25 Pretty Pink Kitchen Ideas for the Colorful Home

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Pink might not be the first colour of choice for your new kitchen, but don’t dismiss this versatile hue. Colourful kitchens have been on the rise for years, from sage green to bold shades of blue and yellow, the kitchen is the perfect canvas for colour.

It’s one interior design trend that brings us great joy!

With Benjamin Moore and Pantone both introducing punchy shades of pink as their Colour of the Year for 2023, it feels like a far cry from the peachy Millennial Pink of years past. While it might seem a little too Barbie, these pinks can still be used to striking-yet-not-overpowering effect in your home.

There are many ways to introduce the on-trend blush-toned pinks into a kitchen space and we’ll cover the main ideas (and give you some you may not have considered). From kitchen cabinets, walls and tiles, to accessories, appliances and even wallpaper.

Better still, kitchen makeovers that focus on updating the colour scheme can be achieved quickly and affordably. Rather than removing cabinets and reconfiguring the space, you can simply transform the look with cosmetic touch-ups. This includes painting the cabinets and changing the hardware. It’s also an eco-friendly option for environmentally-conscious homeowners as you won’t be sending bulky items to landfill.

If you’re worried if this shade will go out of fashion soon, don’t be. Look to Sherwin Williams 2023 Colour of the Year Redend Point, a muted pink perfect for those of us who can still appreciate a neutral and you’ll be reassured that this soft hue is here to stay.

With that, it feels like high time to introduce a little pink into your kitchen. I’ve rounded up 25 of my favourite pink kitchen ideas to help inspire your kitchen renovation project. Let’s take a look.

25 Ways to Use Pink in Your Kitchen

  1. Pink and Green Color Combination
  2. Pink Kitchen Cabinets
  3. Pink Walls
  4. Pink and Navy Blue
  5. Pink Kitchen Island
  6. Pink Tiles
  7. Pink Floors
  8. Pink Backsplash
  9. Pink Feature Wall
  10. Pink Countertops
  11. Pink Kitchen Accessories
  12. Pink Kitchen Technology
  13. Pink Wallpaper
  14. Pink Cabinetry
  15. Paint upper cupboards in a Small Kitchen
  16. Use pink all over in a Large Kitchen
  17. Add pink accessories in a Rented Kitchen
  18. Upcycle with pink for a Budget Kitchen
  19. Light Pink Kitchens are easy to live with
  20. Yellow based Pink works well
  21. Benjamin Moore’s First Light is ideal
  22. Romantic Pink Kitchen is a must
  23. Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  24. Add Viva Magenta – Pantone Color of the Year 2023
  25. Raspberry Blush Tones are a bold alternative

Pink Kitchen Ideas for the Colorful Home

1. Pink and Green Color Combination

Pink is a versatile color choice for creating a vibrant and lively kitchen. Pink cabinets and stools can give your space a unique and playful touch. Experience the endless possibilities of pink kitchen ideas as you put your

Pink and green is a tried and tested pink palette combination that can be bold or muted, soft or strong.

The opportunities here are endless. You can contrast these colours through paint, two-toned kitchen cabinets, or soft furnishings and textiles like chairs, curtains, and even tea towels. Choose paler pinks with darker greens, soft blush tones with sage green, or salmon pink with olive green.

This earthy kitchen pairs two soft shades of pink and sage green with exposed wood and rustic details for a paired back kitchen that feels liveable yet extremely stylish.

2. Pink Kitchen Cabinets

Get inspired with these pink kitchen ideas featuring stylish pink cabinets and a pink sink.

Image via Walls and Floors

There are many shades of pink available and if you’re looking for a pink base in your newly renovated kitchen, then this is the way to go. Try out kitchen planners and designers and ask if they can make bespoke kitchen cabinet colors, or whether they have a line in pink cabinets.

You may have to shop around until you find the perfect pink shade, so don’t compromise. This trending kitchen color has a variety of hues and there’s bound to be one to suit you and your home. 

3. Pink Walls

Explore pink kitchen ideas featuring pink cabinets and white counter tops.

Image via Kitchen Makers

It’s the easiest way to update your kitchen – paint the walls pink! If you’re worried whether you can live with this color, or if it will go out of fashion too quickly, this is the way to introduce this trending color into your kitchen space. 

Choose a shade that complements your kitchen cabinets. Use a variety of shades if you prefer – try a strong raspberry as a feature wall, and softer blush pinks on the other walls. 

4. Pink and Navy Blue

A kitchen with blue walls and pink stools.

