Smart Homes: NEW Grohe Sense Water Detection System

In recent years we’ve seen products that monitor all kinds of things within the home, and this will only grow with ongoing developments towards the Smart Home. I can now turn my lights on and off, set an alarm and control my music through my phone.

Today I want to introduce a brand new innovation that will become part of our homes over the next few years.

Grohe have introduced the Grohe Sense Water Sensor, a smart and sleek product that detects water, humidity and frost in your home. There’s nothing quite like this on the market, so Grohe have definitely tapped into (sorry, pun fully intended) a gap in the area of the smart home.

So how does it work?

The small device is placed next to, or nearby to, anything that poses a leak or flooding risk. The obvious choices have to be the dishwasher or washing machine I guess, but it could be anything, even in the cellar.

Connect Grohe Sense to your wifi and download the app and you’re ready to go. If the appliance was to leak or the area to flood, the unit emits a beeping alarm and sends the notification to your phone app.

I have just installed one of these in the house and it was painless and simple to set up, taking a matter of minutes.

There are other uses for the device, particularly if you choose to have multiple units throughout the house. Grohe Sense will alert you should the humidity in the room stay high for a prolonged period; ideal if you’re worried about damp, this should never be a problem again. I can see this working well for landlords for example, with a house full of student tenants who constantly run the shower, the central heating and dry their clothes indoors. Wouldn’t this be useful to monitor the humidity levels in the property, alerting the owner if the levels are too high and avoiding any mould issues.

Similarly, if low humidity causes you skin irritations, sinus problems and itchy eyes, set up Grohe Sense to alert you, and avoid these nasty symptoms. This is interesting for us as my husband suffers like this in our loft bedroom, so I’m going to move ours in the next week and see if this is an issue.

Going away for a period of time, or own a second home and worried about frost damage? Not to worry, Grohe Sense can also detect when the temperature falls below 3 degrees C, alerting you in plenty of time to take action.

If you do have a second home, away for long periods, or maybe you’re a landlord with a rental properties, and are concerned of battery life on the product, there is a mains connector available if you’re not going to be able to change batteries too often. Similarly, for tricky to reach areas where you want to monitor for leaks, Grohe Sense comes with an extension kit, making this a simple solution.

Finally, I’m more than happy with the styling and look of the product. All too often something practical and functional, is clumsily designed, big and bulky. Grohe Sense is none of those things, looking sleek, smart and unobtrusive.

To be fully clear on this, I haven’t had a leak or low temperature or high humidity in the house since I installed it, so I can’t vouch for the working product. I do know Grohe are working constantly on developing the product and app for the consumer market, and with a quality brand such as Grohe, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The Grohe Sense retails for £51.99 with more information HERE.

What do you think? Can you see this being a useful tool in your home?

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Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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