How to Choose the right Dishwasher for your Home

It’s hopefully not an appliance that you need to replace very often but when you do, buying a new dishwasher can be expensive so you need to get it right. There are so many options out there to choose from that it really helps to know what you want before you go out and make your purchase.

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Identify your Dishwasher Requirements

Always list out what you want from your new appliance before you go out and spend your money.  Think about the space you have and whether you need a slimline or full size machine? Does it need to service a large family? Do you need a standalone or integrated machine? It’s important to look at its energy rating too, and try and understand how long a cycle will take. Many brands have a quick wash which is often very useful for a family, and means you won’t need several sets of crockery in use. Think about where it’s going to go and how you want it to look. There are also lots of style finishes now that you can choose from to suit the look of your kitchen, including matt silver, shiny steel and even gloss black. Whatever your requirements are do make sure you are clear on them before you start shopping.


There are lots of ways you can research your ideal dishwasher these days and, of course going online is the obvious way to begin with. Try and look at sites that provide dishwasher reviews from both the company and customers. You can tell a huge amount from honest customer reviews and gain a real insight into the pros and cons of certain models. If you are a member try looking through ‘Which’ guides and also talk to friends and family on their experiences.


Dishwasher prices vary enormously so be prepared to pay more for certain models or for integrated machines. Know your budget before you go shopping and stick to it. Look for online deals and special offers if you want to and don’t be swayed by salesman keen to sell you the latest high tech model if you don’t need it. Don’t forget you may have to pay for delivery and installation too so factor this into your budget when you set it.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen, purchased and installed your machine be aware that there is a fair bit of maintenance with a dishwasher and they need to be treated with care. Ensure you know how to set it for the water hardness in your area, how and when to add rinse aid and salt, and clean out the filters. Try not to overfill it and make sure you rinse off all old food. If it gets blocked during its wash cycle you won’t have fresh clean crockery and you’ll need to run it again. If it does go wrong try looking up something like a Bosch troubleshooting guide or one similar to help you identify what has happened. Don’t panic, generally problems are relatively straightforward to fix and, in my experience, a little bit of tinkering and emptying filters usually sorts the problem.

Have fun choosing your Dishwasher. New appliances are an investment so take your time and get it right.

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