120 Ideas for Airbnb Names [Catchy, Best, Creative]

Choosing the perfect name for your Airbnb property can be a task more daunting than fluffing those throw pillows for your next guest. 

Every Airbnb host knows the weight of that responsibility—finding not just a good name, but the best name. 

Why? Because a catchy Airbnb title isn’t just a label; it’s the first impression, the magnetic pull that reels in potential guests. 

Now, you might have tried a business name generator in hopes of landing that unique name, and while they’re a great way to get the ball rolling, there’s a personal touch they often miss. 

You see, the best ways to conjure up that great name – the one that truly encapsulates your vacation rental – is to combine a bit of your essence with a touch of creativity. 

Let’s get your creative juices flowing as we guide you on how to name your Airbnb, ensuring you land the right name, a good business name, that’s warm, welcoming, and unmistakably you.

Airbnb Business Names

Here’s a broad list of Airbnb business names that could fit a variety of property types, locations, and styles. Finding a suitable name for your own Airbnb business need not be difficult as long as you take into account features such as the room type, best practices and whether you want to use abbreviations:

  1. Oasis Residencies
  2. Whispering Pines 
  3. Horizon Haven Homes
  4. Twilight Terrace Stays
  5. Riverside Relax Residences
  6. Sunset Serenity Suites
  7. Meadow Mist Mansions
  8. Harbor Heights 
  9. Golden Gables Guesthouses
  10. Starlight Spaces

Remember to consider local regulations and trademarks when naming your business. It’s also a good idea to check the domain name availability if you’re planning to set up a website for your Airbnb business. Adjust names based on the character and unique selling points of your properties.

Creative Airbnb Names

If you’re looking for a creative Airbnb name then the first thing to do is look at the listing’s best features and think how you can use them as part of your Airbnb brand name. The creative and inventive you are the better. If you’re struggling for the perfect business name, never fear, we’ve come up with a selection of imaginative names for your Airbnb property, room or home. 

  1. Starry Soiree: Perfect for a rooftop or open-skylight room where guests can enjoy the stars.
  2. Whimsy Woodland Wonder: Ideal for a cabin or property surrounded by woods or forest.
  3. Azure Atrium Abode: For homes with a beautiful atrium or blue-themed decor.
  4. Retro Radiance: For properties with a vintage or nostalgic vibe.
  5. Lush Loft Lagoon: For lofts overlooking a body of water or with aquatic-themed interiors.
  6. Mosaic Marvel Manor: Ideal for a property with artistic or intricate designs.
  7. Boho Bliss: Perfect for a laid-back, bohemian-styled property.
  8. Sunkissed Serenity: A room or property that benefits from ample sunlight, ideal for morning people.
  9. Echoing Elm Escape: For homes nestled among trees or in a serene nature spot.
  10. Pandora’s Penthouse: A luxurious penthouse with unexpected, unique features or surprises.

Catchy Airbnb Business Names

If you’re looking for a catchy name for your Airbnb rental in particular then you’re in the right place. The name you choose will always depend on the property type and the brand identity of your business, but finding a catchy title for your home is the first step to drawing in those desirable customers.

  1. DreamCatcher Dwellings: Where Dreams Feel Real
  2. Sunset Silhouette Suites: Gaze, Stay, Repeat
  3. Velvet Vista Villas: Every Window a Painting
  4. Elm Estates: Nature’s Symphony Awaits
  5. Twilight Townhouse: Where Night Whispers Wonders
  6. Lustrous Loft Living: Shine in Urban Comfort
  7. Wanderlust Whiskaway: Stay, Explore, Rejoice
  8. PebblePath Properties: Steps from Adventure
  9. Cove Cottages: Every Day a Masterpiece
  10. Harmony Heights: Above the Noise, Close to the Stars

Best Airbnb Names

Selecting the “best” Airbnb business names can be subjective, as the appeal often depends on the target audience, property’s location, and its features. However, I’ve chosen a list potential Airbnb titles that you, as Airbnb hosts, may well enjoy using for your business name to gain the attention of potential guests.

