35 Expert Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas and Tips

Does your kitchen need a pantry makeover? Whether you own a large walk-in pantry or have a very small pantry to play with. We all need extra storage in our kitchen. Welcome to the world of clutter free living, where chaos transforms into calm, and every item has it’s place.

A few weeks ago I attended a luxury kitchen showroom event and met Dani, The Organiser Next Door whose primary goal is to help us all create calm and organised homes where we can relax. As an expert organiser, Dani has compiled this excellent list of ideas to organize your kitchen pantry.

A well-organised pantry can be a game-changer in your kitchen. Not only does it make your space more visually appealing, but it also makes meal prep and grocery shopping a breeze.

If you’re looking to create a perfectly organised pantry, we’ve compiled a list of 35 organisational tips and tricks to help you achieve it.

  1. Decant into Jars
  2. Use a Funnel
  3. Use Cereal Containers
  4. Label Jars
  5. Try Dissolvable Labels
  6. Use a Chalk Pen
  7. Cut out Packaging
  8. Introduce Baskets
  9. Create a Backstock Basket
  10. Use Clips
  11. Invest in Reusable Bags
  12. Have a Tea Caddy
  13. Use a Packet Organiser
  14. Have a Tin Riser
  15. Get a Turntable
  16. Try a Two Tier Turntable
  17. Decant Oils
  18. Use a Spice Rack
  19. Storage on Wheels
  20. Have Stackable Baskets
  21. Use Hampers & Trunks
  22. Use Drawer Liners
  23. Get Drawer Dividers
  24. Have Hooks
  25. Use Net Bags
  26. Install Shelving
  27. Create Stations
  28. Invest in Lighting
  29. Create Hidden Storage
  30. Maintain Your Space
  31. Magnetic Storage
  32. Child-Friendly Zone
  33. Rolling Cart
  34. Over-the-Door Organizer
  35. Digital Inventory
Image shows a large open organized kitchen pantry stocked full with provisions
Preloved Pantry from UKE

Let’s take these ideas, looking at them in more detail and discover the fun and joy of an organized pantry!

  1. Decant into Jars: Use mason jars for a uniform and visually pleasing pantry organization project. They’re perfect for storing pantry staples like pasta, rice, and grains.
  2. Use a Funnel: When pouring items into your own containers, using a funnel makes a huge difference in keeping your pantry tidy.
  3. Use Cereal Containers: Opt for clear bins instead of cereal boxes to streamline your pantry and help you keep track of how much food you have left.
  4. Label Jars & Containers: Use a label maker to tag pantry shelves and containers. It’s an essential next step for keeping your organized kitchen pantry, well, organized.
  5. Try Dissolvable Labels: These work great in a small space and are ideal for items you frequently rotate. Dissolve them with a quick rinse when it’s time to swap out pantry staples.
  6. Use a Chalk Pen: Write down your grocery list, label your mason jars, or jot down meal plans right on the glass doors of your pantry or kitchen cabinets.
  1. Cut Out Packaging: Keep the pantry closet free from visual clutter by attaching cut-out labels from the original packaging to your own containers.
  2. Introduce Baskets: Use baskets or pull-out drawers for storing similar items together. They make great pantry organizers.
  3. Create a Backstock Basket: Place this basket on the bottom shelf to hold lesser-used items and backstock from the grocery store.
  4. Use Clips: Seal chip bags and other open items using clips to keep them fresh and pest-free in your pantry storage areas.
  5. Invest in Reusable Bags: Opt for reusable plastic bags to store back stock or leftovers. They are an eco-friendly choice and make great pantry storage ideas.
  6. Have a Tea Caddy: Store various types of tea in a designated caddy on the upper shelves of your pantry closet. This clears up shelf space for other items.
  7. Use a Packet Organizer: Perfect for small items, a packet organizer keeps your products neat and stackable.
  8. Have a Tin Riser: Invest in tiered shelves to organize your cans and keep them within easy reach, even at the back of your pantry.
  9. Get a Turntable: Place a lazy susan on wire shelving to hold spreads, condiments, and oils, making it easier to reach items stored at the back of the door.
  10. Try a Two-Tier Turntable: Use a double-layer turntable in your pantry to maximize much space vertically. Store small appliances like icing pens and baking powders here.
  1. Decant Oils: Pour cooking oils into glass bottles with spout pourers. Store them on wire shelves as an added bonus to reduce plastic use.
  2. Use a Spice Rack: Install a spice rack inside of the pantry door or on open shelving. Spice racks make brilliant pantry organization ideas for small spaces.
  3. Storage on Wheels: Consider using wheeled storage on the lower shelf or even in the adjacent laundry room for heavy or bulky items like water bottles.
  4. Have Stackable Baskets: Stackable wire baskets are perfect for the pantry, especially for storing root vegetables and other bulky items.
  5. Use Hampers & Trunks: Place these on the bottom of this post to contain items like extra plastic bags and keep your pantry floor free from clutter.
  6. Use Drawer Liners: Keep crumbs and spills at bay by lining your pantry drawers with easy-to-clean drawer liners.
  7. Invest in Drawer Dividers: These dividers are a great place to categorize single items and are especially useful in a tiny kitchen.
  8. Add Hooks: Install hooks on door racks to hang net bags for produce, reusable bags, and even small kitchen tools.
  9. Use Net Bags: These are an excellent alternative to plastic bags for storing fruits and vegetables, and they add a rustic touch to your beautiful spaces.
  10. Install Shelving: Add additional wire or open shelving to a blank wall, a good time to maximize your pantry’s storage capability.
  1. Create Stations: Organize your pantry into different zones. It’s a first thing a lot of people forget but makes pantry organization so much easier.
  2. Invest in Lighting: Good lighting in your pantry can be a game-changer and is well worth the investment.
  3. Create Hidden Storage: Invest in pull-out drawers under your pantry shelves or a library ladder to make use of vertical space.
  4. Maintain Your Space: With these pantry organization tips, maintaining your entire home becomes easier. Make it a habit to declutter and review what you have regularly. Bonus points for sharing your organized pantry on social media!
  5. Magnetic Storage: Install a magnetic strip on the inside of your pantry door or a side wall. This is an excellent way to store small jars of spices, tiny kitchen tools, or even a notepad for jotting down your grocery list.
  6. Child-Friendly Zone: Create a lower shelf that is easily accessible to children. Fill it with healthy snacks, plastic cups, and other items they may need. This encourages independence and keeps the pantry organized.
  7. Rolling Cart: If you have a small pantry closet but an adjacent open space, consider a rolling cart. Stock it with items you use frequently, or even set it up as a baking station with all the necessary ingredients and tools. It’s a versatile addition that can easily be rolled out of sight when not needed.
  8. Over-the-Door Organizer: If door racks are already in use but you still need more storage, an over-the-door organizer can be a lifesaver. Use it to store small packets, wraps, or even small bottles of cleaning supplies for quick touch-ups.
  9. Digital Inventory: Keep a digital inventory on your phone or another device. Every time you use up an item or add something new to the pantry, update the list. Before heading to the grocery store, take a quick look to see what you need. This minimizes waste and ensures you always have your pantry staples.

With a passion for order and an eye for detail, Dani has spent years perfecting the art of decluttering and organising homes via her business The Organiser Next Door. Through countless projects, she’s witnessed the transformative power of an organised environment. From bustling family homes to secondary homes in the country, she tailors her approach to suit your unique needs and lifestyle.

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