Image: Annie Sloan

Pink works with so many different colors but the navy blue and pink color combination is one of my favourites. It’s powerful, dramatic and different – and definitely brings the wow factor to the whole kitchen. Adding a pink wall, or painting all your kitchen walls in soft pink shades can soften the hard effect of dark kitchen cabinets, so do consider the overall impact of pairing these shades. 

5. Pink Kitchen Island

Looking for pink kitchen ideas? Check out this fabulous kitchen featuring pink cabinets and a stunning wooden floor.

The pink kitchen trend is one I’m here for but not everyone will want to shower their whole rooms in dusty pink shades. If that’s how you feel, why not go for a pink island – the rest of the kitchen can be any color palette you like, and there are many options.

Try mixing with green, dark blue, sage green or even white. And if blush pinks aren’t for you, a stronger raspberry pink could work wonders. 

6. Pink Tiles

Explore pink kitchen ideas featuring a stunning pink tile backsplash and a convenient sink.

Tiles from Original Style

If you don’t want pink kitchen cabinets and not everyone does, but would like to introduce some pink shades into your kitchen space, then using pink tiles is an easy way to do it.

Why not try adding pink tiles to a white kitchen for a splash of colour, or pair them with warm greys or dark blues for a modern kitchen design.

7. Pink Floors

A stylish kitchen with a black and white checkered floor.

If you don’t want to cover your walls or cabinets with pink, then why not the floor? These stunning pink floor tiles from Hyperion Tiles are the perfect antidote to a pink kitchen; there’s nothing sweet and sugary about this look.

The geometric design pairs beautifully with the dark blue kitchen cabinets and helps brighten the space in exactly the right way. 

8. Pink Backsplash

A pink kitchen with white cabinets and a pink backsplash.

A colorful splashback is one of our kitchen trends in 2023 and so adding a pink one is the ideal way to bring your kitchen bang up to date. It’s easy to do, and easy to change if you need to, plus it has those all important practical features too. 

This one above is actually a designer splashback wallpaper from Lime Lace!

9. Pink Feature Wall

A kitchen with pink walls and framed pictures on the wall, perfect for those seeking pink kitchen ideas.

Image: Desenio

A pink feature wall is the ideal way to add the wow factor into your kitchen. Use a strong raspberry shade, or try a softer, blush pink for a subtle effect; you could even try a pink wallpaper. I’m a fan of the soft plaster pinks, they look so natural, and don’t have that sweet and sugary finish that many pink paints have. 

If paint feels too permanent, why not create a wall collage using pink as the predominant color? It’s a great way to draw the eye to an accent wall and create a dramatic effect in any room.

10. Pink Countertops

Now this idea is one for the die hard pink fans. Add pink countertops to your kitchen

You could really go all out and have pink cabinetry, pink hardware, pink walls and a splashback, alongside your pink worktops. 

Of course, the alternative is to use the pink tops as an accent color in the rest of your kitchen. It would work well with sage green kitchen cabinets, green walls, darker pink accents or even greys. The only limit is your imagination.

11. Pink Kitchen Accessories

A pink kitchenaid mixer enhances the aesthetic of a modern kitchen counter, offering stylish pink kitchen ideas.

Image: Kitchen Aid

Let’s look at how we can add a pretty pink to the rest of the kitchen, by introducing soft pink accessories.

If you’re bored of stainless steel appliances, you could try a pink Smeg fridge or, as above, a pink kitchen aid mixer. If you just want a touch of pink in your kitchen this is the perfect way!

12. Pink Kitchen Technology

Many of us enjoy adding tech to our kitchens, whether that’s from items like a Samsung 8k tv, an Alexa device, or a Google hub. If you want to extend the pink color palette to these items, it’s worth shopping around. Designers now appreciate the value of interior design and our desire to co-ordinate these items to our home decor, so there are plenty of options available.

13. Pink Wallpaper

A kitchen with pink wallpaper.

Rose Pink Wallpaper by Lola Design

Yes, it’s possible to use wallpaper in the kitchen! And we love it. You’ll know that I’m a big fan of wallpaper and have been writing about it on this blog for the last 10 years. The latest wallpaper trends show a shift to more innovative uses of this wall decor in our homes, and introducing it into the kitchen is no exception. 

Ensure you choose a good quality wallpaper, and you’ll have no trouble mixing your pink wallpaper with either pink or sage green kitchen cabinets

14. Pink Cabinetry

Explore pink kitchen ideas featuring pink cabinets and gold accents.

Image: Plank Hardware

I’ve mentioned pink kitchen cabinets above, but I wanted to showcase this particular design where the white walls, brass hardware and terrazzo countertops have resulted in the most contemporary kitchen you could imagine. 

If you love the idea of creating something modern and on trend, this kitchen is definitely one to emulate. 

