165 Funny House Names and Puns to Make You Smile

If you’re keen to give your house a name but don’t want anything boring or dull, you’ll need a name that makes everyone laugh. Giving your home a silly, playful, humorous name is a reflection of you, your personality and your outlook on life so let your creativity and imagination run wild.

Now, if you want a little help, we are here with out extensive list of over 160 funny house names and puns to inspire your mind and help you get started with your home’s new and exciting identity.

So without delay, let’s dig into some of the funniest house names that will make you, and all your visitors, laugh out loud.

Playful and Funny House Names to Give to Your Home

Funny House Names

It’s easier than you think to find funny home names that both reflect your personality and where you live. It’s a great idea to take in your surroundings, key features and landmarks when thinking of a house name, and for these playful names, look at all the fun things you enjoy and incorporate them into a good name for your home too.

  1. Morning Glory Cottage
  2. Nuthatch Cottage
  3. The Piggery
  4. Bogg View
  5. Bedlam
  6. Costa Lota
  7. The Last resort
  8. Soddom Hall
  9. Long Lover Lane
  10. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  11. Tarts Hill
  12. Windy Bottom
  13. Piddle River
  14. Bonkers
  15. Justus
  16. Shittington Lane
  17. Four Winds
  18. Da Crib
  19. The Winds
  20. Dun Struglin

Funny Beach House Names

Here is our list of funny names for a home by the beach we know you’ll love! Your house by the sea needs to reflect the surroundings like the ocean view and sea breeze whilst adding some jollity to its name. 

  1. Bikini Bottom
  2. Lazy Daze
  3. Southern Comfort
  4. Looney Dunes
  5. Sea La Vie
  6. Dune Delight
  7. Tipsy Turtle
  8. Shore Thing
  9. Seas the Day
  10. Salty Breezes
  11. Looney Dunes
  12. Sandy Bottoms
  13. Fiddler on the Reef
  14. Sand Castle
  15. Lobster Pot

Funny Cabin Names

Do you own a cabin in the woods or by a lake, or maybe even on a mountain? If you’re lucky enough to spend weekends and holidays in your very own cabin, you might want a fun and playful cabin name to make it more memorable. Why not choose from our list?

  1. Bear Necessities
  2. The Hibernation Station
  3. The S’more the Merrier
  4. The Wacky Woodshed
  5. A-Frame-zing Adventures
  6. Quirky Coop Cabin
  7. Big Bear Lodge 
  8. Laughing Pines Lodge
  9. Jolly Hideaway 
  10. Comic Cabin Cozy
  11. The Chuckle Hut
  12. The Quirky Cabinopolis
  13. The Whimsy Shack
  14. Laughing Lumber Lodge
  15. Silly Haven Hideout

Funny Names for a New Home

Once you’ve settled into your new house, you’ll want to give it a new name. If you have a great sense of humour and want to reflect that in creating a memorable name for your home, be as fun as you can be when choosing the best name for your new place.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. The Punderful Pad
  2. The Laughter Lounge
  3. The Chuckle House
  4. Wit’s End Residence
  5. The Jolly Ranch
  6. The Hilarity Hideaway
  7. The Gigglesome Getaway
  8. The Quirkville Manor
  9. The Whimsy Retreat
  10. The Funnybone Cottage
  11. The Humor Haven
  12. The Comedy Castle
  13. The Smile Shack
  14. The Amusing Abode
  15. The Joyful Junction

Funny Names for Luxury Villas

If you have a sense of humor it’s likely you’ll want to give your luxury vacation rental a quirky, funny name. Whilst it’s not always possible to find the perfect name for everyone, we hope you love this list of funny house name ideas for your luxury villa. 

  1. Villa la Vida Loco
  2. Wits’ End
  3. Villa Moron
  4. Costa Lota
  5. The Last Resort
  6. Penniless
  7. The Witty Wonderland
  8. The Laughing Lodge
  9. Mirth Mansion
  10. The Hilarity Haven

Funny Cottage Names

Here are some of the funniest names that people give to their cottage homes. Country cottages evoke images of rambling rose gardens, babbling brooks, thatched roofs and more – they’re particularly well suited to a funny cottage name so we’d love to know if any of these will be your favourite.

  1. The Nutshell
  2. The Snail House
  3. The Lollipop Cottage
  4. The Mouse House
  5. The Shabby Shack
  6. The Hovel
  7. The Wonky House
  8. The Hobbit Hole
  9. The Whimsical Cottage
  10. The Crooked House
  11. The Folly
  12. The Wacky Shack
  13. The Crazy Cabin
  14. The Nook
  15. The Quirky Cottage
  16. The Mad Hatter’s House
  17. The Oddity
  18. The Funky Farmhouse
  19. The Drunken Duck
  20. The Dingle

Funny Guest House Names

Are you looking for a funny guest house name? If you’re welcoming guests, you’ll want something that creates an inviting atmosphere but shows your visitors you enjoy a fun time. These are some of our favourite cute and quirky names for your guest house.

