5 Simple Ways to Modernise your Living Space

I have a lovely guest post on the site today which I know is going to be popular. If you’re looking for ideas on how you can modernise your living space, read on. Enjoy!

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always necessary to shell out huge sums of cash to spruce up your living space. In fact, some of the most effective approaches of all can also be the most affordable. It’s all about getting creative with what you already have, while focusing on the kinds of simple, affordable additions that can add up to a big difference.

So with this in mind, here’s a brief overview of five simple ways to modernise your living space, without overspending:

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Above all else, there is no faster, easier or cheaper way of breathing new life into a living space than by giving the room a new coat of paint. Whether it’s painting the whole room, highlighting a few features or getting creative with stripes, this one change alone will completely transform everything about the room. If the space is currently painted in darker tones, perhaps go a little lighter and brighter. If the room is painted the same colour throughout, consider adding a burst of bold colour somewhere to fire things up a little.


Soft Furnishings

Likewise, soft furnishings play an important practical role in a living space, but are also huge contributors in terms of aesthetics and mood. For example, swapping out an existing collection of muted coloured cushions and throws for those with much brighter tones can make all the difference in the world. From rugs to curtains to the rest of the soft furnishings around the room, the space as a whole can be injected with an instantly more vibrant look and feel. Avoiding clear colour clashes may be advisable, but feel free to experiment with a world of colour combinations.


Updated Appliances

Heading into the colder months of the year, there’s nothing better when it comes to cosy comfort than an elegant slim-line wall-mounted radiator. Retailers like Best Electric Radiators specialise in sleek, understated home heating solutions that have modernity and refinement written all over them. Along with improving the room’s comfort and appeal throughout the winter, these appealing appliances also add an undeniable touch of sophistication to any living space.

slimline modern radiators for a winter cosy home

Creative Lighting

Something else to consider is the way in which your living space is currently illuminated. If you’re using nothing but a single, centrally positioned light fitting, you may not be doing your room justice. What’s more, you might be surprised just how effective a few additional lighting sources can be when it comes to transforming the look and feel of the room. If you’re looking for really unique eye-catching lighting, check out these handmade pieces from Tom Rafffield.

lightingFrom floor lighting to table lamps to task lighting to LED lighting strips and more, there are endless options when it comes to creative lighting for any living space.

Wall Art

Last but not least, there’s very little that can bring empty walls to life quite like large framed prints. The beauty being that unless you have something very specific in mind already, it really doesn’t matter what the prints you choose feature!

A really nice idea we came across was a framed personalised picture of sunrise on a day that’s important to you from thedaythat.co.uk – you can see what the sunrise looked like on your special day by using the calendar here:

You’re simply looking for something to complement or even contrast with the colours, tones and theme of your living space in general – vintage stores and second-hand retailers often being gold mines for this kind of thing, or there is always Etsy!

5 simple ways to modernise your home, easy to follow and will really make a difference. Click through to find out more and which one you can do to your home today


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