Top Destinations for UK Expats and their Homes

Have you ever considered moving abroad? Could you leave everything you hold dear in this country, and take your family to live in another? I have a few friends that have done just that, including some family members, and it may well have crossed our minds at some point too.

Emigrating to another country and setting up home in a distant land is a brave move. The weather in this country often drives us to it though, and with the summer fading fast now, our minds often turn to warmer climates and a better quality of life.

According to the Guardian and a report by the International Passenger Service the numbers of people leaving the UK has been falling in the 21st Century, but it’s still a popular thing to do, with 136,000 leaving the UK in 2010.

But what can you expect from your homes once you arrive?  Well, of course, that depends where you go, so let’s take a look at some of the top destinations and the home in which you might expect to live.


This is still, by far the most popular destination for UK expats, and even though you would need to pack up and ship all your belongings, employing a good removals to Australia service, its popularity doesn’t wane. In terms of homes, you can expect natural materials and a spacious feel, with windows framing the Australian view. Not every home is like this of course, but this modern house is a good example of incorporating traditional Australian themes.

australian home

The UAE:

Not the first place you may think of when you consider emigrating, but it’s certainly popular, drawing people into its luxury lifestyle and warmer climate. Homes here are often an apartment in a block with facilities such as a gym and pool available at the complex. It depends on what you can afford of course, but homes are spacious, usually with air conditioning.



Another beautiful country that attracts many UK expats every year, Canada has great appeal. House prices are good, the weather varied, and the lifestyle much loved by outdoor types. The typical home is attractive, wooden built and spacious, although we won’t all be able to afford something like this straight away.


The USA – Florida:

The States is another extremely popular expat destination with many fleeing to New York and San Francisco, but Florida is still the place to go when you retire. A wonderful laid back lifestyle in a sun-drenched climate is exactly what I’d love each and every day, so why not! Whilst many homes look like any others elsewhere in the country, there is, of course, a selection of Art Deco architecture in Miami, along the Miami Beach area.

Buying and Shipping Multiple Properties in the US:

If you are buying more than one property, understanding the property shipping cost is crucial regardless of the state you’re in. Shipping multiple properties can be more cost-effective, as many transport companies offer discounts for bulk shipments. This concept is similar to car shipping; car shipping companies often provide better rates for shipping multiple vehicles. It’s essential to inquire about multi-property and car shipping options to ensure you get the best possible rate.

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So, are you drawn to any of these countries? Would you consider the expat life for you and your family? If so, I hope this has given a little insight into the types of home in which you may expect to live.

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  1. alex
    February 22, 2016 / 2:51 pm

    A lot of people are now moving to live abroad in various different counties. When you do so ensure you research the removal company you use. Apart from the paperwork everything should be export wrapped to ensure nothing is damaged in transit.

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