  1. House of Happiness
  2. Toad Hall
  3. The Jolly Junction
  4. Inn-credibly Funny
  5. The Laughing Lodge
  6. Wits’ End
  7. The Snore and More
  8. The Quilted Quarters
  9. Toast and Roast Retreat
  10. The Pillow Palace

Rude House Names

If you’re looking for house names that are more playful and light hearted, I’ve created a short list of rude house names that aren’t offensive or risque. You can still give your home a great name without upsetting other people.

  1. The Cheeky Bum
  2. Quirky Quarters
  3. Sassy Sanctuary
  4. Upper Butts
  5. Playful Palace
  6. The Ball Pit
  7. Rude Retreat
  8. Impish Abode
  9. Down Under

House Name Puns

We all like a play on words, so these house name puns should go down will with those of you who have a fun sense of humour. Your friends and family will have great fun adding your funny house name to cards and letters, so why not involve them in the choosing?

  1. Homely Haven
  2. Resi-Dwelling
  3. House of Domiciles
  4. The Abode-orable
  5. Dwelling Delight
  6. Homey Headquarters
  7. Cozy Casa
  8. Nestled Nook
  9. Shelter Shangri-La
  10. Hearthside Hideaway

Funny Nicknames for your House

Whether you’re a Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Batman or Doctor Who fan, we think you’ll love these funny nickname ideas to give to your home.

  1. Narnia
  2. Debt Den
  3. Coinless Cottage
  4. The Tardis
  5. The Batcave
  6. Penniless Pad
  7. The Dog House
  8. Hogwarts
  9. Central Perk
  10. Wakanda

Funny Names for Student Houses

With teenagers about to go off to University, finding some funny names for student digs was interesting! If you’re a landlord and fancy giving your student house a fun name, we think you’ll love these silly, playful names.

  1. The Study Shack
  2. The Ramen Retreat
  3. The Cram Cottage
  4. The Library Lair
  5. The Quizzy Quarters
  6. The Scholar’s Den
  7. The Dorm-itory
  8. The Party Pads
  9. The Pro-crafter’s Palace
  10. The Learning Lodge
  11. The Late-Night Lounge
  12. The Chill Chateau
  13. The Brainwave Bungalow
  14. The Degree Digs
  15. The Study Hacienda

Funny Wi-Fi Names

We couldn’t leave our funny house names article without adding a few silly and playful Wi-Fi names too. No more ‘hard to remember’ wi-fi names, let’s choose something fun that we can all remember!

  1. I’m Watching You
  2. Open Sesame
  3. Wi-Fight Club
  4. The LAN Before Time
  5. 404 Network Unavailable
  6. Wi-Fry and the Family
  7. The LAN Down Under
  8. Get Off My LAN
  9. Wi-Fi Fo Fum
  10. The Promised LAN
  11. Wi-Fight for Your Right
  12. The Wi-Fighters
  13. The Wi-Five Club
  14. LANtastic Voyage
  15. Wi-Fi-nally Connected

What’s the most popular house name?

The top of the most popular house names list in the UK is ‘The Cottage’. This is most likely due to the popularity of number of smaller, traditional style homes.

How do you choose a funny name for your house?

Here are my top tips for choosing a funny house name for your home.

  1. Start with your surroundings. Look about you, do you have something amusing in your street, your neighbourhood or suburb. Is there someething funny about the trees, the other houses, the location in which you live – use this as a basis for adding humour to your home.
  2. Your name. Did you have a fun nickname at one point – something you don’t mind making public! Could you use this in the funny name for your house?
  3. The house itself. Is there a quirky or playful aspect to your home – a wonky roof, a colorful door, old, new or needing renovation. Turn those features into something fun – use your imagination.
  4. Combine some of these ideas together you have the makings of a great funny name for your home.

For my own home, I might choose The Lion’s Den – I’ll not explain but there’s definitely a reason why!

Hopefully you’ve found some creative, funny and playful names to call your home. If you need more inspiration, try generating your own from these lists.

20 Adjectives to Use in a Funny House Name

  1. Crazy
  2. Whacky
  3. Whymsical
  4. Brave
  5. Dilapidated
  6. Rustic
  7. Convicts
  8. Shabby
  9. Quirky
  10. Drunken
  11. Mad
  12. Witty
  13. Comedy
  14. Comical
  15. Looney
  16. Tipsy
  17. Lazy
  18. Noisy
  19. Bleak
  20. Tatty

20 Nouns to Use in a Funny House Name

  1. Den
  2. Dungeon
  3. Pad
  4. Abode
  5. Mansion
  6. Burrow
  7. Castle
  8. Cave
  9. Hut
  10. Roost
  11. Hideout
  12. Joint
  13. Manor
  14. Dump
  15. Hangout
  16. Digs
  17. Crib
  18. Haven
  19. Oasis
  20. Escape


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