170 Best Mansion Names for your Luxury Manor House

Choosing a unique name for a mansion is a great way to give it a distinctive identity. The best names often embody both the essence and the architecture of the home, making it stand out.

Catchy mansion names can become a popular choice for their memorable qualities and the way they capture the imagination. For many, finding the perfect name is a creative journey, reflecting the mansion’s elegance or history.

Whether it’s through word of mouth or featured on social media, a creative name that resonates with people can enhance the mansion’s allure, making it more than just a building, but a landmark with a story.

A memorable name ensures that the mansion is not just seen as a structure but as a home with character and presence.

I’ve collated 170 suggestions for your mansion name from the haunted, to fantasy, famous and modern. There’s bound to be one here you’ll love.

Popular Mansion Names

  1. Meadow View Estate
  2. Oak Grove Manor
  3. Highland Castle
  4. Willow Winds Mansion
  5. Cedar Hall
  6. Riverside Chateau
  7. Elmwood Villa
  8. Sunset Retreat
  9. Fox Hollow Residence
  10. Orchard Manor

Famous Mansion Names

  1. The Breakers – Newport, Rhode Island: Named for the waves that continually crash into the rocky shoreline on the property, The Breakers is a historic Vanderbilt mansion known for its opulent design and grandeur.
  2. Hearst Castle – San Simeon, California: Built by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, this mansion is famous for its impressive art collection and has been the site for many Hollywood films.
  3. Villa Vizcaya – Miami, Florida: This Italian Renaissance-style villa was built by businessman James Deering and is known for its stunning gardens and location on Biscayne Bay.
  4. Monticello – Charlottesville, Virginia: The estate of Thomas Jefferson, its name means “little mountain” in Italian, and it’s famous for its neoclassical architecture and historical significance.
  5. Biltmore Estate – Asheville, North Carolina: The largest privately-owned house in the U.S., built by George Washington Vanderbilt II, is famous for its size, architecture, and beautiful gardens.
  6. Chatsworth House – Derbyshire, England: Home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, it is famed for its art collection and its role in films and literature.
  7. Highclere Castle – Hampshire, England: Known to many as the setting for the TV series “Downton Abbey,” this mansion’s name reflects its high elevation and the ancient word “clere,” meaning clear or bright.
  8. Castle Howard – North Yorkshire, England: One of Britain’s first stately homes to be built in the Baroque style, the name reflects its grand design rather than any military function.
  9. Versailles – Versailles, France: The seat of political power in the Kingdom of France from 1682, its name is synonymous with excessive opulence and the absolutist Louis XIV who commissioned it.
  10. Blenheim Palace- Oxfordshire, England: A monumental country house, it was given as a gift to the 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, for his military triumphs against the French and named after the Battle of Blenheim.

Haunted Mansion Names

  1. Phantom Hall
  2. Raven’s Retreat
  3. Hollow Manor
  4. Spiritwood Estate
  5. Grimwood Castle
  6. Shriekwind Chateau
  7. Shadowmere Mansion
  8. Wraithwood Residence
  9. Dreadfort Abbey
  10. Ghostlight Grange

Cool Mansion Names

  1. LuxHaven
  2. The Urban Oasis
  3. GlassHouse Enclave
  4. Infinity Edge Manor
  5. Echo Loft
  6. Skyline Domain
  7. NeoVista Villa
  8. The Edge Mansion
  9. The Vogue Estate
  10. Panorama Place

Creepy Mansion Names

  1. Whispering Pines Manor
  2. Gloomthorn Hall
  3. Nightshade Estate
  4. Hollowghast Mansion
  5. Cobweb Manor
  6. Sorrowfield Estate
  7. Ravenloft Manor
  8. Eclipse Hollow
  9. Thornwood Villa
  10. Bleakmoor Castle

Modern Mansion Names

  1. VistaCube Villa
  2. The Zenith House
  3. AquaEdge Manor
  4. The Pinnacle Estate
  5. Solaris Heights
  6. NeoLuxe Retreat
  7. The Quartz Residence
  8. SkyFrame Haven
  9. The Luminous Dwelling
  10. The Svelte Sanctuary

