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Magnet Kitchens filmingToday I’m thrilled to be sharing the second of the films I’ve made with Magnet Kitchens recently. It’s probably my favourite of the two, and I love both the film and the product. You can see the first one, about Magnet Kitchens Cabinet Plus here, but in this post I want to talk about another innovative creation, Shelf Plus.

Magnet Kitchens has developed a small range of ‘feature’s  called Innovations Plus, that adds clever storage, use of space and creative ideas to their 2016 kitchen range. Shelf Plus is part of that collection, and offers practical and stylish storage in a contemporary way.

ShelfPlus2With many of the Magnet Kitchens Innovations range, it’s possible to put your own unique spin on the pieces by building them to fit your requirements. With Shelf Plus, you can create extra storage in your kitchen, that fits the kitchen style, and makes shelving stylish and pleasing to the eye. We all want to style our shelves in the best possible way, making them look good as well as giving us the storage we so often need, and so to be given a super stylish product to do this with, makes our job even easier. Styling shelves that look this good is a dream.

Shelf plus Magnet Kitchens InnovationsThe way in which you use Shelf Plus can be altered according to your needs. If you want it to hold your washing up liquid then great, but maybe it would be useful with some herb pots, or tea and coffee canisters, or a knife block, or even some drawers to hide away the clutter. This is one of the best things about Shelf Plus; how you can customise it to fit your own specific needs. And if your requirements change, or you want to position it elsewhere in the kitchen, well you can alter the Shelf Plus too. Adaptable storage solutions are my dream product, and this one is perfect.


Magnet-Kitches-93-EditSo, fancy a peak at my second Magnet Kitchens film? It’s published now on the Magnet Kitchens YouTube channel and was great fun to film. The set we used is the exact kitchen from the new TV advert, and had been styled beautifully. With lots of copper touches, geometric lines and pops of colour, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t say no to this kitchen in my house!

YouTube video

What do you think of this shelving system? Would you enjoy using Shelf Plus in your kitchen?

Collaborative project

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  1. sweetschoice
    February 20, 2016 / 10:17 am

    very nice pictures of kitchen ….creative ideas…Thanks for sharing…will try to apply this soon…waiting for your nest designs…

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