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Living life in the fast lane may be exciting, but it means there’s less time for you to refresh the appearance of your abode and make detailed decorating decisions. However, with the addition of a few minor home improvements here and there, you can give your property that something extra without breaking the bank or interfering with your busy schedule.


Completely stripping every room in your home of all its contents is sure to be a lengthy process and one you could do without if you’re pushed for time on a daily basis.

Instead of carrying out a large-scale renovation, you could add various paintings, ornaments or other quirky objects around your house – such as a homemade footstool or new shelves – to give a room character without having to go to too much effort.

If you’ve got a couple of hours spare on a Sunday morning, why not make a visit to your local car boot sale or attend an auction? You’re guaranteed to get your hands on a wealth of eccentric, old-fashioned items that none of your neighbours will own and the prices of these second-hand objects can often be haggled down to next to nothing.

Laminate Flooring

No matter how fast-paced your life may be, replacing time-worn carpets with shiny new laminate flooring is a must for any homeowner. The surface isn’t just incredibly easy to maintain, it is also cost-effective and fast to install.

In just one easy step, you can lay the surface down and before you know it, the decor of your property will have been transformed to feel glossy and elegant. While carpets can become ragged and dirty quickly, cleaning laminate flooring is simple and applying a finish will mean there is even less chance of the material becoming damaged over time.

What’s more, the varieties of laminate you can purchase online with UK Flooring Direct are endless and each style has something unique to offer. Whether it’s a beech, walnut or oak surface that’s tickled your fancy, you can be sure to find something to suit your taste and you won’t have to save on quality.


There are plenty of ways you can draw attention to a certain piece of furniture or give it a more colourful appearance and make it into a bold focal point.

For instance, if you want to give emphasis to a sofa, why not adorn it with a couple of brightly coloured cushions? Similarly, you could buy a new tablecloth, install a stylish set of blinds or get hold of a throw for your bed. Little changes like this don’t cost much to implement and take no time at all, while they could make all the difference in highlighting the furniture in your home.

It may also be a clever idea to make the most of what you’ve already got and think about how you could move furnishings around. This means you’re able to refresh the interior design of your dwelling without having to go shopping around for new fixtures and fittings and doing this regularly will keep the magic of arriving home after a busy day alive.


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