Best Mansion Names

  1. Crestview Palace
  2. Seraphina Estate
  3. Marbella Mansion
  4. The Atrium House
  5. The Sovereign Place
  6. Edenridge Estate
  7. The Imperial Manor
  8. The Paramount Estate
  9. The Belvedere Residence
  10. The Summit Sanctuary

French Mansion Names

  1. Château Lumière
  2. Manoir Belle Vue
  3. Villa Éclatante
  4. Domaine du Silence
  5. Palais des Mirages
  6. Château des Cygnes
  7. Manoir des Roses
  8. Villa du Lac
  9. Château de l’Aube
  10. Le Manoir Enchanté

Fantasy Mansion Names

  1. Silvermist Fortress
  2. Twilight Spire Manor
  3. Moonshadow Keep
  4. Starweaver’s Retreat
  5. Arcanum Enclave
  6. Dragonfire Hall
  7. Spellbound Palace
  8. Mystic Pinnacle Estate
  9. Phoenix Perch Stronghold
  10. Enchanted Grove Manor

Funny Mansion Names

  1. The Loanly House
  2. Villa de Broomcloset
  3. Château Chaotic
  4. The Flabbergast Farm
  5. The Jester’s Court
  6. Manormous
  7. Gargantuan Gazebo
  8. The Stumble Inn
  9. The Giggle Garden Estate
  10. Hysteria Hall

Unusual Mansion Names

  1. The Zigzag Ziggurat
  2. The Topsy Turvy Tower
  3. The Upside-Down Abode
  4. Puzzle Piece Palace
  5. The Kaleidoscope Keep
  6. The Escher Estate
  7. The Orbital Observatory
  8. The Möbius Manor
  9. The Perplexity Plantation
  10. The Nautilus Nest

Ancient Mansion Names

  1. Antiquus Hall
  2. Scriptorium Villa
  3. Codex Castle
  4. Reliquary Retreat
  5. Parchment Palace
  6. Scroll Haven
  7. The Colonnade Cloister
  8. Vestige Villa
  9. The Myths Manor
  10. The Gargoyle Gatehouse

Beautiful Mansion Names

  1. Serenity Estate
  2. Belleview Manor
  3. Rosewater Residence
  4. Harmony Hall
  5. Majestic Gardens Mansion
  6. Sunset Serenade Villa
  7. Elegancia Estate
  8. Whispering Willows Manor
  9. Graceful Oaks Chateau
  10. Tranquil Waters Mansion

Manor House Names

  1. Foxglove Manor
  2. Bramblewood Hall
  3. Alderley Manor
  4. Sycamore Heights
  5. Ravenscourt Manor
  6. Heatherstone Hall
  7. Maplewood Manor
  8. Thornfield House
  9. Blackwood Estate
  10. Willowbank Manor

English Manor Names

  1. Wisteria Manor
  2. Oakenshield Hall
  3. Briarcliff Manor
  4. Ashbury Estate
  5. Thornhill Manor
  6. Honeysuckle Hall
  7. Foxbury Manor
  8. Rosewood Estate
  9. Greystone Manor
  10. Blackthorn Hall

Medieval Manor Names

  1. Stonegate Keep
  2. Ironwood Fortress
  3. Ravenhold Castle
  4. Wolfhaven Stronghold
  5. Thornfield Manor
  6. Hearthstone Hall
  7. Drakenborg Castle
  8. Falcon’s Roost
  9. Mistmoor Manor
  10. Winterfell Estate

Best Catchy Posh House Names

  1. The Regal Residency
  2. The Posh Pavilion
  3. The Velvet Vantage
  4. The Elite Enclave
  5. The Dapper Dwelling
  6. The Lavish Loft
  7. The Aristocrat’s Abode
  8. The Splendid Suite
  9. The Haute House
  10. The Chic Chateau

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