90 Cool Apartment Names For Your Home or Complex

Would you like to give your apartment the perfect name? You’re in the right place! We collected a fantastic selection of apartment names to help you give your home or building a unique and memorable name. Finding the best name for your apartment complex, flat, loft or apartment itself can be tricky, but we hope with our suggestions, you’ll be decided on a good name for your new home quickly.

Why choose an name for your apartment? Firstly you want to great a good impression with the name. You want to make it memorable, help it stand out, and give it meaning. You want your home to be remembered by your neighbors, family and friends, so spending time thinking of apartment name ideas is essential. 

Our advice is to choose meaningful names for your apartments and apartment buildings. Whether you want a simple name, a unique name of a funny apartment name, making it relevant to you and its location will be more important.

Let’s get started with our list of good apartment names.

90 Cool, Clever and Catchy Apartment Names

Catchy Apartment Names

We’re starting with catchy names, ones that stick in your memory and aren’t easily forgotten! The list of possible apartment names is exhaustive so these sections are to guide you and help you make the decision fast.

  1. The Metropolitan Manor
  2. The Loft Life
  3. The Contemporary Chambers
  4. The Urban Haven
  5. The Industrial Residence
  6. The Modern Loft
  7. The Elevated Abode
  8. The Urban Retreat
  9. The Highrise Hideaway
  10. The Luxe Loft

Original Apartment Names

Some of the best apartment names are those which are more original – they’re more unusual and creative. These original names for apartments might seem a little quirky but they won’t be easily forgotten.

  1. The Velvet Vista
  2. The Iris Indigo
  3. The Whispering Willows
  4. The Luminescent Lagoon
  5. The Celestial Citadel
  6. The Enchanted Evergreen
  7. The Golden Grotto
  8. The Amethyst Arbour
  9. The Silken Symphony
  10. The Radiant Retreat

Luxury Apartment Names

Luxury homes deserver sophisticated names. This list of luxury apartment names is perfect for the penthouse and more elite homes, and they help set a good first impression.

  1. The Opulent Oasis
  2. The Majestic Mile
  3. The Elite Enclave
  4. The Summit Sanctuary
  5. The Regal Residency
  6. The Platinum Penthouse
  7. The Golden Gatehouse
  8. The Signature Suite
  9. The Prestige Palace

Cool Apartment Names

When looking for the perfect apartment name, seek out something cool and chic, particularly if that suits the style of your flat or apartment building. This list of cool names is sure to offer something modern and catchy for your stylish loft or abode.

  1. The Swanky Suite
  2. The Trendy Terrace
  3. The Chic Chamber
  4. The Stylish Studio
  5. The Sleek Sanctuary
  6. The Artisan Abode
  7. The Modern Manor
  8. The Boho Bungalow
  9. The Hip Haven
  10. The Urban Utopia

Modern Apartment Names

If you love contemporary living, you’ll want a modern, on-trend name for your apartment. These modern apartment names epitomise everything trendy about loft living and help you choose the right name for your new home.

  1. Cityscape Condos
  2. Metropolitan Mews
  3. The Highline House
  4. Skyline Square
  5. The Urban Edge
  6. The District Downtown
  7. Modern Heights
  8. The Nova Nexus
  9. The Apex Abode
  10. The Urbanite

Clever Apartment Names

Let’s be clever and smart about selecting a name for an apartment, and combine creative language to give your apartment complex or single home a new and ingenious name. 

  1. The Ingenious Inn
  2. The Cozy Cranny
  3. The Enigma Estate
  4. The Dapper Digs
  5. The Quaint Quarters
  6. The Rustic Retreat
  7. The Bohemian Bolt Hole
  8. The Avant-Garde Abode
  9. The Nifty Nook
  10. The Modern Monastery

Funny Apartment Names

We don’t have to take ourselves or our apartments too seriously, so why not add in a little of your humorous side and select a funny apartment name for your new abode. It will certainly get the neighbors talking and make your apartment the talk of the town.

  1. The Quirky Quarters
  2. The Wacky Warehouse
  3. The Funky Flat
  4. The Laughing Loft
  5. The Chuckle Chalet
  6. The Comical Condo
  7. The Hilarious Home
  8. The Jester’s Joint
  9. The Goofy Grotto
  10. The Whimsical Wing

Apartment Complex Names

If you’re trying to come up with an apartment building name, we have a great list that represents common, popular but also creative names that represent the location of your new apartment building. 

