Top Features to Make your Holiday Cottage Stand Out

There are many different things that make a holiday cottage great; location, features, style and practicality. Above all though is the experience that it provides visitors. You want to make sure that anyone who stays remembers their trip and the cottage for a long time after. With the right holiday home, you can really leave a lasting impression on people.

So, what is the key to making sure your holiday cottage is a cut above the rest? Well, I’ve teamed up with Stay In Cornwall, a leading provider of holiday cottages across beautiful Cornwall, to look at some of the best features your holiday cottage can have to guarantee your visitors have an amazing time.

Personal touches

While its important to make sure that the cottage will appeal to as many people as possible, its equally important to ensure that the home has something different to separate it from the rest. Adding something like a local piece of artwork or a unique item of furniture will add enough of personal touch to stand out, without going overboard and making people feel like they are staying in someone else’s house.

Well-equipped throughout

While this isn’t necessarily a popular feature, it is one that should be noted. Your holiday cottage should be well equipped to cater for the max number of people that can stay there. For example, a cottage that sleeps six should not have a dining table that seats four or only five plates in the cupboard. This point is often overlooked but should always be considered.

Different furniture

The temptation to run to IKEA and buy the same style of furniture for every room is certainly but try to resist if you can. One of the best things you can do is style each room differently, especially when it comes to the bedrooms. If each bedroom is styled in a different way, it gives people more choice about which room they want to sleep in and really gives the cottage a more personal feel.

Prioritise quality

Whether a small romantic cottage designed for couples or a large home that sleeps big parties, the quality of the interior is key. Making sure that the furniture and features are of high-quality will ensure that home will leave a lasting impression on its guest’s. Quality throughout will also help with the overall feel and not only that, but will also increase the home’s rating, meaning more potential bookings and more income.

Make the most of the space

However big your holiday cottage is, making use of the space is key for providing the best experience for visitors throughout. Cramming too much furniture in can cause people to feel claustrophobic and have a lack of freedom in the home. On the flip side, not enough furniture can leave rooms feeling bare and empty. A happy medium between the two will mean people will be able to enjoy each space through the cottage.


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Following the tips above will help you to create the perfect holiday cottage for your visitors. Owning and running a holiday cottage can be very rewarding, and by following these tips, you can make sure that your visitors will enjoy a fantastic stay.

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