you and your home.

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​​Creative Ways to Decorate a Large Kitchen Wall

1. Chalkboard Paint


For busy households, a chalkboard wall is a great option tfor large kitchen wall decor. It provides the perfect place for those last minute lists, chores and thoughtful messages to the family!

The ingenious thing about a chalkboard vinyl wall sticker is that you can enjoy the benefit that comes with using chalkboard paint, yet you’re not left behind with the mess that it creates. It also doesn’t require a lot of time for setup.

When you get bored of the chalkboard, the vinyl sticker makes it incredibly easy to remove. As long as you have a smooth and flat surface, this type of vinyl sticker is the perfect solution to dead space in a kitchen.

2. Wall Hanging

Sunday’s Daughter

Start to see that blank wall in your kitchen as an opportunity to create a really special accent wall. Traditional art prints are a great way to lift blank walls, but wall hangings offer further texture and interest that 2D prints just can’t offer.

This Sunday’s Daughter wall hanging is just perfect for adding a pop of colour and texture to a kitchen, with its contrasting green velvet material and wooden frame. 

Wall hangings can be updated as the seasons go by too, one of the easiest ways to transform a space, and stay on trend.

3. Neon Lights


Who said filling an empty wall had to be boring? For a fun color scheme, you can add a different dimension to your kitchen by introducing a quirky, neon light to a bare wall.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a neon light might end up creating a Blackpool illumination situation in your kitchen… But, it’s not all bright pink, red and yellow lights these days.

There are many more subtle colour temperatures to choose from including a warm white and ice blue to match your kitchen aesthetic, and the mood you want to evoke.

Not sure what slogan or word to use for your neon light? Many neon lights come pre-made so you can get plenty of inspiration to find the perfect fit for your space. 

4. Open Shelves

Sass & Belle

Introducing open shelving to a large area was once considered a messy, cluttered approach to filling empty wall space.

It’s now a great choice for an on-trend and stylish way to showcase your favourite items, boost storage space, and create a well styled space that’s a reflection of your home, and personality. And it’s a great idea for empty kitchen walls.

A floating shelf is great for a minimal interior, or opt for those with antique iron shelf brackets for a traditional, farmhouse style kitchen.

So, what to fill the open shelves with? The general rule here is to not overstuff them, we still need some white space. 

For styling open shelving in a kitchen, think about layering, don’t stack things on the shelf that are all of the same height.

Adding items with differing heights adds visual interest to the space.

Here are some wonderful shelf stacking additions that look great in a kitchen:

  • Trailing house plants
  • Stacked recipe books
  • Upright, small plants
  • Lamp
  • Favourite mugs, tableware
  • Ornaments/ decorative items
  • Prints for a pop of color!
  • Bowls
  • Vases
  • Rattan trays
  • Candles
  • Use natural materials for an earthy, sustainable feel
  • Metal letters
  • Display kitchen utensils in a pot

5. Hanging Herb Garden

Hornbywhitefoot PR

A hanging herb garden adds a thoughtful, green fingered approach to covering a blank wall in a kitchen. Not only do fresh herbs smell amazing, but they look incredible too!

This could be introduced as a beautiful wall design in a few different ways. You could utilise open shelves and stack your herbs along here on show.

As shown above, you could affix planters to the wall at differing heights for a layered, unique look. 

Alternatively, you could add a hanging planter that sits in front of the wall. This kitchen wall decoration idea adds additional visual impact, and breaks up the monotony of a bare wall. 

6. Rustic Kitchen Gallery Wall


Ever changing gallery walls are a great addition to a kitchen or dining room where there’s a large wall that needs to be covered. They capture interest, and instil both comfort, humour and joy.

Curating your very own rustic kitchen gallery wall allows you to introduce both new, antique, and pieces of artwork that you’ve collected over the years, creating those nostalgic feelings when you see them. It adds a beautifully rustic feel to a kitchen space.

You can mix metal, and wooden frames to create an eclectic wall space that’s personal to you, and your family. From a modern kitchen space, to a farmhouse styled home, gallery walls and kitchen wall art is a whole encompassing solution for almost every decor scheme.

7. Bold Wallpaper


Bold wallpaper is one of the best ways to cover an entire wall in a kitchen. You can refresh, and update the wallpaper as often as you like, as and when you get bored with it. It also requires minimal DIY effort, and is really cost effective.

Tackling a large kitchen wall can feel daunting, but wallpapering in a bold, and beautiful pattern will feel effortless, providing a stand out focal point to the room. 

Add a set of open shelves as demonstrated above in a cooking space, and a few thoughtfully placed items for a beautifully curated space.