15. Pink in a Small Kitchen

Pink kitchen.

Image: Porcelain Superstore

When you’re dealing with a small space but still want to create a pink small kitchen, I would advise using wall tiles or pink upper cabinets. Keep a neutral kitchen base, then add smaller touches of pink in this way. Whilst a small space won’t feel overwhelmed with this colour, too many shades will feel cluttered so keep it simple. 

16. Pink in a Large Kitchen

If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen then you can definitely consider giving the whole room a pink makeover. 

The extra space means an all pink kitchen area won’t feel too overwhelming and you have plenty of options to introduce a range of hot pink shades through to soft blush pinks across the whole room. 

If embarking on kitchen remodelling projects and you want to add a splash of pink, then pink kitchen cupboards are definitely the best choice. Then add some pink into the accessories like tiles, countertops and wall color. Don’t forget to offset with brass handles, brass wall lights and even a pink ceiling!

17. Pink in a Rented Kitchen

You many not own your cooking space in a rental property but you can still create your own pink kitchen. Do you have open shelving? If so, why not create a pink vignette? Style the shelves with pink photo frames, pink vases, even pink books to bring the pink color palette into your rented kitchen.

18. Pink in a Budget Kitchen

A pink kitchen with blue cabinets and pink curtains.

Image: Molly Mahon

You can still create that luxe feel on a budget in your kitchen, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. 

Are you lucky enough to have a farmhouse sink? Great! You could create a country style kitchen on a budget by using fabrics in pinks to cover the cupboards, use as window blinds and even as tea towels. Paint your kitchen cabinets in a pink shade and add pink accessories,. Before you know it, your budget kitchen will look super pretty in pink.

Different Pink Shades and How to Use Them in a Kitchen

Looking for pink kitchen ideas? Check out this charming kitchen with pink walls and a wooden bench.

Image: Smile Kitchens

If you’re looking for some specific pink kitchen design ideas, I’ve pulled together a few of my favourite pink tones to help you curate the perfect pink color palette.

19. Light Pink Kitchens

Pink damask is Benjamin Moore’s lightest pink shade and is ideal for using on walls that need just a hint of pink.

20.  Yellow Based Pink for a Kitchen

A living room with pink walls and framed pictures.

Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground is a dusty blush pink with a yellow base that doesn’t feel sugary. I’ve actually used this color in my dining room, paired with some sage greens and it’s wonderful. In the evening light it’s much richer and fuller than the daylight, feeling warm and inviting. The daylight makes it paler, so I even painted the ceiling too. This would be a beautiful color to use in any kitchen and we know how versatile Farrow and Ball paints can be so you could use it on the kitchen cabinets too.

21. Benjamin Moore’s First Light

Pink kitchen ideas.

This is pale yet not sugary. I like blush pinks but the versatility of the shade comes when it doesn’t feel too feminine. It’s much easier to use around the home, outside of the bedroom, when you choose a shade with a more yellow base. 

22. Romantic Pink Kitchen


On the flip side, if you do want romance Farrow and Ball’s Peignoir looked beautiful paired with a stronger pink like Cinder Rose, and even with darker trim in Pelt. Don’t be fooled by the subtlety of this shade on first glance, it can really pack a punch.

23. Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Dulux has some great advice on using their pink shades in your kitchen, particularly if you would like to paint your kitchen cabinets. 

Why not try Raspberry Diva or Sumptuous Plum for the cabinets, and think about pairing them with Dulux Tranquil Dawn.

YouTube video

24. Viva Magenta – Pantone Color of the Year 2023

A pink KitchenAid blender is sitting on top of a table.

Image: Kitchen Aid

Whilst this isn’t a particular shade you can readily buy, it was interesting to see Pantone name a deep pink shade as their color of the year. 

This year’s Color of the Year is powerful and empowering. It is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying, and a boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement.

Try taking this shade to a color mixing studio if you’d like to use it on your walls. Alternatively, look out for a myriad of kitchen accessories created in this striking hue. 

25. Raspberry Blush Kitchen

A living room with red walls and a fireplace, decorated with pink accents for a touch of vibrant elegance.

Whilst this obviously isn’t a kitchen, this bold pinkish hue would look incredible either as a statement wall, or on the kitchen cabinets of your pink kitchen. It’s for color lovers, for those that dream of a colour drenched home, for anyone who wants a vivacious shade adorning their kitchen space. Raspberry Blush is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2023. 

So that should give you plenty of advice and ideas for creating a pink kitchen! I’d love to know if you use any of my suggestions or ideas, so either leave me a comment or drop me a message on social media. 

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