How to Light Your Home in Winter to Lift Your Mood

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As we enter the winter, many of us are eager to get right into the holiday season. Once Halloween is over, it’s time to deck the halls for many (even if many shopping centres would rather skip right onto Xmax vibes from October!… but I digress). Without further ado, here are five tips to light up your home in the winter!

Note: Some types of lighting (e.g. LED downlighting) must be installed by a professional, whereas Christmas tree lighting can be added DIY once you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and also ensure to turn it off every night.

1. Natural Light and SAD Lighting to Help Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

Of course, one key aspect of lighting your home this winter that can matter a ton is lighting measures to help maintain good mental health. 

Along with getting Vitamin D from walks or/and supplements if needed, simply letting in plenty of natural light throughout the relatively short days can help limit or prevent the winter blues entirely. 

Also, doing so can help introduce more heat into your home through the day, helping to introduce more warmth that will prove beneficial in the evening when the sun goes down (once you make sure to pull the curtains over as the sun goes down).

Aside from that, you should consider introducing SAD lighting to your home. Many people like to add SAD lamps. And no, by SAD lamps, we don’t mean the Pixar lamp solemnly regretting that it has destroyed the innocent letter I.

SAD, in this case, as you might have guessed, refers to seasonal affective disorder and using SAD lamps and other forms of SAD lighting can also help keep your spirits up through the short days and long nights of the winter, allowing you to enjoy the festive season and all the joys it could potentially bring.

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2. Opulent Lighting Ideas

You may also be interested in adding some fancy lighting fixtures to add a touch of luxury to your home ahead of the wintertime.

Here are some ideas worth considering: *

  • Glass accents (e.g. a glass coffee table) can reflect sunlight, helping to make the space feel larger and brighter.
  • Floor lamps and table lamps for ambient room lighting
  • Wall lights also for ambient lighting

*For fancy lighting fixtures (or not), consider dimmable LED lights to give you greater control of how to make the space look and feel.

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3. Festive Lighting

Safety Note: Always turn off your festive lighting before going to bed. This is important to prevent a fire from breaking out in the middle of the night. Also, make sure any festive lighting is set up properly and safely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T to be extra careful.

We can’t write a blog on winter lighting and not mention festive lighting. For those who celebrate Christmas, adding festive lighting can come in many forms. Of course, those interested in marking the winter season may want to add lighting suitable to their beliefs and interests beyond those who celebrate Christmas.

Festive lighting could include:

  • Christmas tree lights
  • Outdoor solar lights (of the festive and non-festive kind)
  • Christmas acrylics that light up (e.g. a large acrylic snowman)
  • Path lights
  • Festoon and party lights

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4. Warm LED Lighting

You may also wish to add warm LED string lighting, such as by draping them around doorways. If unsure as to where you can safely add these, check the manufacturer’s instructions or consult with the manufacturer directly. Warm LED lighting can be a great way of adding aesthetic value to spaces in your home and is also a form of SAD lighting.

5. LED Downlighting

Note: a professional must install LED downlighting. 

Another type of LED lighting worth considering is that of downlighting. LED downlighting can be a visually pleasing minimalist introduction to your home that can work well in the winter and throughout the entire year. 

Hiring an electrical to install LED downlighting can vary in price depending on a range of factors, including the number of downlights and quality of downlights being installed, as well as electrician labour rates in your area.

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