23 Top Kitchen Trends from Interior Experts 2024

What are we looking at in terms of the best kitchen trends 2024? If you’re about to undertake a kitchen remodel, you’ll be wanting to know the latest trends for kitchen spaces. 

Over the last few months I’ve been collecting tips, advice and predictions from top kitchen brands and interior designers so I can pull together the most effective set of new kitchen trends to help you with your kitchen makeover. 

Whether you want kitchen cabinet color trends, ideas for kitchen flooring, or the top kitchen design trends over the next year, I have something you’ll love. 

A modern kitchen with a large island and chairs designed by interior experts to incorporate the latest kitchen trends.

10 Most Popular Kitchen Trends 2024

Let’s look at some of the most popular choices and design elements coming through in kitchen design in the upcoming year. All of the design and interior experts I’ve spoken with have mentioned this variety of features and expect them to be big, or continue to grow in kitchen design during 2024. 

  1. Kitchen Islands
  2. Hidden Ventilation
  3. Marble
  4. Muted Cabinetry
  5. Solid Worksurfaces
  6. Feature Lighting
  7. Eclectic and Vibrant
  8. Textured Surfaces
  9. Pantries
  10. Aged Metals

Let’s take each of these ideas and discuss them in more detail.

1. Kitchen Islands

Large islands, the bigger the better play a key role in kitchen design where kitchen space allows. In recent years, we’ve seen islands taking centre stage as a gathering place in the home, and this year seems to be no different. Creating a multipurpose kitchen island, even a double island where space allows, is something kitchen designers are seeing as a top trend in 2024.

2. Hidden Ventilation

The time has come to do away with range hoods, and in fact, they’re much harder to buy now. Why? Hidden or disguised ventilation is big news in kitchen trends 2024. I discovered this at a recent event looking at Tom Howley kitchens, and it’s been confirmed by the other experts I’ve spoken with. 

Emma Morton-Turner, Interior Stylist and founder of Inside Stylist says, “There are counter mounted ones that either suck the air in from the hob or pop-up to create even greater ventilation – they are amazing.”

3. Marble 

Many of the experts I spoke with mentioned marble in some way! So whilst it’s been growing in popularity in last few years, it’s going to be one of top kitchen trends coming through in 2024. 

There was the most amazing kitchen at Wow House this year that was simple stunning Note the strong marbling. That’s going to be BIG in 2024. Be it real or fake – it will be seen in lots of fabulous new kitchen designs.

Joanne Jeyes from Crocus Interiors

A dramatic marble veined backsplash that is continued from the counter top. Strong and dark veining is more popular if you are looking for a moody vibe.

Michelle Shakallis, Interior Designer 

4. Muted Cabinetry

Our connection with nature continues to thrive in home interiors, now finding its way to our kitchen cabinet doors. Matt finishes, natural wood and sustainable materials all make a big feature in the kitchen trends 2024.

‘I believe there will be a continued trend to move away from gloss cabinets, with more muted, neutral tones in a matt finish coming to the fore.  

Karen Robinson, Ruby Red Interiors

We are seeing a celebration of nature in all areas of interior design and in every room of the home, and I think this trend will continue through 2024 and beyond as we are more in tune with our homes and the impact they have on our health and happiness. With kitchens, this will likely mean embracing natural materials at every opportunity e.g. natural stone, wood and iron, as well as nature-inspired colour palettes featuring the ever-popular greens or earth tones of browns and reds.

Claire Douglas

5. Solid Worksurfaces

The desire for quality in our kitchens continues. Thick, solid worksurfaces are popular again, and continue to grow providing a longevity in our designs.

Work surfaces that are solid all the way through so when you have a cut out for a sink you can see the pattern of the stone or quartz all the way through. Caesarstone is really good for this.

Emma Morton-Turner, Interior Stylist

6. Feature Lighting

We will see a move away from pendant lights to more feature lighting in the kitchen space. Layers of lighting is still important for function and practical tasks, but focal point light fixtures will play a bigger part in our kitchens. 

I think we are steering away from the standard kitchen pendant and incorporating more feature lighting. This can be bold and sculptural, but it is mainly a statement piece that you would have over your dining table or kitchen island. 

Michelle Shakallis, Interior Designer

7. Eclectic and Vibrant

​More ‘characterful’ kitchens are also on the rise, where a less streamlined look is sought, veering towards fewer integrated appliances in the design and overall a more eclectic and vibrant colour scheme to team with the muted cabinetry.’

