80 Bungalow Names Perfect for your Unique Home

Are you trying to found a house name for a bungalow? Never fear. We’ve compiled a list of creative home names to help you find the perfect name for your own unique home. 

A white bungalow ideal for a new bungalow name, with a red roof and green palm trees surrounding

What makes a house a bungalow?

A bungalow is a type of single-story house, typically characterized by its small size, low-profile design, and specific architectural features. The term “bungalow” originated in India during the British colonial period and was used to describe small, one-story cottages.

In the UK bungalows are very popular, particularly with an older demographic and command high prices. 

How do you name a bungalow?

Before we get into our prescribed list of bungalow name ideas, let’s talk about how to choose a name for your bungalow. 

There are a few suggestions to help you create a unique name for your special home that would be useful.

  1. Area: In order to create a memorable name, think about your natural world surroundings. What features surround your home? Large trees, field, lots of flowers, a hill, or something more notable? All these physical features can help you create a good name for your home and they’re a great way to begin. 
  2. Family:Cool house names aren’t easy to come by, but add something about your family. Perhaps the family surname is a good starting place, or do family members have nicknames you could use – the best house name ideas come from brainstorming sessions so sit with your family and bounce around ideas. 
  3. History: What about the history of your bungalow? Is there a notable point in time that depicts your home’s past? Could you use this as a feature in your bungalow house name? Adding names that have historical significance to a bungalow are a great way of recognising the part its played in times gone by.

I always like to suggest finding between 3 and 5 ideas for house names and play around with them for a while. Try them out with friends and family to see how they react. Write them down and imagine how they’d look on forms, on letters and on documents.

Do they stand out in the community? Make sure there aren’t any other homes nearby with the same or similar names, or things could get confusing for your neighbors and delivery companies.

Then one the most important things that often gets overlooked is – can you and other people pronounce it easily and clearly. When stating your address, both you and your children need to be understood – if you’re always having to spell your bungalow name, you could get pretty tired of it.

a yellow bungalow set back from the road surrounded by green trees and bushes

What are good names for a bungalow?

Finding the right house name can take time. Once you’ve come up with your idea (and you may have a few) don’t decide on it too quickly. Play around with it for a few weeks and really see if you like it before making your final decision.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it distinctive?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it have a personal touch?
  • Is it a suitable name for my home?
  • Does it make a personal statement about me and my family?

Popular Bungalow Names

If you’re looking for some popular bungalow house names then take a look at this list. We have some very accessible names that suit a whole host of bungalow styles so you should find one that you love. 

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. Willow House
  3. Sunnybrook 
  4. Oak Haven
  5. Pinecrest Cottage
  6. Meadow View 
  7. River’s Edge 
  8. Serenity Cottage
  9. Cozy Nook 
  10. Bluebell Hideaway
a row of UK bungalows in a leafy suburb

Luxury Bungalow Names

If you’re lucky enough to own a luxurious home, you’ll want to give it a luxurious house name. The following list of names for a bungalow are ideal for larger, more luxurious houses that need a creative name to depict their grandeur.

  1. Hall Lodge
  2. The Laurels
  3. Birchwood House
  4. Heatherwood
  5. The Willows
  6. Elmwood
  7. The Grange
  8. The Nightingales
  9. The Gardens
  10. The Hollies

Funny Bungalow Names

It’s always fun to inject some humour and playfulness into your bungalow name, and if you choose a funny name it’s often a great representation of your personality. Here are a few funny bungalow names and puns to get you started.

  1. Windy Bottom
  2. The Comedy Castle
  3. Wits’ End
  4. Penniless
  5. The Hovel
  6. The Dingle
  7. Upper Butts
  8. Quirky Quarters
  9. Cracking Up
  10. The Haunted House
bungalow in the sunshine surrounded by palm trees and sand

Small Bungalow Names

If you happen to live in a small, petite or cosy bungalow you may want to give it a name to represent it’s cute size. These are a few names that showcase your bungalows neat and compact layout to all its vistors.

