15 Genius Ways To Improve Your Conservatory

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There’s no denying that having a conservatory attached to your home offers numerous benefits.

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For example, it’s an affordable way to add an extra room to your house compared to an extension. Another example is how they are likely the one room in your home that gets flooded with sunlight each day!

Conservatories come in various shapes and sizes and, of course, different styles. However, some people find their conservatories are a little lacklustre compared with the rest of their home.

If you’d like to make your conservatory more attractive and have a better use of space, don’t worry because there is plenty you can do to improve things. Take a look at the following 15 examples for some handy inspiration:

1. Give Your Conservatory A Deep Clean

Most homeowners will give their conservatories a quick clean every so often, but they will seldom carry out a regular deep clean. Some people might state the reason is that they have pets, while others might say it’s because their conservatories have little use.

The truth is, conservatories can quickly have a build-up of dirt, dust and grime – even with a semi-regular “quick clean.”

Consider scheduling a day once a month where you can spend the time cleaning all the glass, frames, flooring, and ceiling.

2. Replace Worn Glass Seals

One of the problems that anyone with double or triple-glazing will experience is how the seals or “gaskets” of all glass panes deteriorate over time. That’s because they get constructed from rubber and become brittle due to heat and the effects of weathering.

There are some telltale signs that you may need to replace some of your glass pane seals. For instance, you may see condensation form internally between two glass panes. Another example might be if you can feel draught coming from outdoors.

3. Replace Any Broken Glass Panes

Image: Annie Sloan

Conservatory glass panes are pretty tough and can stand up to all kinds of things like hailstones. However, they are not indestructible and, as with all glass, can sometimes crack.

The trouble with cracked glass is that cracks get longer or deeper over time, especially with changing weather conditions. That’s why when you first spot damaged glass, you should have the pane replaced sooner rather than later.

Thankfully, any local double glazing company can replace damaged panes with the same size and style as your damaged ones quickly and easily.

4. Fix Any Broken Guttering

Your conservatory will have some guttering installed on its outer edges to stop rainwater from flowing straight onto the ground in a waterfall effect.

Unfortunately, guttering does not last forever, and there will come a time when sections may get separated or damaged, either due to age, weathering, or birds making nests.

When you see the signs of damage to your guttering, it’s worth getting any broken sections replaced. If you’re a keen DIYer and don’t mind going up a ladder, you could easily replace any damaged sections yourself.

5. Spray All Glass Frames A Different Colour

It’s no secret that the most common colour for conservatory door and window frames is white, and that’s largely due to how it’s the cheapest colour option.

Many people are happy to stick with white conservatory door and window frames as it matches the rest of their double or triple-glazing on their homes. But what if you wish to have a different colour scheme – perhaps to achieve a more Scandinavian look to your house?

You might think the only option is to have a new conservatory build. However, you can simply have your existing door and window frames resprayed!

6. Install Underfloor Heating

You will probably know that your conservatory can be quite a cold place during a British winter.

Many conservatories have at least one central heating radiator to combat the problem, while others may have alternative heating methods like oil-filled radiators or log burners.

If you want a more uniform approach to heating your conservatory, one option you should consider is underfloor heating. It’s an affordable way to keep your conservatory floor feeling toasty during the winter months.

Additionally, you can control the level of warmth using a conventional wall dial or a smartphone app.

7. Fit Some Attractive Floor Tiles

Does the floor in your conservatory look like it’s well past its best? If so, now is the time to do something about the problem. As with the rest of your home, you’ve got various options open to you when thinking about new conservatory flooring.

For example, you could opt for some attractive terracotta floor tiles or ones made of a different construction and style. Floor tiles are easy to clean, and they also work well with underfloor heating.

8. Add A Splash Of Style With A Large Rug

If you do decide to opt for floor tiles, it makes sense to invest in an attractive rug to break up the look and create a focal point in your conservatory.

As you might imagine, you’ve got limitless possibilities for size, style, and construction. cowhiderugslondon.co.uk, for instance, sells some chic rugs that will look perfect on any conservatory floor.

Ensure that you take some measurements of your conservatory floor before deciding on a rug. That way, you won’t feel disappointed with your rug choice due to incorrect measurements.

9. Get Some Electric Blinds Installed

Image: Conservatory Blinds

During the summer months, your conservatory will likely get very hot shortly after the sun rises – even with all the windows open. That’s because conservatories use a lot of glass in their construction and seldom provide any protection from the sun.

If your conservatory is like a greenhouse in the summer, consider investing in some made-to-measure electric blinds from conservatoryblinds.co.uk. Motorised blinds are easy to use and will help keep temperatures down during the peak of hot weather each year.

You can get them in different styles and colours to match your interior decor and aesthetics.

10. Have Dimmable Ceiling Lighting Installed

There’s nothing quite like spending an evening in your conservatory with all the blinds open and letting the moonlight illuminate the inside. Of course, you’ll undoubtedly want some artificial lighting if it gets too dark inside your conservatory.

But what if you want to adjust how much light you have to create the perfect ambience or mood? You can easily achieve that objective by having an electrician install a dimmer light switch in your conservatory. 

Make sure the bulbs you use are compatible with dimmable light switches.

11. Consider A Fixed Air Conditioning System

Electric blinds will help reduce temperatures in your conservatory, but they won’t drastically do so. Sure, you could invest in a pedestal fan to keep you and your household cool whenever you use your conservatory.

However, there’s only one way you can significantly reduce ambient temperatures, and that’s with air conditioning.

Fortunately, the cost of split-air conditioning systems for homes is affordable for most people, especially if you spread the installation cost over a few months or years.

12. Fit Some Anti-Snap Door Locks

Security is a priority for all homeowners. The sad truth about break-ins and burglaries is they often get attempted through conservatories, as it means burglars are less likely to get noticed by neighbours or even residents if such crimes occur in the dead of night.

Standard locks in uPVC doors are easy to damage and remove by nefarious elements of society, and because of that fact, you should consider installing some anti-snap locks on your conservatory doors.

13. Buy Some Comfortable Seating

Image: Cuckooland

Your conservatory probably acts like a secondary living space for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Part of the furniture you have in your conservatory will undoubtedly be a sofa and chairs.

The trouble is, some householders don’t put much thought into the seating they get for their conservatories. If you’re guilty of that, it’s time to upgrade your seating to something more comfortable for everyone to enjoy. Of course, ensure that your new seating is stylish too!

14. Think About Your Conservatory’s Primary Use

Why are you using your conservatory? As you might expect, people have different uses for their conservatories. For example, some folks might use theirs as dining rooms, whereas others create dens or entertainment spaces for their families.

When you consider your conservatory’s primary use, you will then ensure that you have an appropriate interior design or style for it.

You might be wondering why such a consideration is important for improving your conservatory. The answer is simple: it helps you create a solution that’s best designed for the space’s primary use.

15. Add Some Tasteful Scented Candles

Last but not least, think about adorning your conservatory with some scented candles. As you will no doubt appreciate, such additions to any room will help set a calming or romantic mood or atmosphere.

They will also keep your conservatory smelling lovely and feeling like a warm and welcoming environment for everyone. Check out yankeecandle.co.uk for some examples of scented candles that you’re bound to love.

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