Karen Robinson, Interior Designer at Ruby Red Interiors

8. Textured Surfaces

Texture that adds interest, warmth and pattern is a big part of kitchen design in 2024.

2024 sees warmth added to our homes through the addition of textures. Over the past year, we have seen an increased popularity for worktops that feel natural yet have a unique texture and add a beautiful richness to the home. 413 White Ciment, 4023 Topus Concrete and 4043 Primordia, are amongst the three products that have particularly grown in popularity. Whilst remaining incredibly durable, we are extremely proud of our textured surfaces that are growing further in popularity with our customers,  


9. Pantries

One of the hottest kitchen trends has to be around the kitchen pantry. Whether you have space for a large walk-in pantry or small cupboard for pantry storage, they’re a big part of kitchen design in 2024.

​“As the kitchen has become a multi-purpose hub not just for cooking, but also relaxing, working remotely and hosting friends and family, the need to keep this space more organised has increased. A breakfast pantry can be designed to incorporate your entire morning routine, from a professional coffee machine, toaster, storage for everyday crockery and a whole host of cereal options for the kids. The best thing is that once you’ve had enough, you can close the doors behind you, concealing all the mess and clutter until it’s time to tidy. Similarly, walk-in pantries, bootilities and back kitchens have been gaining popularity, our customers now see them as central aspects to their kitchen designs.” 

Tom Howley

A walk-in pantry is a great place for all of the appliances and clutter – so that you can keep kitchen surfaces clearer. Having a sink and dish washer in your pantry is useful too – especially if you have an open plan living space. It means that dirty dishes can be out of sight from the main living area, and you are not disturbed by the noise of the dishwasher.

Lisa Honiball, Interior Designer and founder of Interior Design Insiders

Claire Douglas, Home Interiors Writer predicts, “Pantries are another trend going from strength to strength that I think will continue to develop in 2024. I expect to see a wider variety and broader interpretation of the trend, including pantries for every kitchen, right down to freestanding pantry cupboards and worktop larder cabinets to suit more modest-sized kitchens.”

10. Aged Metals

​​“Vintage and aged metals, such as burnished brass, are having a moment when it comes to door handles and knobs, adding charm and character to traditional and contemporary cabinetry alike. On the other hand, matt black and copper have disappeared – these finishes only seem to work for very specific kitchen schemes and aren’t considered particularly versatile.” 

Tom Howley

Bonus Kitchen Trend – Hot off the Pinterest Predicts 2024

Beverage Stations and Coffee Bars

Beverage stations are big news in kitchen design and on Pinterest for 2024. They’re easy to create, fun to use and and a simple way to make the kitchen a more luxurious space. If you love the top trends for kitchens this is one setup you can’t live without.

5 Kitchen Color Trends 2024

I’ve designed a number of bespoke kitchens this year for clients and I’m definitely seeing a desire to introduce an injection of colour within their designs more and more. Clients want something a bit different, individual, as extension of their personalities and an opportunity to express within the heart of the home. Emma Capron, Creative Director, Bean Interiors


I think we all know by now how much green kitchens are on trend. They’ve been growing for several years but all shades of green are popular now. My Sage Green Kitchen post is one of my most popular on the blog.

“Green is a colour trend continuing into 2024. Thanks to the variety of its different shades, from pale sage to dark forest green, it suits all styles and sizes of kitchens. Tones of off-white, deep grey and deep chocolate brown are also creating some fabulous, warm and inviting kitchens. With this in mind, we’ve recently introduced two new green hues to our colour palette, Green Meadow, a smoky green with a calming heritage feel, and Hazy Sky, a green/grey that is a step up from a traditional neutral .”

Tom Howley

Deep Chocolate – A Growing Kitchen Color Trend 2024

Personally I love the idea of chocolate and browns coming through into our kitchens. It’s one of those natural shades that brings warmth and versatility to our interiors. It’s moody and easily accessible like green and will be a growing trend in our kitchen spaces next year. 

Kitchen Colours: Deep Grey

Our love affair with grey never ends but it’s no longer boring. Add in a deep luxurious tone of grey and you instantly create a sultry, more contemporary kitchen space. It’s perfect for coordinating with a myriad of accent colours like yellows and orange, pinks for contrast or navy and black for tonal schemes.

Rich and Versatile Navy Kitchens

Navy Blue came through from various designers who are seeing it reflected in kitchen design for 2024. Again, like deep chocolate it’s a warm, rich easy to live with colour that tends to create a sophisticated atmosphere, and works well with many other colours. 

