Japandi Wall Art for a Japandi Bedroom: Style Ideas

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In my quest to create a more Japandi bedroom style, I’ve added my first displays of Japandi wall art.

Japandi is a style combination of both Scandi and Japanese designs to create a reflective, minimal yet delicate interior that’s neither too feminine or clinical. It’s the perfect mix of subtle colour, intricate prints and appealing textures.

A Japandi bedroom is one that feels calm and soothing, with pretty colours, minimal clutter and a sleek, sophisticated decor. I have a way to go in creating this look, so the wall art will be my anchor, a starting point from which to create the rest of the scheme.

What are the features of Japandi Style?

There are several key elements that work together to create a Japandi style. You can adopt this approach for any room in your home, but particularly the bedroom and living room.

  1. The Japandi style is made up of clean lines, muted colours, and functional minimalism.
  2. Japandi is still built around the concept of a minimal lifestyle so it’s time to start getting rid of the things you don’t need. 
  3. Japandi is all about natural textures, so bamboo, wood, paper, natural fibres, silk and cashmere are an excellent way to bring these textures into your spaces.
  4. It’s also about embracing the natural world and sustainability, so making the use of plants in your decor is an incredibly important aspect.
  5. When accessorising your home, each piece should work in harmony with each other and add that all-important depth to your room.

How to decorate your walls in a Japandi bedroom

The key to creating a Japandi wall collage is to keep it simple, natural, and harmonious. Follow this guidance and you can create a serene and minimalist wall collage that reflects the essence of Japandi style in your bedroom.

A room with a framed Japandi wall art on the wall.

1. Use Neutral Colors:

Opt for a color palette that is soft and muted, with neutral tones such as beige, grey, and white. These colors are typical of Japandi style and create a calming, serene atmosphere in your bedroom. You can use wall art or prints in these colors to create a cohesive look in your wall collage.

I’ve chosen neutral tones in this wall art from Desenio, and added some soft pinks for a more traditional Japanese feel. I wanted the whole look to be one of calming, serene imagery that helped our wellbeing and mood.

Four Japandi framed prints on the wall of a room.

2. Incorporate Nature-Inspired Elements:

Japandi style draws inspiration from nature, so consider adding nature-inspired elements to your wall collage. This could be a botanical print, a piece of driftwood, or a dried leaf. These natural elements bring a sense of tranquility and connection to the outdoors, which is characteristic of Japandi style.

The pieces I chose from Desenio reflect this guidance and feel tranquil and calm. Positioning them next to the large picture window in our loft conversion helps the connection to nature and the outdoors.

3. Mix Traditional and Modern:

Japandi style seamlessly blends traditional Japanese elements with modern Scandinavian design. Incorporate this in your Japandi wall art by mixing traditional Japanese art, such as a shoji screen or a calligraphy print, with modern Scandinavian-inspired pieces, such as geometric shapes or abstract art. This fusion of traditional and modern elements creates a unique and visually appealing aesthetic.

I’ve also set the Japandi wall collage next to our traditional dressing table which showcases the fusion of styles and ages in this room. It’s an approach I like to adopt throughout our Victorian home.

So let me tell you a little more about where this art is from and I’ve got an amazing offer!

A woman pouring tea on a table in front of Japandi wall art.

Desenio is a Swedish company that aims to provide affordable Scandinavian Wall Art to everyone  

  • New prints are released on a monthly basis! 
  • The Desenio in-house creative team travel around the world to shoot their unique Studio Collections  
  • Desenio helps you build your ideal gallery wall with their interactive Gallery Wall Tool 
  • The Featured Artists page helps you find handpicked capsule collections from artists all around the world 

As you can tell from the image above, they have lots of collage designs to inspire your own. This is the gallery wall collage which caught my attention when looking for my Japandi style art. It’s easy to buy too, as all the pieces in the collage can be added to your basket in one go. There’s no need to hunt endlessly around the website looking for what you want.

I’ve used Desenio a few times now for wall collages in my home.

I have a big one in the living room, which I adore – it’s bright and fun and gives the dark room lots of colour.

So I’m excited to partnering with Desenio again to offer you this fabulous discount..

Would you like to treat your walls to some Desenio art? Well now you can with this amazing discount code especially for you.

Get 45% off Desenio prints and 10% off frames from now until Sunday April 16th at Midnight.

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What are you waiting for! Shop for your Desenio wall art today.

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