  1. The Hideaway
  2. Cozy Corner
  3. Petite Perfection
  4. Snug Harbor 
  5. Toad Hall
  6. Bijoux Beginnings
  7. Little Lounge
  8. Cutey Hollow
  9. Hidden Gem
  10. Tiny Treats

Nature Inspired Bungalow Names

Many bungalows around the world are situated in beautiful surroundings, some even over the ocean. If yours has a stunning vista, why not represent that in the name you choose for your home. Here are some typical nature names for bungalows surrounded by flowers, trees and striking views.

  1. Meadowbrook 
  2. Ocean View
  3. Birchwood 
  4. Oak Hollow 
  5. Cedar Grove 
  6. Lavender Meadows 
  7. Rosewood Hideaway
  8. Riverstone 
  9. Fern Haven 
  10. Foxglove Cottage
  11. Bluebell Springs 
  12. Sandy Hill 
  13. Wisteria Cottage
  14. Ivywood 
  15. Sea Breezes
  16. Walnut Ridge 
  17. Daffodil Dell 
  18. Mossy Oak 
  19. Sweetgum Grove 
  20. Pebblebrook 
a row of brown bungalows on stilts over the ocean

Modern Bungalow Names

If you’ve updated your bungalow or given it a contemporary makeover, you’ll want a more modern house name to suit its new looks. Here are a few modern bungalow names to get you going.

  1. The Modern Manor
  2. Chic Retreat
  3. Zen House
  4. Cityscape
  5. The Digital Home
  6. Urban Heights
  7. Slow Living
  8. The Homestead
  9. Bella Casa
  10. Chic Living

Bungalow Names that Add Value

The impact of a house name will be minimal on the value of your home. Having said that, a unique house name will help the house stand out in a crowded housing market. A well-chosen house name will help the house feel more charming and memorable to potential buyers, helping you make a quicker sale.

Houses with names do not necessarily sell for more money than similar homes without names. While a unique and memorable house name can make a property more appealing to potential buyers, its impact on the sale price is generally minimal.

The value of a home is primarily determined by its location, size, condition, and other factors that affect its marketability. In many cases, these factors will have a greater impact on the sale price than the presence or absence of a house name.

Having said that here are some ideas for creating a sense of desire in your home or adding names that make it memorable and alluring to potential buyers.

  1. Whitehaven
  2. Manderley
  3. The Gables
  4. Argyle House
  5. The Grand
  6. The Finch House
  7. The Plaza
  8. The Grange
  9. Mulberry House
  10. Green Gables

Bungalow Name Plate Ideas

Once you’ve decided on the best name for your bungalow, you’ll want to add a house sign so everyone can find you. 

There are various types of house name plate to choose from, so here’s a quick rundown.

1. Beach House or Bungalow House Sign

Beach House Name Plate in Stainless Steel (Indoor/Outdoor Use)

You could choose a simple house name plate, here made in Stainless steel to hang on the outside of your home. Each name plate comes complete with rope.


The above is a Premium Smooth Slate House Sign – 46 x 25cm – retailing for around £150 and available to ship in the UK and beyond.

  • Premium smooth finish heavyweight slate sign.
  • Personalise with your house number/name.
  • Various sizes available to suit all homes.
  • Deep (20mm) polished edges with bevelled detail.
  • Choice of either Gold Leaf or Pewter painted coated lettering infill.
  • Classic Times-style font.
  • Long-lasting handcrafted V-carved lettering.
  • Easy to install ‘hidden’ fixings included, to best display the product’s impeccable finish.


A genuine brass house nameplate really says that you love your home. They are truly beautiful and represent an investment in your home and and your future.

These brass house signs are hand crafted in North Wales and take 3 to 4 weeks to make. This is because each stage of the process requires manual handling and drying time. The end result is certainly worth the wait though.


Modern Acrylic House Name Plate

Double Layer Acrylic House Sign – Double Layer Acrylic House Sign – Curved Rectangle – Navy/Stainless Steel Effect

  • Modernise your home with our new range of modern Acrylic House and Number Signs.
  • Each sign is comprised of two layers of 3mm thick acrylic (one clear and one opaque), separated by colour-coordinated stand off fixings.
  • Complete customisation with a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and font styles available.
  • Approximate Size: 15 x 23cm



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