The Surprise Kitchen Trend: Lilac Kitchen Cabinets

This is an interesting prediction and perhaps we’ll watch what happens in 2024 to see if this colour trend comes to fruition.

I think lilac hues are definitely going to take over in kitchens soon; I recently looked at a lilac glass vase somewhere and ever since I picked it up, I’ve been seeing lilac drinking glasses EVERYWHERE! Definitely an upcoming trend against lovely contrasting greens, or charcoal shades – or, as a base colour with pops of oranges or yellows! 

Evelyn M Interiors

Small Kitchen Trends 2024

Some of the most current trends for kitchens centre around the smaller more compact kitchen space. After all, we’re not all blessed with vast kitchen areas. 

Many of the main trends I’ve mentioned above can translate to the smaller space, but if you’re after specific small kitchen ideas, try these:

Clever Organisation

In a small kitchen, meticulous organisation is important for efficiency and functionality. Prioritising decluttering ensures that every inch of limited space is utilised wisely. Resist the temptation to accumulate unnecessary kitchen paraphernalia, opting instead for essential tools and utensils. Keep a streamlined inventory of ingredients, purchasing only what is needed to prevent overcrowding and maintain easy access to essentials. With everything in its designated place and a focus on simplicity, a small kitchen can be calm and uncluttered. 

Alix Storey, Amberley Studio

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

We all love a grey cabinet but greens and sage green in particular have been popular in recent years.

Lisa Honiball says, “White or wood are obvious ‘safe’ choices for cabinetry. It’s worth remembering though, that just about every type of kitchen door can be re-painted or re sprayed – so maybe it IS time to go for something a little braver when it comes to colour? Green seems to be ever popular, as well as dark blue and neutral stone or greige tones.”

Kitchen Storage Trends

It’s a fact that you can never have enough storage space in a kitchen, so embrace new kitchen storage trends where you can. Even if you’ve no space for a separate pantry, the design experts are keen you still embrace storage where you can. 

If you’ve no space for a separate pantry, lots of companies supply ‘kitchen drawer and cupboard organisers’ to help you get really organised. If everything in your kitchen has a home it really helps you stay on top of mess and clutter, and saves you money by avoiding doubling up on things you already have but can’t find! This doesn’t mean you need to decant everything into pretty jars if it’s not your thing – think utensil organisers, plate stackers, bottle and spice holders, cake and baking tray organisers and drawer organiser sets. 

Lisa Honiball

Kitchen Floor Trends

Porcelain Floor

According to Tom Howley himself, the porcelain floor is the most popular choice and will continue to be a big trend coming into 2024. Porcelain slabs are being used all over kitchens now, from worktops, ceilings and of course, floors.

Wood Flooring

Our love affair with wood and wood effect doesn’t diminish though and we’re still seeing this as a warm and stylish option in kitchen floor trends 2024.

Kitchen Appliance Trends

Vented Hobs

As we mentioned above, the vented hob is incredibly popular with kitchen designers and home lovers alike. To be able to remove the large extractor hood from our kitchens frees up space and minimises the design, allowing us greater freedom and choice.

Hot Water Taps

When I spoke with Tom Howley himself at an event a few months ago, he told me over 80% of the kitchens they sell include a hot water tap! That’s huge. I have one in my own kitchen and can testify to their practicality and convenience. It’s one of those features that you never knew you needed until you invested.

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Discover 23 sensational kitchen trends for 2020 from top interior experts.
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    The top kitchen trends for 2024 focus on functionality, sustainability, and personal style. Expect to see bold cabinet colors, innovative storage solutions, and eco-friendly materials. Textured finishes and mixed metals add depth, while smart technology integrates for convenience. Flooring trends lean towards durable, attractive options like composite materials. Incorporating natural elements remains popular, enhancing a connection to the outdoors. Similar to sash windows with double glazing https://chameleon-decorators.co.uk/sash-windows-double-glazing/ improving energy efficiency, these kitchen trends aim to create a comfortable, sustainable, and stylish space.

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    Yes agreed, the availability of porcelain slabs in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns allows homeowners and designers to achieve diverse styles—from minimalist and contemporary to rustic or industrial. This versatility ensures that porcelain can complement any kitchen design scheme, whether it’s a sleek urban loft or a cozy farmhouse kitchen. Nice work! Granite Bay interior designer

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