Bedroom Storage Ideas: 16 Smart Space Saving Tips

Looking for more bedroom storage ideas? Look no further. I’ve got you covered with lots of ways to save space in a small bedroom and make the room work better

No matter what size of bedroom you have, good storage will transform the look and feel of the room, giving a clutter free space and more organised sanctuary in which to relax. 

Our kids often get the smaller rooms and with all of their toys, books and paraphernalia they definitely need storage solutions, so keep reading for some suggestions. 

Bedroom Storage Ideas: 16 Space Saving Tips

Raised Bed Frame

Use the space underneath a raised bed frame for storage. Use pretty boxes and bags or even boxes on castors. Beware of dust of course and keep your belongings protected. 

Rachel from Fresh Design says:

Devise clever hidden storage solutions, like storage built into a headboard. Underbed storage is also excellent for providing lots of vital space, but hidden from sight. 

Clever Wardrobes

Toulouse Wardrobe

What do I mean by clever wardrobes? Well modular wardrobes you can build and create yourself are great but failing that choose ready built pieces that offer flexibility when it comes to the interior layout. This way you can really use the internal areas how you want to, maximising storage and minimising lost space. 

In the example above, the wardrobe gives you hanging space, shelf areas and drawers. It’s a great storage solution

Dave from Top Furniture who sell these pieces says:

Our customers love the fact that our bedroom furniture comes ready built with no flat pack assembly required.  The only exception to this is with our wardrobes where the upper section requires some minor assembly

Furniture that Blends

Often a good idea is to choose furniture that blends well with your decor. It helps give the room an illusion of space and light. 

Multipurpose Furniture

One of the best tips I can give is to choose furniture that has multiple purposes. Pieces that offer flexible usage will give you so many more options when it comes to your storage needs. 

Storage Chests

Toulouse Storage Box

Becky from Family Budgeting says:

One of the big mistakes people make is to buy too much storage and then fill it to the brim with things they barely use. A good declutter first will ensure you only buy the storage you really need and it wont dominate your bedroom.

I couldn’t agree more with Becky’s comments and that’s why I love a good storage chest. Use it for kids toys or in the bedroom for blankets, bedding or towels. Bulky items are often difficult to store so using a chest like this is a great solution. 


Toulouse Dressing Table Mirror

Whilst a mirror won’t always give you storage options, it’s a great way to bring light into a room and help it feel brighter and more spacious


Every room needs a good declutter every now and again. I recommend it at least every 6 months if not every 3. Sort what you don’t want or need and send it to charity. You’ll be surprised at how much more storage space you actually have if you do this regularly. 

Using the Height

We often find it easy to place items of furniture on the floor but forget about the height in a room for extra storage. Shelving higher up the wall is a good place for books for example (you will have to keep them dust free). 

Wall Storage

Moving on from using the height in a room, think about how you can use wall space for extra storage cabinets. IKEA do a good range of cupboards for wall hanging that offer great storage solutions. 

Labelled Storage Boxes

Don’t forget to add labels to your boxes. You can make a feature of them if you like, choose a style that coordinates with with your decor style and print or write on the labels. It will make identifying the contents so much easier, and help you to use the storage more effectively. 

Toy Storage

As I mentioned above, chests or blanket boxes are great ways to store kids’ toys. 

Dave Edwards, founder of Top Furniture says,

We regularly get positive comments about the soft close tops on our blanket boxes to prevent little trapped fingers which is an important consideration when many of them get used for storing children’s toys

And there are lots of other ways to store toys too. Use colour coded boxes to give children an easy way to store their possessions and help them clean away after playtime too. 

Shoe Storage

I have to admit, this is a big problem for me at the moment and not a solution I’ve managed to solve. 

If you have the space you can store the shoes in separate boxes with mesh inserts which allow you to see the contents. 

Or you can slide them into hangers for the backs or doors, or stack on sloping units in the bottom of wardrobes. 

Jewellery Storage

Earring Storage

I find standard, more traditional jewellery boxes don’t always work for more contemporary jewellery so finding storage that works for your particular pieces is important. Companies like Beautify offer good solutions. 

Take special care on storing antique jewellery in your bedroom. Keep the pieces well covered in dust jackets and away from excess heat and cold. Keep rings in their original boxes, and ensure these antique pieces lie flat and are kept away from strong light. 

This way you’ll ensure the longevity and safety or your treasured jewellery and keep it ready to pass on to future generations. 


We don’t always immediately add a bookshelf to a bedroom but they are a great way to store books, display items, boxes and more. You can also add extra lighting on them to help keep the room bright and fresh. 

Makeup Storage

Steph from Renovation Bay-Bee recommends using glass jars to store and display items which works really well for beauty and makeup pieces. 

You can also consider perspex drawers and units which keep your products neat and tidy but allow you to see what you have available. It’s a great way to ensure you use your products regularly and saves wasting them. 

Bedside Cabinets

Toulouse Bedside Cabinet

If you want to adopt the more modern trend of tables at the side of the bed, just consider whether they will give you the storage you need. 

Bedside cabinets are often a much better solution for those that are tight on space and there are many different styles to suit your decor. 

Do you have any other storage solutions you use in your own bedroom? Leave a comment below and let me know. 


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  1. Stephanie
    May 3, 2019 / 11:10 am

    Oh great tips Jen, my bedroom needs a good declutter, it’s currently being used as a place to store all the winter clothes that needs selling and storing!!

    • Jen Stanbrook
      May 3, 2019 / 4:19 pm

      Thanks Steph, I’m in the same situation. It always happens when the season changes – time for a good clothes declutter this weekend.

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