  1. Elysian Escapes: The word “Elysian” evokes images of paradise, which sets an expectation of a heavenly stay.
  2. Serene Summit Suites: It implies both tranquility (“Serene”) and a prime or peak location (“Summit”). This combination suggests luxury and calm.
  3. Horizon Haven Hideaway: Triple H’s are catchy, and “Horizon Haven” paints a picture of expansive, breathtaking views.
  4. Vista Verde Villas: “Vista Verde” means “green view” in Spanish, suggesting a lush, natural setting. The alliteration also makes it memorable.
  5. Whimsical Waterside:The name promises a playful, delightful stay by the water, ideal for vacationers.
  6. Lunar Lullaby Lofts:This name suggests nights under the stars with the tranquility of a lullaby, ideal for a relaxing retreat.
  7. Riviera Radiance Residency: “Riviera” is associated with luxury and beauty, while “Radiance” promises brightness, perhaps in the design or ambiance.
  8. Chateau Charmant Using French, it translates to “Charming Castle,” creating an allure of European elegance.
  9. Ocean Odyssey Oasis: It promises an adventure (“Odyssey”) by the sea, with the comforts of an “Oasis.” Perfect for those seeking both thrill and relaxation.
  10. Barefoot Bliss Bungalows: The imagery of walking barefoot ties to beach properties, while “Bliss” guarantees a joyous experience.

These names are desirable due to their use of alliteration, evocative imagery, and often the promise of luxury or relaxation. Still, the suitability of each name depends on the property it represents.

Tropical Airbnb Names

A tropical Airbnb name is a great example of finding a unique business name for your property portfolio using location as one of the main features for the brand. The best Airbnb title always showcases interesting and unique features of the rental property, uses catchy words and takes local landmarks into account. Choose a creative name to give your property a good chance in the Airbnb search results too.

  1. Azure Breeze Villas
  2. Palm Paradise Retreat
  3. Tropical Tranquility Inn
  4. Lagoon Luxe Lodgings
  5. Island Indulgence
  6. Sapphire Sea Stay
  7. Coral Cove Chalets
  8. Bali Bliss Bungalows
  9. Sunset Serenity Suites
  10. Hibiscus Hideaway

Funny Airbnb Names

​Want to create a little fun around your Airbnb listing title? Why not choose a funny, humorous and puntastic name for your Airbnb. Giving your guests a giggle is a great way to make your property memorable and help it stand out. Adding a little joke is a great way to catch the attention of the many Airbnb users. 

  1. Rest-Awhile Villa: Bed’s So Comfy, You’ll Over-Sleep!
  2. Sofa So Good: Where Couch Potatoes Blossom
  3. The Not-So-Haunted Mansion: Ghost-Free Guarantee!
  4. Duvet Day Inn: Because Every Day Should Be a Lazy Day
  5. Casa de “Knot Home”: Try Knocking Twice!
  6. Wi-Five Star Retreat: Fast Internet & Slow Mornings
  7. Chateau Shampoo: We’ve Got All the Bubbles (Including Bath!)
  8. BingeBox Bungalows: Netflix & Actually Chill
  9. Flippin’ Pancake Palace: Breakfast Dreams, 24/7
  10. Lost Socks Lodge: Discover Where They’ve Been Hiding!

​Unique Airbnb Names

We’ve got some great unique Airbnb business name ideas that could help solidify you as a successful business and improve your booking rate. Potential guests love to stay somewhere unique, intriguing and different, so choose a good brand name that represents you, your properties and their location. It’s a great idea to appeal to your type of guests by using language they connect with. Finding your unique Airbnb company name shouldn’t be too hard, and we’ve given you a great start. 

  1. Lunar Luminance Loft: A Nighttime Nirvana
  2. Vellichor Vintage Villas: The Quaintness of Old Books
  3. Selenophile Suites: Moon Gazer’s Paradise
  4. Eunoia Escape: Where Beautiful Thinking Begins
  5. Zephyr Zen Zone: Embrace the Gentle Breeze
  6. Nebula Niche: Starry Dreams Await
  7. Azure Aetherium: Touch the Sky’s Hue
  8. Sonder Sojourn Stay: The Realization of Shared Stories
  9. Chimerical Charm Chalet: Where Dreams Blend Reality
  10. Bibliopole Bungalow: A Book Lover’s Refuge

Luxury Names for Airbnb Business

Naming your Airbnb listing can play a big role in attracting the right guests, especially if you are operating in the luxury sector. Here are 10 examples for a luxury property business:

  1. LuxeVista Retreat: Panoramic Elegance
  2. Regal Residencies: The Pinnacle of Prestige
  3. Crown Château Estates: Where Opulence Meets Comfort
  4. Elysian Escapes: Premium Palatial Properties
  5. Sovereign Suites: Luxury Beyond Limits
  6. Riviera Resplendence: Lavish Lakeside Living
  7. Majestic Manor: Exclusive Extravagance
  8. Elite Enclave: Premium Paradise Residences
  9. AristoOasis: Unveiling Urban Utopia
  10. Platinum Palms Retreat: Serenity in Splendor

Cute and Cool Airbnb Names

Choosing a great Airbnb business name might seem tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have cute, cool and creative names rolling off your tongue. Here’s our small selection of the cutest Airbnb names you’ll come across.

