Small Kitchen Ideas: 10 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

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If you are blessed with a small kitchen you may find it difficult to create a working, stylish space but there are ways to make the most of the space you have.

With some creative design ideas, a few hacks and tricks along the way, it is possible to turn your cute kitchen from drab to fab – and it’s a lot easier than you think.

In today’s post I’m looking at 10 new ways to make that small kitchen feel bigger and how you can make more of the available space, giving you a working kitchen to be proud of.

As an ambassador for Magnet Kitchens this year, I’m showcasing their collections and innovations to help illustrate the ways you can update your own small kitchen with my tips. 

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How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Go Floor to Ceiling

Magnet: Dunham

Traditionally we have only used waist height storage cupboards in kitchens, with a few wall cupboards too, but now the trend has moved towards full banks of kitchen units, creating a seamless display of storage or using taking wall units as high as we can.

It makes sense. With homes being so much smaller, and the demand to improve the way we use our home space increasing, kitchen designers like Magnet Kitchens have led the way in revamping kitchen design.

So if it appears you don’t have enough cabinets in your kitchen, could you use the height of the room to install more?

Keeping the bank of high cabinets away from natural light sources will help retain a bright room whilst solving your storage issues.

Keep the Design Simple

small mint and white kitchenMagnet Kitchens: Fusion

Help a small kitchen feel bigger by maximising light and introducing a simple kitchen design. White gloss is a clever use of finish in a smaller space and helps bounce the light around with its semi-reflective surface.

A simple, modern, uncluttered design will help the space feel sleek and minimal no matter what the size. Add in the storage ideas from above and you can create a really useful, stylish kitchen space.

Be very clever and you’ll even manage to fit in a small breakfast bar and stools. I’m a huge believer in creative design and many design flaws can be overcome with a little imagination and compromise.

Use Creative Storage Solutions

Magnet Kitchens: Shelf Plus

You may have solved the layout issues with your simply designed kitchen and bags of cabinet space, but sometimes we still need more. There are lots of innovative solutions you can use in a kitchen to  increase the volume of usable space you have and make your kitchen more user friendly.

Take these raised table top shelves for example. Placed around the room they help give you an extra shelf, particularly on a free standing island or worktop. Use them for herbs, jars, utensils or more without forgoing the space underneath. Double up on your storage in a spot where you originally had none.

Adding an Island

Meteor BlueMagnet Kitchens: Meteor

You may think that it’s virtually impossible to add an island unit to a small kitchen. I’d argue that small kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and particularly when you’re designing an open plan layout you may not have many walls to play with.

Whilst many designers simply add wall cupboards and create an ‘L’ shaped design, installing an island will give the kitchen a completely different feel. 

For starters, it helps to zone the area completely, fully identifying the area as a the kitchen space to all who enter. Next, it gives the kitchen a much better layout, allowing for that extra line opposite the wall of cabinets. And of course it offers more storage and a space to create seating.

Before you know it, your small kitchen has become the hub of the home where you can cook, socialise and entertain. It’s well worth researching your options when you go to speak to your kitchen planner.

Maximise Cupboard Space

Magnet Kitchens: Somerton

You may feel like your small kitchen can’t hold as much as you need it to, but have you really organised your storage as well as you could? Be honest.

I’m sure we could all benefit from introducing better storage solutions into our home, not just the kitchen, but a smaller room needs extra special attention. 

Ensure that you’ve used all the kitchen cabinets effectively. Use solutions like draws, racks, pull out larders, boxes, spice racks and more. It’s a good idea to identify what kind of storage you really need – make it bespoke where you can.

In my kitchen we use a large number of spices and herbs for example so need a lot of storage to keep them neat and easily accessible. Are there areas of your small kitchen which would benefit from firstly, a declutter, and then secondly, some better organisation?

Consider Hidden Storage

Magnet Kitchens: Cabinet Plus

This is one of those innovations that every small kitchen should own. 

It’s quite likely that your smaller kitchen doesn’t have a large amount of worktop space, and that which you do have needs to be used for food preparation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, at the touch of a button, hidden cupboards revealed themselves from behind wall units to present your kitchen knives, some spices, oils or other condiments, and better still – a glass of wine!

I’ve actually seen these in action and they are as good as they look. In the case of the knives, they’re also a great way to keep them safely stored away from the hands of little people.

Add a Folding Table

Magnet Kitchens: Table Plus

Every small kitchen should have one of these. The Magnet Table Plus is a folding table top which hides itself into a very useful wall cabinet.

When you have a smaller galley kitchen, or simply don’t have enough floor space for a permanent table solution, pop one of these on the walls and instantly create a space in which you can eat and entertain. 

Finish the look with some folding chairs stashed on the wall, or a couple of stacking stools that fit neatly in the corner of the room. This really is the perfect way to maximise the space in your smaller home and make it work harder and more effectively for you and your family.

Hidden Worktop

Magnet Kitchens Worktop Plus

A rollout cupboard is a great idea when you need to gain easy access to the content, but add in a worktop and you suddenly have twice the food preparation area.

What a genius idea for smaller kitchens. 

We all need more worktop space – even slightly larger kitchens can benefit from this idea, and I love the way it can be more accessible to the younger members of the family too.

Pop Up Storage

Magnet Kitchens: Qanto Pull Up Unit

So we’ve had drop down storage, and now it’s the turn of the pop up shelf. 

When it’s not in use, push down on the top shelf and secure it in place hiding the content beneath. Again, it’s a clever solution for smaller worktops, freeing up the space for all important food prep and helping to keep your small kitchen clutter free.

It’s the perfect solution for your kettle and tea making pieces which can be hidden away easily and effortlessly. Another genius idea for smaller space.

Add More Worktop Space with a Hidden Sink

Magnet Kitchens: Illusion Sink

Finally, in my tour of great ideas to make the most of a small kitchen, let’s take a look at this novel idea – the hidden sink.

The Illusion Sink from Magnet Kitchens comes complete with a push down tap and removable panel. When not in use simple push down the tap and slide the lid into place. You’ll gain yourself some extra, very useful worktop space and keep the kitchen looking neat and tidy.

Not only is this great for the small kitchen, it would work well in many a bigger kitchen too. I love the glossy finish and sleek, minimal design.

So which of these ideas would you like to implement into your small kitchen design? 

My favourites have to be Cabinet Plus drop down units and the Table Plus fold down table. I love creative solutions that really make the most of dead and unused space, and these tick all of those boxes.


Jen x

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