  1. Serene Springs Village
  2. Golden Grove Pointe
  3. Meadowview Park Place
  4. Misty Mountainside Estate
  5. Harborview Cove
  6. Sunny Seaside Terrace
  7. Sunset Ridge Residences
  8. Forest Glen Heights
  9. Riverwalk Commons
  10. Sunrise Summit Condominiums

Creative Apartment Names

Apartment complexes can be creative, and adding a good apartment complex name along these lines is a great way to help your building stand out. These great names are ideal as an apartment building’s name or for an individual apartment or flat.

  1. Muse Manor
  2. Canvas Corner
  3. Artisan’s Abode
  4. Gallery Gardens
  5. The Studio Sanctuary
  6. Creative Courtyard
  7. Culture Cove
  8. Imaginarium Inn
  9. Design District Digs
  10. Innovation Inn

Apartment Name Generator

Use the follow tool to generate your own more unique apartment name and apartment building name ideas. Simply click the ‘Generate’ button as many times as you like until you find your favourite.

Apartment Name Generator

Apartment Name Generator

Click the button below to generate a name for your luxury apartment:

How do I name my apartment?

Finding a good name for your apartment or apartment building might seem tricky at first but follow these steps and it will be super simple!

  1. Take a name from your location like River, Coast or Cove
  2. Create the right impression for your home with its adjective, like Sunset, Rustic or Skyline.
  3. Check other buildings and apartments local to you to avoid duplication
  4. Do a google search to ensure the name isn’t already taken in your area.

What are the most popular names for apartments

These are some of the most popular apartment names, which you can either avoid or draw inspiration from. 

These names are popular because they evoke a sense of community, relaxation, and natural surroundings, which are often sought after in apartment living. Of course, these names can vary by location and market, but they tend to be popular across different regions.

  1. The Retreat
  2. The Enclave
  3. The Heights
  4. The Reserve
  5. The Oasis
  6. The Park
  7. The Landing
  8. The Pointe
  9. The Commons
  10. The View

How do I choose an apartment name complex?

Chosin an apartment complex name needn’t be too difficult if you follow these steps:

  1. Identify the property’s unique features and characteristics: Take note of what makes your property stand out from other apartment buildings or complexes. Think about its location, architecture, amenities, and target audience. Consider how these features can be incorporated into the name to create a memorable and distinctive brand.
  2. Research the market and competition: Look at what other apartment buildings or complexes are in the area and what names they use. You don’t want to choose a name that is too similar to a competitor, as this could cause confusion among potential tenants. Also, consider what types of names are popular in the market and whether there are any naming conventions or trends that you should follow.
  3. Brainstorm a list of potential names: Get creative and come up with a long list of potential names that reflect the property’s unique features and appeal to the target audience. Don’t be afraid to get input from others, such as your team or a branding consultant.
  4. Test the names with focus groups or surveys: Once you have a shortlist of potential names, conduct research with focus groups or surveys to get feedback from potential tenants. This can help you gauge which names are most memorable, appealing, and effective in communicating the property’s brand and message.
  5. Check for trademark and domain name availability: Before finalizing the name, check if it is available for use as a trademark or domain name. You want to make sure that you can legally use and protect the name, and that it’s not already in use by another company.

By following these steps, you can choose a name that effectively reflects the unique features of your property, resonates with your tenants and is legally available for use.

What is another name for a luxury apartment?

Another name for a luxury apartment could be a high-end apartment or a deluxe apartment. Other terms that could be used to describe a luxury apartment include upscale apartment, premium apartment, executive apartment or even penthouse.

What is the British name for apartment?

The British term for apartment is “flat”. It is a commonly used term in the UK to refer to a self-contained residential unit within a larger building. It usually has an open plan living area including a kitchen, one or two separate bedrooms and a bathroom. There is often a small shared entryway.

In conclusion, we hope this list of over 90 apartment name ideas has sparked your creativity and given you some inspiration for naming your own property. Remember, a great name can help your building stand out in a competitive market, appeal to your potential tenants, and create a memorable brand identity.

As an apartment dweller, naming your flat can give you an emotional connection to your home so often missing. So, go ahead and brainstorm some unique, memorable, and fitting names for apartments that reflect the character and appeal of your abode. Good luck!

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  1. Mohsen Tartibi
    July 29, 2023 / 4:31 am

    I have a new apartment complex near Baylor University in Waco, TX and would like to see if you have any apartments names idea. This is a 360 new units complex.

    I have come up with these names:
    Baylor Bear Apartments. using the same font and color of Baylor University
    Baylor Bear Apartments
    Baylor Springs
    Baylor Lofts
    Waco Lofts at Baylor
    Baylor Lofts at Waco
    Symphony Lofts

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