The Easiest Flooring for Kids’ Bedrooms

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Guaranteed once a week you walk into your child’s room and place your head in your hands. Spilled food and drink, dirty footprints or crayon – you name it, they find a way to make their floor suffer it.

Who ends up cleaning it all up? I’m betting it is going to be you.

How can we greatly reduce this weekly task and avoid going completely mad?

Let’s look at the best and easiest flooring you’ll find for a kid’s bedroom.

Step Up Vinyl Flooring

Naturally you are going to want something fast, easy, stylish whilst able to be simple to clean and NOT need replacing in a matter of months.

This is where something like Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring becomes your best friend.

With scratch guard technology, Luvanto is a flooring product that is manufactured to be the most scratch resistant product in the flooring market.

It also adds on the ultimate stain resistance which allows all kinds of substances such as dirt, juice, felt pen or paint to be easily mopped or cleaned with no sign of ever being affected.

For a room that witnesses constant play, vinyl flooring endures for much longer than other flooring options.

Quick Assembly

No matter if you choose glue down tiles or click together planks, assembly of your floor can be achieved without relying on a skilled professional to install.

If you opt for borders and feature tiles you can aim for glue down tiles which do require a layer underneath to secure into place. The easier option of the two is clicking together boards which is as simple as it sounds.

Compared to real hardwood or carpet, the vinyl option simply is the quick and easiest flooring option.

A Lot to Relax Over

For starters let’s address the biggest concern – Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly easy to look after and in return, it looks after your interests too.

It’s 100% waterproof which means that water or moisture will not soak through and cause damage. Slips and tumbles will not happen all the time due to the manufactured anti-slip technologies at work, so that plaster kit won’t be opened every other day.

Humidity in the air will not see your planks or tiles rising from increasing heat or coming loose from adhesive weakening, which means all year round the floor remains intact.

There are many benefits to layering your children’s bedrooms with Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, even before you consider the vast variety and range to suit them. Among the many different brands on the market, Luvanto offers creative and varied designs truly unique to your child’s imagination and energy.

Reduce your weekly headaches and heartbreaks for your flooring by looking into the different ranges of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto Design.

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