4 Best Coffee Table Books To Inspire Your Next Home Project

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Coffee table books are more than just inspiration and information. They can be great conversation pieces that add a real finishing touch to your space. From fashion and music to travel and interior design, there is a niche that suits every taste, and the proper publication provides a subtle window into your hobbies and personalities.

Not only do they provide an immediate injection of charm and style, but they can give you the motivation you need to get started on your next home improvement project. If you’re not sure where to start, simply pick up a coffee table book and let the inspiration wash over you.

Here are our top picks for your coffee table book collection. Each volume is packed full of useful design advice and styling techniques that are sure to transform your interior.

How to style your coffee table books?

To avoid your books collecting dust and staying unread, you need to style them in an impactful way. Consider stacking different-sized books on your coffee tabletop, placing the biggest on the bottom and the smallest on top for a clean look. Or pair them with an elegant vase and scented candle. This creates an enticing display and encourages any visitors to pick one up and have a peruse.

When styling multiple books, odd numbers tend to look the best. You can match the colours of the covers to your existing interior colour scheme or experiment with contrasting shades to add more dimension to your space.

As the name suggests, coffee table books are found on the coffee table, but you can style them on any surface. Add a decorative effect to console tables, hallway consoles, home office desks and sideboards.

The Art of Living with White, Chrissie Rucker

Calming, versatile and timelessly chic, the power of the ultimate neutral can’t be underestimated. Its creative possibilities have never been so clearly laid out for us than in Chrissie Rucker’s publication, The Art of Living with White. Following the previous success of The White Company’s For The Love Of White, this manual comes with all the information you need to style white in your home.

Brimming with seasonal design advice and features 10 homes as examples of how to use shades of white to create a peaceful, relaxing environment. It displays how sharp accents and warming layers of differing tones have a wealth of decorating possibilities for any interior. There are no spaces too small or large to benefit from the transformative power of the colour white.

Extraordinary Interiors, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George

For eccentric and quirky designers, our favourite place for chic homeware is Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. We are absolutely smitten with the guidance they provide on everything from paint colour selection to art display designs. They offer advice on how to style a treasure of oddities and curiosities sustainably.

These authors understand that your home should be uniquely personal to you, and they use their expertise and favourite designs to perform interior magic. Illustrated with gorgeous real-life homes, Rockett and St George take a humorous and light-hearted approach to make the decorating process thoroughly enjoyable.

Whether you have a passion for interior design or are looking for some enjoyable, light reading, this book is a perfect addition to any coffee table.

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century Style

Sift through these detailed archives and peruse the most avant-garde properties of the past century, all collected into one stunning volume. Architectural Digest at 100 celebrates years of interior magnificence, ranging freely from past and present. It features glossy pictures of the best celebrity personal spaces of all time.

It includes the homes of private celebrities such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Michael Kors and David Bowie, alongside famous architects and designers like Frank Gehry, India Mahdavi and Elsie de Wolfe. There are also iconic photographs from the magazine’s history by photographers Bill Cunningham, Simon Upton and more.

Showcasing America’s western frontier as the stage for 20th-century interior innovation, browsers can take inspiration from the Mediterranean-style manses, California modernist homes, and chateaux-inspired spaces. With this knowledge in hand, you can transform your own interior that should be featured in magazines.

Bedtime Inspirational Beds, Bedrooms & Boudoirs, Celia Forner

Author Celia Forner is an art collector, jewellery designer, art gallery curator and CEO of ALLEVEN, and she uses her expertise to revitalise our boudoirs. Our bedrooms are the centres of intimacy, romance and dreaming, and so they deserve our creative attention. Forner gives us a glimpse into the bedrooms of former queens, emperors, designers, exclusive hotels and even fictional boudoirs.

She takes us on a visual journey from the bedrooms of Marie Antoinette and the Maharaja of Indore to the literary chambers of Gone with the Wind to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Designed for interior designers and admirers alike, Bedtime shows us how to style our boudoirs so we can all sleep like royalty.

This book is an ode to decadent bedrooms across history and is our interior palette to transform our own.

Home project checklist

These books may just inspire you a little too much. Instead of just a new lick of paint or accessorising, you may want to make more than just a few minor changes. In this case, you need to make sure you have everything in place before you start any construction work. Our checklist can help you:

  • Planning: A key stage to any renovation is planning the logistics. You need to finalise your budget and get the appropriate planning permission if necessary.
  • Preparation: Make sure you have renovation insurance to protect your property before you start and hire the best professionals for the job.
  • Construction: Depending on the level of your home improvements, you may need to strip down your room and new installations.
  • Finish: This is the exciting part! You can start on the finishing touches of your project, from the wallpaper and flooring to lighting and furniture


4 stylish coffee table books that inspire.
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