4 Small Bedroom Space Hacks You Might Not Have Considered

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When we move into a house, we want the most we can get out of our interiors. The problem is that if you’ve moved somewhere that is a little bit on the small side, you need to try and make the most of your interiors when it’s not easy to do.

The good news is, even in a small space, you can become inspired to maximize it. Yes, it may be more of a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It’s all about understanding how you can make the most of the smaller floor space, from adding fitted wardrobes to free that floor space up to ensuring that you have a smaller sized bed.

There are so many tips that you could use to ensure that your floor space in your bedroom is still just as important as if it was a larger room. Let’s take a look at what you can do to maximize space in a small space.

Shrink your Bed Size

If you love a king size bed, you’re probably not alone. But in a smaller bedroom, a king size bed is going to swallow the whole space. Let’s take up the most room. And they are the focal point of a bedroom because they are the point of the room. But you still need to be able to have some space to get dressed, to move around and to just be able to breathe. A small double bed is a good option due to they’re much smaller footprint. You can choose a range of bedding options and material options for the bed to make it stand out.

Use The Room’s Height

Go up. If you want to optimize the space of a small bedroom, then you can use its height to your advantage. High shelving can create so much more storage that you need and it can tidy up a much smaller space as well. Whether you choose to have shelving for books or for baskets, you should think about using the walls and up to the ceiling for as much as you need. You can even utilize the space under the bed and keep it clean and tidy with the storage type bed where the drawer fits underneath.

Fake it With Light

Make it flooded with light. A good way to make space count in a smaller bedroom is to fake it, and you can do that with a lot of natural light. Ensure that you’re not blocking the windows in any way and let in as much light as possible. This will make the room look bigger, and if you place a mirror strategically around the walls, you can bounce the light to every corner. Don’t over-drape the fabrics around the windows either, because otherwise you’re going to end up with it looking too heavy and dark.

Paint it White

If you want to give that optical illusion of space, then you need to look at white walls more than anything else. White walls, white bedding, and a white rug can open up the space in the same way that letting in as much natural light can. You don’t want to go dark at all, otherwise you’re going to visually shrink the room and that’s not what you want for your bedroom.

What else would you do to make the most of the space you have in a smaller bedroom?

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