Five Essential Items for your First Home

Welcome to another week, and today’s guest post looking at the most essential items you’ll need in your first home. Would you agree?

5 Essential items for your first home

Congratulations! Moving into your first home is an amazing milestone. It’s the place where you will celebrate your most significant accomplishments and build your family. But before you begin all of that, first things first, you have to stock and furnish your home with the essentials. Now, assuming you’ve already obtained the obvious things you need like a refrigerator, washer, and bedroom set, the following is a list of essentials most people don’t consider when they move into their first home. These are things around which the most cherished of memories can be created.

1. Expandable Dining Table

Mealtimes are special. They can reaffirm family bonds, be the centrepiece of established or newly created family traditions and are a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy the company of the people you love. A lack of space, however, may prevent the entire family from sitting at the same table or deter you from inviting as many people over for dinner as you would like. That’s why an expandable dining table is so amazing. During the normal course of the week, the table can take up as little room as possible but when it’s time for that big dinner, you add a few extensions and your table that once only seated four, can now seat eight or even 12. Then, when the dinner is over, and the table is cleared, the extensions can be put away, and the table returned to its original compact size.

2. A Good Quality Blender

This is another essential household item that can not only enhance mealtime, but make you a legendary hostess or host. With a good blender, you can make everything from savoury soups to yummy healthy smoothies. And when you’re having that housewarming party, you can break out the blender and treat your guests to some fruity daiquiris or some tantalizing cocktails. A good blender can see you through a lot of family dinners and many wonderful parties in your new home.

3. A Barbeque

Nothing beats grilling outdoors on a beautiful day with the hum of nature and the friendly chatter of your loved ones surrounding you. Nowadays, grills are not only for those who have a sizable backyard. If your castle only comes with a patio or balcony, you can get a wonderful portable or compact grill that will allow you to show off your grill master skills. You can browse sites such as to find one that would fit the space you have.

4. A Conversation Piece

Whether it’s an amazing painting, a scale model sculpture of Cinderella’s castle, or a vintage collection of medicine bottles, having a conversation piece in your living-room not only adds character to the room, but also gives you an opportunity to interrupt awkward silences when you’ve welcomed a new guest into your home.

5. A Bookcase

Bookcases not only allow you to display all of the books you have loved and read over the years, but they can be a wonderful way to give family photos and heirlooms a place of honour in your home. It can become all at once the focal point of the room and a trophy case that holds a representation of all you keep close to your heart.

With these items, you will be well on your way to making your house a home. Was anything missed? Share some of the things you couldn’t do without when you moved into your first home.

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