Five Stylish Space-Saving Ideas for Your Kitchen Redesign

If your kitchen is a little on the small side, today’s guest article has some great tips on how to make more of the space. Enjoy!

Whether you’ve got a small kitchen in which you need to maximise space or just want as much room as possible, there are hundreds of low-cost, quick and easy ways to save space when redesigning a kitchen.

space saving kitchen ideas

Hang Those Pans
If your cupboard space is limited, install a bar in between cupboards or from your ceiling from which you can hang saucepans and utensils. Not only will these save on room in cupboards, it’ll give you easy access to all the equipment you need and will show it off to visitors.

Integrate the Dining Area
Separate dining rooms are dying out as many twenty-first century families are favouring open-plan living. If space is tight in your home, go one further and eliminate the dining table, integrating a dining area into your kitchen by simply extending a worktop. Save space on seating by purchasing stools that simply tuck underneath when not in use.

Pullout Pantry
Instead of cupboards above and below work surfaces, try installing a tall, slim pullout pantry in a corner. It’s unusual, stylish and means easy access to whatever you need without having to dig around in a dark cupboard for it.

Give the Illusion of Space
The problem with your kitchen may not be simply one of space, but of an oppressive, claustrophobic design. Open up your kitchen by using light colours for the walls, adding mirrors where possible, and remove doors to create a sense of airiness and free movement.

Integrated Appliances
If your chunky, off-white 1990s fridge is jutting out in front of your work surfaces, consider switching to integrated kitchen appliances to save some real space in your kitchen. In addition to freeing up room, Integrated appliances are usually fitted with the latest technologies, such as antibacterial and frost prevention systems and are normally much more energy-efficient than older freestanding models – meaning huge savings on your energy bills. To purchase your integrated appliances, choose a manufacturer of quality, energy-efficient products such as Amica. Their appliances provide intelligent solutions to everyday home and kitchen problems, resulting in a food preparation process that’s quick, easy and stress-free.

With modern trends favouring a home that’s open, spacious and clutter-free, you can join the revolution by following these five tips along with any other space-saving ideas you may find.

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  1. Dylann
    May 21, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    Amazing post about these five stylish space-saving ideas for your kitchen redesign. It’s really a great help. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joey Bricks
    June 17, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    Just amazing ideas! Thank you, Jen. I really like the idea for installing a pullout pantry.

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