How To Choose A Special Occasion UK Holiday Home

The interiors of any holiday home are particularly important to me, and I’m sure are just as important to you. When you adore your own home, you want to relax and have a real experience when you go away on holiday, you want to be inspired and to take on new design ideas and you want to feel comfortable. I’m often looking for a space that’s different to my own home, a place where I can live an alternative life, and truly get away from it all. So, in today’s post, continuing a series of UK Holiday home articles, I’m showcasing a set of properties that help us focus on special occasions.

Whether you have a family birthday, an anniversary, maybe a university reunion or just have a large family who all want to holiday together, you’ll need to find the right holiday homes. So, come with me as we dig into how you go about choosing a UK Holiday Home for your special occasion.

Our example properties are the amazing Pilgrims Group of Cottages on the East Norfolk Coast.

How to Choose A Special Occasion UK Holiday Home

When you have a large group all holidaying together, consider whether you want to be in one single proeprty, or wther you’d prefer a group of smaller homes. Often, this works well. You can all come together in one of the larger spaces to eat and enjoy each other’s company, but at the end of the day, retire to your own home to relax and sleep.

This set of 5 properties, known as the Pilgrims on the East Norfolk Coast are set in the extensive mature and secure gardens and grounds of the 16th century Grade II listed Pilgrims House, which was once the farmhouse of Bromholm Priory. In total they sleep 30, but of course can also be booked individually to meet the needs of your group.

Communal Spaces:

When you’re holidaying in this way, often with families and children, communal spaces are very important. For example, Pilgrims comes with a pool, sauna, summerhouse, barbecue and exercise room, not to mention an air hockey and pool table.

Diverse Tastes:

It’s likely that, in a large group, you won’t be able to please everyone with the style and setting of your holiday cottages but you can try! Choose properties that ooze character and charm (did you see my last post on finding a character-filled holiday home?) and offer wonderful amenities to please the majority of your guests.

A charming kitchen, packed full of character and features, should also house the mod-cons to which we are all accustomed.

Everyone loves a rolltop bath – choose your properties wisely and you’ll please the majority of your guests, if not all of them.

Sleep In Comfort:

If your party is made up of smaller families who want to retreat to the comfort of their own cottage at the end of the day, ensuring the bedrooms are spot on is a given. Look for sumptuous beds, well thought through layouts and lots of accessories.

Obviously you can’t go too wrong when a home looks as beautiful as this but do look at reviews too, to see what others have thought, and find out as much as you can about the properties rental history.

Living Spaces:

Will there be a space where many of you can congregate? Perhaps you’ll split into smaller groups depending on the age and size of your party, so where will you hang out and in which home? The sitting areas are just as important; real fires are often very desirable, as are board games, and a space to enjoy a drink and catch a movie will be most sought after too.

Beautiful calming decor suits many different tastes. And the beams – well they speak for themselves.

Cute and cosy works for the smaller groups, perhaps a young family, but still appeals to all ages in your party.

Location and Adventure:

The location for your special occasion getaway is especially important, particularly if you have children in the party, so think about the activities everyone likes to embark on and attempt to incorporate them. The Pilgrims cottages are coastal so you have the beaches and dramatic scenery right on your doorstep. Perfect for the summer months when you want to lounge on the beach, or ideal in the cooler months when you love to walk the coastline.

What would you look for in a holiday home for a special occasion?

If you love the look of these particular properties and want to find out more, you can see their listings HERE on the Norfolk Country Cottages website.

*Note* At the time of writing only 4 of the properties are listed sleeping 18. A new property, some images of which I’ve shared today, is about to be listed and will sleep 12. If you’re interested you can get in touch with Norfolk Country Cottages who will give you more information.


What do you look for in a UK holiday cottage when you're celebrating a special occasion? It might be an anniversary, special birthday, hen do or university get together, but whatever the event, you need holiday homes that can deliver. These tips will help you find the best UK holiday home, perfect for your group and ideal for your special occasion #lovechicliving #ukholidayhome

All images courtesy of Norfolk Country Cottage

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