10 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive [2024]

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A little insider advice for you: Making your home’s interior look fancy doesn’t mean breaking the bank. A couple of easy changes can really elevate your space—think about replacing outdated lighting or giving your walls a new splash of colour. Get creative with second-hand finds and craft your own stylish drapes. These straightforward tips will help you achieve that high-end feel without the hefty price tag.

Fake Custom Curtains

Splashing out on custom curtains can give your home a polished and upscale vibe. But you don’t need to spend a lot to get the same effect. Try this: place your curtain rods halfway between the top of your window and the ceiling (or crown moulding, if you’ve got it), ensuring the curtains kiss the floor. This simple trick mimics the look of bespoke drapery and adds a touch of elegance.

For those with tall ceilings in older houses, getting the length just right might seem daunting. No worries, though—many home decor shops offer extra-long 120-inch curtains that you can easily adjust. If sewing isn’t your thing, grab some fusible bonding web and an iron to hem them up in a snap. With this DIY approach, you’ll be amazed at how luxurious your space can look, using lush materials like silk or velvet for your panels and putting up the rods by yourself.

Add A Marble Finish

Transform your ordinary cabinet into a chic marble masterpiece with just a roll of marble-patterned adhesive paper and a splash of your time. According to Lottoland DIY tips for lottery winners, this simple upgrade can infuse enduring elegance into any room, whether it’s your home office, cozy bedroom, or inviting living room. Marble isn’t just for statues; it’s synonymous with opulence, having graced the halls of history with its luxurious allure and distinctive features.

Repaint the Room in a High-Gloss Finish

Painting might take a bit of elbow grease, but it’s truly one of the thriftiest methods to give a room a total makeover. I’m all about giving some rooms a shiny, high-gloss finish for that sleek, lacquered look. Plus, I’m a big fan of Farrow & Ball’s Full Gloss finish—it’s super tough and long-lasting. It’s like a quick magic trick to transform any space into a radiant treasure chest.

Improve Internal Doors

Your internal doors don’t need to be plain and uninteresting. Investing in attractive, space-efficient pocket doors or stylish sliding barn doors can really pay off. They add a dash of sophistication to your decor and work wonders in dividing spaces in open-concept layouts. And if you’re looking for a speedy refresh, just painting your doors a new, vibrant colour can make a world of difference.

Update an Old Light Fixture

Got a light fixture that’s not too easy on the eyes? No need to keep putting up with it! Changing that old lighting for something new can instantly change the mood of your room. And the best part? You can often tackle the job independently; calling in an electrician is unnecessary.

Kick Up the Contrast

Does your kitchen feature an island, or are you considering installing one? Here’s a fun idea: add a pop of colour for some visual excitement. A coat of paint in a contrasting colour on the island is an easy and affordable way to give your kitchen a personalized touch. Stick to just the island for a quick kitchen facelift that won’t break the bank.

Add A Vintage Rug

Adding a vintage rug instantly enhances any space. These rugs aren’t always expensive; you just need to hunt for good deals.

A well-loved vintage rug is a worthwhile investment, offering a unique charm that few pieces can match. Stay tuned for my upcoming roundup of the best places to find vintage rugs!

If a vintage rug isn’t in the cards, consider a new rug with a vintage look from brands like NuLoom or Loloi. And remember, bigger ones are usually better for maximum impact when it comes to rugs. Make sure to choose the right size for your room.

Use Fresh Flowers, Plants and Greenery

Use house plants or statement planters to add life and fill empty corners in your home. Ensure they’re proportionate to the space for a high-end look.

If you’re not into maintaining plants, opt for bouquets from florists or grocery stores. Spread one bouquet by creating smaller arrangements throughout your home for a natural feel.

Clip greenery from outdoor bushes or trees instead of buying flowers for a less expensive option.

Keep Things Clean

Walking into a hotel room with smudges or dust can be irritating, and it’s no different at home. Expensive furniture or renovations mean little without cleanliness.

Chores are a drag, but small things can help. Like me, you could use a robot vacuum to avoid the hassle of vacuuming yourself. Just set a schedule and let it do its job.


Elevating your home isn’t just about visuals; scent plays a big part, too. Fancy resorts often use subtle, luxurious fragrances to enhance the atmosphere. While some may avoid scents due to sensitivities, appealing to all senses can create a more luxurious and memorable experience. There are many ways to go about it, like scented candle or incense.


10 tips to achieving an opulent-looking home.
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