  1. Starry Slumber Suites: Dream Under the Dusk
  2. Whimsy Willow Wagon: A Charmed Stay
  3. Cuddle Cove Chalet: Where Cozy Meets Quirky
  4. Moonbeam Manor: Night Skies & Morning Pies
  5. Pixie’s Pocket Place: Tiny Home, Big Charm
  6. Twinkle Toes Townhouse: Dance to Your Own Beat
  7. Pebble’s Pad: A Smooth Stay by the Stream
  8. Sunflower Sunrise Studio: Golden Mornings Await
  9. Hobbit’s Hidey-Hole: Middle-Earth Magic in Every Nook
  10. Giggles & Doodles Den: Fun & Frolic at Every Corner

Beach Airbnb Names

Naming a beachfront Airbnb property with a theme that evokes feelings of the ocean, sand, and relaxation can be inviting for potential guests. 

Here are 10 suggestions:

  1. Sandy Toes: Step from Bed to Beach
  2. Azure Horizon Haven: Where Sea Meets Sky
  3. Seashell Serenade: Listen to the Waves Whisper
  4. Tidal Tranquility Townhouse: Dive into Deep Calm
  5. Beachcomber’s Bliss: Treasures at Every Turn
  6. Wave Whisperer: Ocean’s Lullaby Awaits
  7. Sundrenched Shores: Golden Moments by the Sea
  8. Nautical Nook: Anchored in Relaxation
  9. Coral Cove: Where Every Sunrise is a Masterpiece
  10. Barefoot Bay: Sea, Sand, and Starry Nights

Christian Airbnb Names

For many travelers, a journey isn’t just about discovering new places but also finding spaces that resonate with their faith and values. As Airbnb hosts, naming your property in a way that reflects Christian values can be a beacon of warmth and welcome for like-minded guests. In this section, we’ll explore thoughtful, Christian-inspired names that not only embody the essence of hospitality but also pay homage to deep-rooted beliefs. Dive in and find the perfect name that bridges home, heart, and faith.

  1. Heavenly Haven Retreat: Rest in His Peace
  2. Bethlehem Bungalow: Feel the Warmth of Faith
  3. Graceful Getaway: A Sanctuary of Blessings
  4. Psalms Peace Villa: Tranquility in His Word
  5. Galilee Grace Cottage: Miracles by the Lake
  6. Shepherd’s Shelter: Guided by His Love
  7. Nazareth Nook: A Journey Through History
  8. Eden Escape: Experience Paradise on Earth
  9. Blessings by the Bay: His Creation Awaits
  10. Calvary Comfort Suites: Remembering His Sacrifice

Names for Airbnb Apartment Names

Navigating the Airbnb marketplace requires standout features, and a compelling name is one of them. While many hosts opt for traditional descriptors, there’s value in taking a different path. This section focuses on choosing apartment names that don’t rely on common terms like “apartment” but still effectively convey the essence of the space. Dive in to explore naming strategies that can set your listing apart in a crowded field.

  1. City Vista Views
  2. Horizon Haven
  3. Serenity Suite
  4. Metro Mirage
  5. Golden Gate Getaway
  6. Sunset Serenity
  7. Skyline Sanctuary
  8. Twilight Terrace
  9. Cosmopolitan Cove
  10. Downtown Dreamspace

How to Choose an Airbnb Name for your Business Property

Naming your Airbnb property is a pivotal step in setting the tone for your guests’ experiences. Here are five key considerations:

  1. Reflect the Property’s Character: Ensure that the name captures the essence, features, or ambiance of the property. For example, a cabin in the woods might have a nature-inspired name, while a chic urban loft might have a more modern, sleek title.
  2. Easy to Remember & Pronounce: The name should be catchy and not too complicated. A memorable name can lead to more word-of-mouth referrals and repeat bookings.
  3. Searchability: Think about how guests might search for properties in your area. Integrating relevant keywords can help your property show up in search results, but avoid making it sound too generic.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: Ensure the name is respectful and doesn’t appropriate or misuse elements from cultures that aren’t your own. Additionally, be mindful of any terms that might have different connotations in other languages or cultures.
  5. Legality & Originality: Check to make sure the name isn’t already in use, particularly in your vicinity. It’s also a good idea to ensure the name doesn’t infringe on any trademarks or copyrights. You might also want to check for domain availability if you plan on setting up a website.

Taking the time to thoughtfully consider your Airbnb property name can pay dividends in the form of bookings, reviews, and overall guest satisfaction.

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