3 Kitchen Sink Trends That Make Staying Hydrated Easy

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Do you have to tilt your bottle to fill it up because it doesn’t fit in your sink? Perhaps you always have to wait for your water to get cold in the fridge, or you like the idea of infused water, but the additional effort puts it in the ‘too hard’ basket? These can all be hurdles to keeping up hydration.

But the right sink and with the help of some cool kitchen gadgets, you can be sipping down water more often in no time! From a nice, deep sink to tap gadgets for instant cold, filtered water, here are a few ways you can spruce up your kitchen to help encourage more hydration.

1. Farmhouse sinks: Combining style and functionality

Farmhouse sinks have been a popular kitchen sink trend for centuries. The original designs—not too far from the deep basins we know now—date back to the 17th century. So, why have they stood the test of time?

Farmhouse sinks are deep in design with an exposed front (so not closed in by cabinetry or benchtop). They come in a range of materials, with the most popular being porcelain and stainless steel.

The deep, wide sink makes them ideal for soaking large trays or racks, and even for filling up pitchers and those large reusable water bottles. So, they’re not only beautiful, highly functional sinks, they also help us stay more hydrated too!  

2. Sink gadgets that make drinking water much easier

Smart technology is everywhere, even the kitchen sink! Smart faucets or taps now come in touchless and voice-activated designs, which comes in handy for the busy multi-tasker. A smart faucet allows you to pop your bottle under the tap, and then wave your hand in front of a sensor or tell it to turn on with cold water—perfect for bottle refills or rinsing food to prep for dinner. 

You also have more traditional sink gadgets that will never go out of style, like water filters, boiling water attachments and more. Making water more easily accessible means you’re more likely to keep refilling that cup!

A filter that sits on the bench can come in all kinds of wonderful designs, including tall slim designs to save on bench space. Not only does it offer more convenience, you’re also enjoying crisp, filtered water, which is always a pleasure to drink.

3. Multi-functional sink accessories

There are so many attachments for your sink these days, from cutting boards with built-in mise en place holders and colanders for when you’re running short of space, to strainers that perfectly fit your sink so there’s no more spilled pasta or veggies! It’s incredible that our once-bare sinks have turned into total kitchen workspaces. There are even tap attachments that shoot water up into bottles and cups to make upping your water intake a breeze. 

Today’s multi-functional sink accessories help us stay hydrated and healthy by giving us more convenient solutions. In just seconds, you can clean out your bottle, wash and slice fruit, and have delicious infused water. When you’re done, rinse out your bottle again and pop it into your dish rack. So much time saved, so much delicious water to drink!

Bonus: Stylish sinks mean we want to use them!

Functional kitchen sinks don’t have to be boring—in fact, there are a whole host of kitchen sink designs and styles that seamlessly pair with your preferences. And if we have kitchen sinks we love, it means we enjoy using them all the more!

Today’s kitchen sinks can be stylish, functional and easy to clean, giving you the all-in-one solution you never knew you even needed. And with the smart and handy sink gadgets available, you can do everything from get instantly chilled or boiling water to even going hands-free! No more fiddling around with bottles that don’t fit in sinks, strainers that flop all over the place or ice cube trays taking up room in your freezer. 

Kitchen sinks can help or hinder the way we use the kitchen—especially when it comes to hydration. But this can be solved with the right sink and accessories. If you’re finding it hard to fit in your daily water, check out your sink and see how you can make some adjustments to make it work for you!

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Jen Stanbrook

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