8. Wall Signs

Lisa Sarah

Inject some personality to your kitchen design with a quirky wall sign. The best thing about choosing this option for that empty wall space in your kitchen is that there are so many different types of wall signs in differing styles, materials, and you can create your own bespoke sign too.

From a wire wall art sign to a rustic plank of wood with your family name on, wall signs are the perfect addition to a kitchen that can be tailored to your home decor scheme, and tastes. 

If you’re covering a bare wall that doesn’t have a countertop beneath it, you could easily incorporate open shelving too for further visual interest, without the space looking clunky. This is one of my favourite large kitchen wall decor ideas.

9. Introduce Mirrors


It’s never not a good opportunity to introduce mirrors to a room if you have bare walls to accommodate it.

Mirrors create a beautiful aesthetic, allow natural light to bounce around the room, and they’re the perfect way to give the illusion of a larger space. A must have for a small kitchen!

They’re highly functional for everyday use too, introduce bright colors through the frame of the mirrors or add something more neutral for a minimal, sleek addition to the room.

10. Paint A Mural


Painting a mural onto a bare wall is a beautiful way to introduce colour, warmth and personal identity into a kitchen decor scheme.

We’re not all blessed with a paintbrush, so luckily there is lots of different mural wallpaper on the market that can help you achieve the perfect look for less, and minimal stress involved in the process!

A wall mural is an easy way to transport you to that special place, evoke feelings of happiness, and it can be changed as often as you like to create a new energy in your kitchen. 

There are numerous ways this look can be nailed in almost every space. Small spaces can also enjoy a wall mural, just look for more delicate, subtle designs that won’t overpower the space.

11. Mount Your Television

Until recent years, one of the biggest problems designers have had on projects is disguising the look of a TV in a living room or dining area, yet absolutely needing one from a functional perspective.

These days it’s never been easier to introduce a wall mounted TV into an interior design scheme, perfectly hiding messy wires and disguising it in a way that it actually looks like a beautiful piece of artwork that’s always hung there.

You can entirely update the look of your kitchen with a smart TV, adapting the chosen images to suit the feelings you want to evoke. The best part? You’ll also be able to cook and catch up on your favourite shows at the same time!

12. Large Statement Piece

Green Lili

If a wall mural or gallery wall doesn’t suit your taste, a large piece of art that fills the entire space might be a better way to fill your space in a considered way. 

If you want to create a rustic look, opt for a vintage style piece with an antique metal frame. Try to match with the metal finish that runs throughout your kitchen for a cohesive feel.

If you’re looking to create a more modern design in your kitchen, opt for a black and white print with a defining black frame. Black accents are key in modern design, and it will help to define the large wall too.

13. Oversized Wall Calendar

Wall Planner from Desenio

When you’re looking for ideas of what to put on kitchen walls, you can’t go wrong this this one.

If a chalkboard wall isn’t to your style, an oversized wall calendar might be the perfect addition to your kitchen!

We’re not talking old school, ugly calendars, but something really beautiful that will add to the space, and will be a pleasure to use everyday. 

A wall calendar is a great way to add a pop of color to a kitchen space, and it offers a highly functional element to the room too.

14. Shiplap Wall Panelling

Olive & Barr

One of the most popular farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas is to add shiplap wall panelling. This dated look has seen quite the resurgence over the last few years, it adds a rustic feel, and an interesting look to even the largest walls.

You can still choose to hang art pieces, wreaths or introduce open shelving for extra interest. 

The kitchen is a good place for this type of panelling, but if you do choose to install shiplap wall panelling in your kitchen, always ensure that it’s fitted onto a frame. If it’s fitted directly to a wall, the paint will crack with high temperatures which requires a lot of upkeep during the warmer months.

15. Create A Built-In Unit

Bare walls can sometimes be referred to as dead space, but this is not always the case if you already have a small space to work with. For those with a larger kitchen area, a boring wall can be seen as an opportunity to create additional storage by having a bespoke, built-in unit created.

Whilst this comes in at one of the most expensive ways to decorate a large kitchen wall, it will add value to the room, and you’ll benefit from the extra storage, and space you have to decorate. 

Decorating a large kitchen wall is no longer a hindrance.

These are some of the best kitchen wall decor ideas that are thoughtful, stylish ways to lift a boring wall, add oomph to your kitchen and let the personality of your home shine through.

Don’t shy away from mixing a couple of these creative kitchen ideas, open shelving can look great with a hanging herb garden, and you can easily incorporate the same with a splash of bold wallpaper too. 

Less usually is more in the case of decorating a bare wall, but if you’re opting for a maximalist look in your kitchen, then you can set your own record with how you choose to decorate your kitchen wall, and more is, usually more!

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