How to Match Flooring to the Rest of your Decor

Getting the flooring right in your home takes plenty of consideration and research. Great tips and ideas in this article on how to match your flooring to your home decor. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to theme every room in the home, or create a different look behind each new door, the majority of homeowners will strive for some consistency when it comes to decorating. Humans are creatures of habit, after all, and a house with style that effortlessly flows from room to room often feels a little more like home. Though styling such a space will involve the careful consideration of themes, favourite colours, and furniture, it’s also important to take a moment to look down – flooring, and decisions that are made regarding its feel and style, can do a lot for a room and its eventual décor.

Top Tips for Matching Flooring and Decor

Of course, when it comes to redecorating any home, consider the styles that suit yours tastes, as well as the ways in which they can incorporate a particular theme, and their personalities, into the mix; rather than focusing on wall colours or flooring as individual entities, it’s essential to consider how a room will look once it’s finished.

Consider the Space Being Decorated

Bedroom floorIt’s sometimes not enough to think about what you’d like to do to a room in terms of interior design; often, you’ll have to look closely at the space you’re decorating and what it will be used for, as well as its size and layout, in order to get the look just right. Certain kinds of flooring, such as carpets, often prove impractical for rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, while smaller rooms should be brightened with light, bright hues rather than rich, dark shades – these usually work better in large, open rooms. Open-plan houses, with rooms that flow effortlessly into one another, benefit from a little more consistency than those with individual spaces, and current furniture should always be taken into consideration. Light and dark wood, when combined properly, can look achingly stylish. Getting the balance between flooring and décor is integral to how a home will look and feel.

Choose a Functional Style

Flooring must be functional. What use is stunning flooring if guests and inhabitants are too afraid to walk over it, or patches become worn within a relatively short space of time? Households with young children are particularly prone to spillages, damage and creative outlets involving art supplies, so it’s often worth parents considering decorating in a way that could be adapted over time as the children grow and personality emerges. Such a way of decorating, including neutral walls and changeable borders and decals, will create a stylish and comfortable family home that can be altered as it needs to be. Wooden floors with rugs to add texture and colour, for example, are wonderfully family-friendly, while carpet tiles are an easy solution to the issue of flooring that may need to be replaced in time. Carpet tiles and rugs come in all kinds of colours to perfectly complement a home’s existing décor, while wooden flooring is achingly popular, and incredibly easy to blend into almost any theme.

Think about Colour

Getting the flooring right in your home takes plenty of consideration and research. Great tips and ideas in this article on how to match your flooring to your home decor. One of the simplest ways to match your flooring to the rest of their home’s décor is to carefully consider colour; that is, the colour palettes that work well together, and those that may not. Neutral shades on the walls, including beige, taupe, cream and white, will allow for plenty more scope when it comes to coloured carpets, patterned rugs, wooden floorboards and laminate flooring, while rich, bold walls will call for more simple tones on the floor. Indeed, some of the simplest colour combinations look the most stunning, and there are no design rules that state that flooring can’t be a room’s centrepiece. Homeowners should consider the undertone of their flooring; is it a cooler shade such as grey or blue, or warmer hues of orange, red or brown? Deciphering such subtle colour differences, and learning to understand colour accents, is integral to matching décor and flooring perfectly.


Above all, when it comes to redecorating, never be afraid of making a statement, whether choosing a brand-new carpet, treating existing tiles or floorboards to a buff and polish, or changing the décor to match recently installed laminate or wooden flooring. Interior design is as much about embracing personality and entwining character with existing features as it is about recreating the latest Pinterest trends and Instagram looks – though these sites are amazing sources of inspiration for those unsure of where to start. Life is too short not to experiment with colours, textures and themes, and those considering new flooring should have the confidence to let their creativity run wild, as long as they’ve carefully considered how the finished look will come together.

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  1. Vivian
    December 12, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    Useful tips! Thinking about choosing a floor that last for ages!

  2. Antonio Coleman
    December 13, 2016 / 2:59 am

    Wow..Jen the floors is sometimes the first thing people see when viewing a property. Choosing the right style is a must if you want to wow your guest.

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