Home Updates: Top New Kitchen Trends 2020

Part of my paid collaboration with Magnet Kitchens

Let’s talk about some of my favourite top kitchen trends 2020.

We are spending a lot of time in our homes right now, and with a slower pace of life for many, our minds turn to what we would like to improve about our home decor in the coming months and year. 

We may be thinking of new projects to undertake at a point later in the year, or quick and easy jobs that take little time, effort or budget in the next month or two. 

If, like me, you’re discovering pitfalls in your home now you’re all spending more time in it, you might like to do a little planning for a bigger project to improve these flaws; one that can be undertaken a little later in the year. 

Let’s chat about the kitchen in particular. My own is working really hard at the minute and I am realising all the ways I’d love to improve it. From the cupboard door paintwork, to the white worktop, to recycling storage and more. 

Do you feel the same?

Would you like to see the type of kitchen trends I’ve been looking at? 

My work with Magnet Kitchens as their online ambassador this year means I have access to a huge bank of beautiful imagery, ideas and inspiration.

Having created some films late last year about their new kitchen range, including how  it can be styled, it’s got me thinking on how we can incorporate some hot kitchens trends 2020 into our existing homes. 

I’m pulled together some ideas which may help you with your planning and vision for a new kitchen

TOP Kitchen Trends 2020

Soothing Shades:

Whilst many of us have loved using dark, bold colours on our kitchen cabinets in recent years, we are starting to see the emergence of softer, more soothing shades being used in kitchen cabinetry. Lighter, calming hues like soft pinks, dusky greys and sage greens (my own personal favourite) add a relaxing vibe to the home, bringing a sense of wellbeing and restfulness into the kitchen. 

Shades like the Dulux Colour of the Year, Tranquil Dawn are particularly popular, and Magnet’s Soho Kitchen in Seagrass is the perfect example of this serene, cool green shade. 

Industrial Styling:

The trend for industrial styling in the kitchen has only grown in popularity and will feature heavily in homes this year.

Some may think this is a somewhat dated look now but, each year, it manages to reinvent itself into something current and fresh. This year is no exception.

This contemporary look is characterised by raw materials like exposed brick and natural wood paired with rich, deep tones, such as graphite greys and dark blues, and urban accessories like matt black taps and gun metal touches.

The addition of matt black accessories creates a new and interesting update to an industrial kitchen, one that’s easy to achieve and reinvigorates an existing kitchen scheme. 

Magnet’s Tribeca kitchen in Graphite and Dove Grey features an industrial and sophisticated finish that will add a sense of designer living to your home for an affordable price.

It’s a stunning design which packs a punch and gives any home that kitchen hub we all long for. 

Smart Storage:

We’ve all heard of Marie Kondo by now. We all know that organising our homes is critical to our wellbeing and to the easy running of our lives. Reducing our belongings, keeping them well stored and being grateful for a well organised home helps us feel calmer and less stressed. 

With that in mind, our kitchens need lots of smart storage, so that the space is as organised and easy to use as possible.

Whether you are looking for simple storage solutions in a small kitchen, or want the most up to date technology, Magnet has a variety of innovations that will bring your kitchen into the 21st century. 

I’ve used lots of these storage options and I LOVE them. Honestly, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them. 

The Qanto Pull-Up Unit provides access to unused space in corners at the touch of a button. Similarly, the Cabinet Plus utilises that hard to reach area at the back of your cupboard, revealed seamlessly at the touch of a button.

For the latest tech that will make your life that little bit easier, install smart appliances like the Samsung Built-In Vapour Cook Oven, which has Wi-Fi cooking controls from your smart phone.

All of these ideas make our lives that little bit easier, help us stay on top of a busy family home and give us peace of mind when it comes to home organisation. 

It’s definitely one of my favourite top kitchen trends 2020 that’s here to stay.


Another of my favourite kitchen trends 2020 is this one. Sustainability. 

With a new consciousness surrounding our planet and how we can save energy, there will be a shift towards making steps for more sustainable living in the home in 2020.

I suspect we will live our lives in a more considered way as we come out of 2020, we will want for less and enjoy a simpler existence, for a while at least.

Embracing our planet, understanding more about climate change and feeling we all need to do our bit to help will become a more important trend in our lives

Whether you add dedicated recycling bins in your cupboard, so that all your waste is disposed of correctly, or you install a 3 in 1 Steaming Hot Water Tap that instantly dispenses steaming hot water rather than using energy to boil the kettle, you can find lots of small solutions to make your kitchen more sustainable with Magnet.

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has an internal camera so you can see what food you have from your smart phone wherever you are, reducing food waste.

This is an ingenious idea, one that allows you view food in your fridge whilst doing the weekly shop and even giving you recipe ideas with your current fridge contents. 

Dining Islands:

We all love to congregate in the kitchen. At this time, I suspect we are all spending more time in our kitchens, cooking, eating together, playing with kids and generally pottering about. 

In recent years the kitchen has become a much more social area, that the whole family can enjoy and live in together.

We predict that dining islands will be one of the top kitchen trends 2020, an extension to the traditional island, separating out an isolated space just for socialising, dining and working.

Dining islands ensure that your family can cook, dine and spend time together in one room, and are a convenient option if you frequently use your kitchen for entertaining too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen space that can accommodate a dining island, it’s a great way to update the room, giving your family more options for eating and hanging out together. 

I hope you like my picks of the top kitchen trends 2020, in collaboration with Magnet Kitchens

Do let me know if you’ll be adopting any of these ideas into a kitchen plan this year. 

And whilst we aren’t able to visit showrooms right now, Magnet has launched its virtual kitchen design service to really hope its customers continue planning their dream kitchen in the coming months.

So if you’ve got time to plan drop them a visit and start a discussion on how to upgrade your kitchen into one that incorporates these trends

Jen x


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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Part of my paid collaboration with Magnet Kitchens


  1. Rachel
    May 1, 2020 / 12:34 pm

    I enjoyed the read. I’m a real fan of industrial style when it’s done right and also love doubling up functionality like in the smart storage.

  2. Sharon
    December 19, 2020 / 6:22 am

    Stumbled across this as we are currently doing our kitchen. We have gone for the soft greys and although it will not be ready for Christmas we are excited and have something to look forward to in January. As a big family, smart storage is big in our design. Thanks for the insights.

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