How to Choose a Holiday Rental in Spain for a Family Getaway

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Staying in a holiday rental in Spain is a fantastic and inexpensive option. For the same price as a hotel room, you’ll have a beautiful home with amenities like a kitchen and living room. With a holiday rental, you will have enough space to relax and bond with the kids while sightseeing in Spain. 

But not all vacation rentals are the same. You must research well to ensure you make the most of your stay. So, here are some tips for choosing a holiday rental in Spain for a family getaway.

1. Look at the Living Areas 

When searching for a family-friendly holiday rental in Spain, the living area is one of the most important things to check. It is where you’ll likely spend most of your time together, relaxing between sightseeing and bonding over movies and board games. 

It’s not enough that the living area is comfortable and cosy. You should also check if the furniture and decor are safe for kids, especially if your kids love to play and run around. There should be no sharp edges on the tables and furniture that could harm your little ones. 

The living area should have enough space for you and your kids to move freely. Since this is where you will spend most of your time, find out if there are activities and amenities to entertain you and the kids. If there’s a TV, find out if it can connect to Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services to keep everyone entertained. Find out if there are board games, books, and other things to occupy you as you relax between sightseeing in Spain.

2. Check Out the Space 

Before you get too excited about booking a holiday rental in Spain for a family getaway, carefully check out the space to ensure it has everything you need. For instance, you will find some great luxury holiday villas in Ibiza with private pools and other outdoor recreation facilities for kids. 

The villa should come with amenities tailored to your family’s needs. Find out if it has amenities like a swimming pool with a shallow area for your little kids to swim and play. Since you’ll spend plenty of time relaxing at your rental, choose a place with plenty of space for kids to move around, such as a garden with a playground. These amenities will make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the family. 

Aside from comfort, safety should be a priority when looking for a place to stay with the family. If you can’t find the information you need, message the host to ask about the safety measures they have in place. Find out if they have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, secure locks, etc.

Thoroughly research the villa before you finalise the booking. Read reviews from other families who previously stayed at the property. Pay attention to their experiences and see if the rental has met their expectations.

3. Look At the Decor 

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and the decor of the holiday rental can make a difference in how comfortable you can be during your stay. When looking at pictures, pay attention to the interiors. Beautiful, calming, and cosy interiors exude a relaxing feel, which is exactly whatt you need after a long day of sightseeing. Be mindful of the colours, furniture, fixtures, and lighting. Even small things can have an impact on your overall experience. 

When checking out the decorations, see if they are safe for families, especially if you have little kids. Find out if the flooring has a carpet, which is especially necessary if you have babies who spend plenty of time crawling and playing on the floor. 

It’s also a big plus if the holiday rental has a children’s playroom with plenty of toys to entertain the little ones. As you know, kids get bored when they have nothing to do. So, to avoid tantrums, looking for a holiday rental with a playroom might be a great solution.

4. Check out the Number of Rooms 

One of the benefits of staying in a holiday rental is that it’s considerably more spacious than a standard hotel room, which makes it a perfect choice for families. But before booking the rental, find out the number of rooms. Make sure there are enough rooms to sleep the entire family comfortably. You certainly don’t want to spoil your holiday by staying in rentals with cramped spaces or those that don’t have enough rooms for the family. 

Depending on how many you have in the family, book a property with enough space for everyone. A family-friendly holiday rental should have ensuite bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, and an outdoor terrace. 

A one-bedroom villa should be ideal for families with one or two children; even if there is no outdoor space, Spain has many wonderful urban and national parks to visit with the family. However, those with three kids or more should opt for a two-bedroom holiday rental. Also, if you have older kids who prefer to sleep in their own room, a two-bedroom villa would be an ideal choice.

5. Learn about the Location 

Location is another crucial factor when looking for a holiday rental for a family getaway in Spain. Research the area of the property you plan to book. Make sure there are plenty of things for you and your kids to do in the area to guarantee an enjoyable break for the whole family. Find out the area’s proximity to parks, playgrounds, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. For families who love to walk, consider staying in the city centre, where everything is accessible on foot. 

Take the time to research the area and find out if it’s the perfect place for your family to stay, depending on your needs and preferences. Would you prefer the allure of a grand apartment in the vibrant city of Palma, or does the idea of escaping to a tranquil and secluded haven, such as one of Menorca’s picturesque villas, appeal to you? Find out the proximity of the property to local attractions and restaurants. 

Think about the accessibility of the holiday rental in terms of transportation options and its proximity to the airport. Thoroughly research the location to determine if it aligns with your family’s vacation goals.

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