6 Useful Ways to Help an Older Relative Around the House

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You pride yourself on being a helpful, kind and empathetic person, especially when it comes to your older relatives. Making sure that your family members are safe and comfortable whilst they’re at home is something that is very important to you. Luckily, there are so many different ways in which you can help your loved ones around the house, whether you’re finding a safer method to help them upstairs, or you’re adding more comfort to their space, there is so much you can do to show them you care. They would probably love to revitalize their living space or get a helping hand around the house when it comes to cleaning. With this in mind, here are six useful tasks you could do for your older relative at home.

A living room with hardwood floors and a ceiling fan, perfect for older relatives

Create a More Practical Living Environment

As your family member gets older, they may start to struggle with everyday tasks around the home, such as climbing the stairs. It may be unsafe for them to walk up or down the stairs by themselves, or it might make you feel on edge whilst you’re not around. With senior stairlifts, you can have peace of mind that your family member is safer at home. If they are struggling with day to day mobility it might be the best option to talk it through with them, so that they can also feel more confident navigating around their home too. Stairs can be very physically demanding for an aging person, so this practical solution should take their worry off their mind.

General Housework and Chores

The general upkeep of a house is a lot to stay on top of, especially as you get older and your energy levels are not as they used to be. Helping out with general housework and chores can take the stress off your aging relative and provide them with a touch of respite when it’s needed the most. From light vacuuming to general tidying around the house, your generosity will be much appreciated.

Redecorate For Them

A pink velvet chair in front of a window in a house.

The environment in which your family member lives can have a huge impact on their overall comfort and emotional health. Offering to switch up their decor and create a more cozy and contemporary environment can make a huge difference to the way they feel about spending time at home. A new paint color on the living room walls, fresh wallpaper in their bedroom or upgraded furniture in the kitchen can completely change the aesthetic and comfort of their living space for the better.

Cook or Go Grocery Shopping

An older woman and a young boy preparing food in the kitchen of their house.

Making sure that your loved one gets a healthy and nutritious home cooked meal is very important, especially if they don’t have much motivation to cook anymore. Providing them with one or two wholesome meals each week will give you reassurance that they’re eating well and getting an adequate amount of nutrients in their diet. Offering this type of support can go a long way in making your aging relative feel well-looked after. If your relative still enjoys cooking at home, you could always offer to take them out grocery shopping or drop ingredients off at their house on a regular basis.

Help Them Wash and Get Dressed

As long as you and your relative feel comfortable, you could help them with daily tasks at home such as getting washed and dressed in the morning or evening. With this type of plan in place, you would obviously need to have the time to do these tasks and you’d need to create a workable routine that both of you are happy with.

Spend Quality Time With Them

Two chairs in an older relative's house with a useful painting on the wall.

In many cases, all that your family member wants to do is enjoy your company and spend a little bit of time with you. Popping over for a chat and a cup of coffee for no apparent reason might just brighten up their day in the best possible way. Quality time with your aging relative in the comfort of their own home is enough to put a smile on their face and bring them a touch of joy when they least expect it.

When you are able to take initiative and help out your family member at home, you will be astounded by the way it positively impacts their mood, mindset and overall mental health. Just a small gesture such as cooking, redecorating or enquiring about a stairlift can completely transform their entire quality of life. So, if you’re looking to improve the happiness of your aging relative and enhance their living space, these ideas are sure to work wonders!

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