White Bedroom Wallpaper Trends (Wall Ideas You’ll Love)

White bedroom wallpaper continues to be a popular interior trend for the bedroom. White walls are a hugely versatile addition to a bedroom, and complementary to a wide range of interior design schemes from Scandi and minimalist to shabby chic style.

Whether it’s plain white wallpaper, a wall mural, faux brick wallpaper or a collective mixture of them all, white bedroom wallpaper is one of the best ways to elevate your existing setup in an affordable way.

Wallpaper trends mean that white walls don’t have to be boring! There’s so many ways to incorporate a lighter, white aesthetic into your bedroom without having to use bright white paint on every wall. 

Looking to refresh your bedroom walls with a sophisticated look? These white bedroom wallpaper trends are packed full of wall and decor ideas you’ll love!

White Bedroom Wallpaper Trends 

1. Self Adhesive Wallpaper


If you’ve never wallpapered before it can be somewhat of a daunting task, and you also need to have a few other tools to hand to ensure you give it a good finish. If this sounds like you, this might just be what you’ve been looking for…

Self adhesive wallpaper. That’s right. 

Essentially this is peel and stick wallpaper which results in one large sticker that you affix to your chosen walls. It can still be cut and measured in advance of doing so, and it involves no skill, glue or pasting table. 

Not only is self adhesive wallpaper perfect for everyone, it means that it’s also removable. How often do we decorate our homes only to want to refresh them a few months down the line? 

As seen above, a design of wallpaper panels is not only a strong wallpaper trend but one that lends itself particularly well to the stick-on wallpaper range. 

If you want to be more striking, create a wall feature that is talked about for many years. We love this stunning feather wallpaper, also removable so ideal for a rental property.  


Traditional wallpaper is certainly not the easiest thing to remove and requires a lot of patience, but self adhesive wallpaper removes every inch of doubt you may have had about wallpapering a bedroom. 

So, what’s the drawback? Self adhesive wallpaper does come in notably more expensive than its traditional counterpart, but when you factor in glue, a pasting table, time and stress(!) then it can be somewhat of a fair comparison!

2. Wall Murals

white bedroom wallpaper mural of grey trees, behind soft sofa beds and a simple white and grey rugImage: Heaton Park Grey Mural – Woodchip and Magnolia

If you want to create a focal point in a bedroom that adds a completely different dynamic to a bedroom, wall murals on a feature wall are a perfect way to do just that. 

Wall murals are so versatile and available in a huge choice of styles to suit your tastes, and home decor requirements. Just a few types of wall murals you can choose from include street prints, mountainous scenes to Halloween inspired wall murals.

large white bedroom wallpaper design with black graphic outlines a low bed with grey throw and fairy lightsImage: Wallsauce

Unlike plain white wallpaper, wall murals require a bit of extra room for their design to be appreciated so it may be something you want to change more often. 

Self adhesive wall murals are a smart choice, allowing you to swap and change them as often as you want without damaging your walls in the process.

3. Feature Walls

white bedroom wallpaper on a feature wall, behind a beige coloured armchair, white rug and footstoolLaura Ashley Lille Beige & White Stripe Smooth Wallpaper – B&Q

A bedroom lends itself to incorporating a feature wall on the bed wall, it creates the perfect backdrop for a bed, and it’s the first thing you’ll see as you enter the room.

You may choose a wall mural, different patterns or a floral pattern for a stand out look in your bedroom. If it’s for a child’s bedroom you can also choose something reflective of age and know it won’t be a pain to refresh it if you use self adhesive wallpaper. 

For a more pared down look, vertical lines are always a good idea for a feature wall, especially for a small bedroom. Vertical lines give the illusion of a taller room, and they add more depth to a wall than plain white walls.

The white background adds light to your room, a simple sophistication that elevates the space to new heights. Fine decor like this is always going to be a good choice. 

4. Faux Brick Wallpaper

faux brick white bedroom wallpaper next to a large black metal window, showing a resting bike underneathGoodHome Luynes White Brick Textured Wallpaper – B&Q

Unless you live in a cottage with beautifully exposed walls, creating a brick effect wall for a rustic, farmhouse style has always been something completely unreachable. 

Well, with faux brick wallpaper not only can you hustle your way to those gorgeous brick effect walls without needing a 100 year old cottage, it can easily be attained by just using wallpaper. 

Add to a single wall in a bedroom, or if you have a chimney breast in a bedroom it can be incredibly effective using it as an accent wall with white faux brick wallpaper. This stops the room from feeling crowded, but it creates a gorgeous focal point to define the room. 

Image: LimeLace

If you’re not sure if it will suit your existing home decor, do get wallpaper samples beforehand. Wallpaper can look incredibly different online, in-store and in other people’s homes because of lighting. Do grab wallpaper samples beforehand, and take a look at them during different times of the day to see how it looks with both natural and artificial light in your bedroom.


5. Plain White Wallpaper

GoodHome Lery White Pleated Glitter Effect Wallpaper – B&Q

White walls are one of the most versatile ways to decorate an interior, they’re well suited to modern style, farmhouse, minimalist and Scandi homes. 

Despite the name, plain white wallpaper doesn’t equal boring. In the right setting, and paired with tonal or colourful home decor accessories, it can provide the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated room that is light, and airy. 

Plain white wallpaper can include those with subtle textures, vertical lines and simple shapes that don’t demand too much attention. This type of wallpaper is super versatile and ideal for lining every wall in a bedroom for a cohesive feel. 

6. Textured White Wallpaper


Textured wallpaper is one of the best ways of adding depth and character to a room. There’s certainly nothing plain about textured white wallpaper designs, and there’s such a huge array of styles from linen effect, plaster texture to those that are faux textured, such as panelling style wallpaper.

When using textured white wallpaper, certain types such as linen effect are subtle enough to use across all walls for a cohesive and cosy feel. But, if you’re looking at something such as panelling wallpaper then you may want to have one feature wall to stick wallpaper to to avoid the room feeling claustrophobic, especially if it’s a small bedroom space

Alternatively, you could have a half painted, half wallpapered wall above. Whilst this look is mostly seen in downstairs toilets and nurseries, it can still bring an air of sophistication and uniqueness to a bedroom. 

Furthermore why not add a little fun to your bedroom wallpaper ideas and choose an elegant white wallpaper with a quirky style. This textured wallpaper with cute dogs (poodles) is a fun alternative to a plain white wallcovering. 

Image: Divine Savages

When we think of white bedroom wallpaper, there’s so much more to it than just plain white walls. Whatever your interior style, the latest trends of white bedroom wallpaper allow you to add your creative flair, and style in a sophisticated way that works well with a myriad of interior styles.

If the thought of wallpapering has previously filled you with dread, self adhesive wallpaper could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Whilst it carries a bit more of a price tag than traditional wallpaper, it doesn’t require any additional tools and it can be fitted and removed whenever you fancy refreshing your bedroom walls.

Have you used self adhesive wallpaper before? What white bedroom wallpaper idea is your favourite?

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