Coming Home: What Does it Mean to You?

What does it mean to you when you walk through your front door? How does coming home make you feel? Does it make you relax, feel calm and secure? Or does it make you think about the mountain of chores you need to do!

Hive Coming Home

To me, coming home is all about smells. It’s funny how powerful a smell can be, but it’s true that the olfactory system is hardwired to the brain and triggers all kinds of memories. And all of our homes have a unique, personal smell that we, as residents, don’t even notice. It might be your washing powder lingering in the air, or the scent of your perfume or candle you were burning the night before. If you have children, it can be that baby smell, an odour left over from their bath, or of course their muddy boots!

The lovely people at Hive Active Heating have just launched a new campaign and great competition on their Facebook page all around the idea of Coming Home. They have asked people to tell them who in their life deserves a coming home treat worth £1500. Wow, that would be a treat to remember wouldn’t it!

And to get you thinking about it, they’ve made this lovely film. It’s well worth a watch, I didn’t see it coming!

YouTube video

So, who would you treat with a special #ComingHome moment?

Would it be a friend you don’t get to see very often? Or maybe a relative who’s been having a tough time? Or perhaps we just need to treat the ones closest to us, to remind us and them that we value them in our lives and don’t take their presence for granted.

And how would you like to treat them? Throw a party perhaps? Or give them a welcome home dinner, followed by night in front of the fire and tv? Maybe you’d decorate their room for them in their favourite colours, and treat them to some new home accessories.

With my love of home smells, a welcome home treat for me would be a clean and tidy home (the house would smell so fresh), followed by a deluxe meal (filling the home with savoury aromas) and an evening of pampering treats with my favourite arometherapy treatments.

So, now you’ve given this some thought, why not hop over to the Hive Facebook page and add your entry.

You can find the full terms and conditions of the competition here, but it’s a very easy one to enter so well worth a go.

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  1. Dylann
    March 28, 2015 / 1:00 am

    Coming home is always the best for me. The memories and experienced when your younger was there. There’s no place like home. Great post!

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