The 9 Essentials to Creating the Ultimate Luxury Oasis in Your Home

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One of the biggest reasons why people just adore heading to resorts and luxury hotels is the fact that you (temporarily) get to live in luxury. There is something so splendid about getting to indulge in this. You get the chance to go outside the norm of your regular life and feel like something everyone wants to achieve- a rich lifestyle.

While this comes in so many forms, what matters most is being surrounded by beauty and nature and just being pampered.

If you’re looking into modernising your home, you could opt for adding luxurious touches. While you don’t necessarily need to transform your home into a hotel-like experience, getting to add those indulgences will help create a massive difference.

So, here is everything you need to know about creating the ultimate luxury oasis for your home

The 9 Steps to Create a Luxury Oasis in your own Home

Here are the 9 different features you can create in your own home to give it a luxury oasis feel.

  1. Water Feature
  2. Home Spa
  3. Outdoor Kitchen
  4. Custom Lighting
  5. Outdoor Bar
  6. Living Wall
  7. Fire Feature
  8. Zen Garden

1. Start By Giving Yourself a Water Feature

One major thing that nearly all luxury hotels, resorts, country clubs, and luxury homes offer is a water feature. If you live next to a lake or a beach, then this is something that you can skip all together entirely. But if you live somewhere like a suburban area, then you should try to take advantage of it. 

A water feature can come in a variety of forms, whether it be a pool, waterfall, water fountain, pond, or even hot tubs

Honestly, the choice is yours, but this is something splendid that you should take advantage of. Even if you don’t have a large outdoor living area, you can still add a water feature inside of your home. A tiny water fountain can be more than enough to make the space feel luxurious and relaxing.

You truly don’t have to break the bank in order to have those small luxury touches. 

2. Create a Home Spa

Why not go with something like a spa instead? Nowadays, there is such a wide variety when it comes to these, you can have them tucked in your bathroom, or you can just tweak up your bathroom entirely.

Sure, you can have a sauna, a Haman steam room, or even just a large bathtub, but this isn’t a “spa” like experience for everyone. You could even opt for adding natural elements to your home, such as focusing on the colours or adding rocks, bamboo, or even rattan to spaces like your bathroom.

Don’t forget about the plush towels, either! 

3. Design an Outdoor Kitchen or Outdoor Dining Space

Whether you’ve experienced it yourself or seen it in movies, something about eating and cooking outside in an outdoor kitchen just has a way of taking the entire experience to a whole new level. So why not go for that?

If you think about it, this could be both a little oasis and a touch of luxury while all at the same time being pretty affordable too. How so?

Well, it could technically be as simple as having a grill and an outdoor dining lounge set. It’s honestly up to you if you want to take it up a notch with countertops, a fridge, a bar, a pergola, lighting, and the list can go on and on. But this is all going to be entirely up to your preference, but in the end, this is pretty luxurious. 

4. Consider Custom Lighting

After a long day, all you want to do is curl up in a cosy spot and relax.

With custom lighting, you can achieve this with dim-able overhead lamps and sconces. This creates a beautiful ambiance and encourages guests to linger in your oasis longer. Lighting may not sound like much, but it honestly makes a massive impact. Even some simple, smart lightbulbs with dimming capabilities can have a way of transforming your space too.

5. Add an Outdoor Bar

Just as an outdoor kitchen can help transform your home into an oasis, why not go with an outdoor bar too?

Channel the ambiance of your favorite resort into your own backyard with a stylish outdoor bar. You could even go with some accordion-fold windows to allow for a smooth pass-through to load up drinks. An extra-wide countertop offers plenty of room for mixing cocktails, while a slim trough is perfect for holding ice. 

Add a touch of luxury to your backyard bar by using a stone oven for pizzas or other warm snacks on the bar or even in your outdoor kitchen area in general. This feature is a surefire crowd-pleaser and can be customised with your favourite flavours and toppings. You could easily say that you would be instantly creating that magazine-worthy oasis that’s fit for a king and queen! 

6. Vertical Gardens and Living Walls

This is currently a major trend for high-end hotels and restaurants, but it’s easy to see that it’s definitely worth it! Nature is what helps create an oasis; you need one in order to have the other. When creating a living wall, choose plants that thrive in the environment.

For example, humidity-loving plants such as ferns and orchids can be paired with succulents to create an interesting mix. Make sure your planters are properly fitted and well-watered. And regularly replace any plants that die. This will ensure your living walls thrive for years to come.

7. Include a Fire Feature (Indoor or Outdoor)

Whether it’s inside of your room, outside of your home, or even both is going to be entirely up to you. But this is honestly a great way to bring off those ultimate luxury vibes.

For instance, for a firepit for your outdoor living space, you’d be adding warmth and dancing light to your landscape with a custom outdoor fireplace or fire pit. These cosy components are ideal for turning patios, decks, and screened porches into inviting lounge spots. They’re perfect for roasting food, warming up on a cold summer night, chatting, and so on. 

It’s honestly a pretty similar concept for the indoors, especially on snowy days. You could even have an indoor fireplace that’s centered in a space like a living room or den. Having pictures or even furniture framing it just creates this sophistication. Most older homes have this, but even getting a faux fireplace with a heater (often with an LCD screen of fire playing), could honestly be a great way to create the similar effect.

8. Create a Zen Garden

This is something that mostly major luxury resorts have, but it’s a nice way to bring that oasis straight to your home. Whether you’re a Buddhist or not, having a still space to focus your thoughts can elevate any outdoor experience.

A Zen garden is perfect for this, with features like raked gravel meant to mimic mountains and islands. Use moss to create a woodland feel that contrasts with hard textures like rocks and gravel. 

Mosses such as heath pearlwort moss and pine green moss can also be used to frame plants and statuary and to soften pathways with their curved lines.

Mini zen gardens are simple to make with containers, pebbles, sand, and a mini rake. You can even buy kits that come with everything you need. Even a little bonsai tree has a way of emitting beauty, zen, and calm while still helping to give a space some refinement. 

9. Don’t forget Privacy

Last but far from least, you’re going to need some privacy.

The whole point of an oasis is to have a space to yourself where you can be yourself and feel relaxed. This is the ultimate luxury of all.

Privacy is a major part of feeling like your home is truly yours.

Whether you want to keep prying eyes off of your bathing and grooming routine or don’t want to feel like people are watching you when you relax in your backyard, there are a number of simple updates that can make a big difference.

Plants are a great way to create privacy without the need for curtains or partitions.

Choosing wide-leafed plants like fiddle leaf figs, Elephant ears, Monstera, or rubber plants can help to create a natural barrier.

You honestly can’t go wrong with shrubs and large trees, either.

The same can be said for your home, the indoor area. Why not invest in soundproofing curtains so you can muffle out the outdoor world? As mentioned earlier, a water feature like a waterfall can also help with muffling out the noise. All of these things can make such a major difference. 

In the end, when it comes to creating that luxury oasis, it doesn’t have to be super expensive.

It’s honestly about picking and choosing the elements that you find to be the most important.

Truly, an oasis is what you want it to be. For many, it might be a private nature filled area with luxurious touches, but for others, that might not be what an oasis is to them.

What matters most is that you’re happy with what you’re choosing. So be sure to just pick what your standards are when creating this dreamy oasis for your home.

Luxurious touches or not, it’s all about what makes you happy and what makes you feel at home!

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